An IKEA Interior Designer’s 9 Must-Have Products

Wall storage notice board for organisation

Up your storage game with these must-have IKEA products to help you get organised!

After working as an Interior Designer for the iconic big blue box for many years I have come to know the IKEA range pretty well. And after designing and implementing hundreds of designs I know exactly which products are GREAT and which ones don’t quite make the cut.

We’ve all seen posts listing BILLY bookcases, BEVAM spice racks and MALM chest of drawers as must-haves for your home, but with thousands of products to choose from in the IKEA range, there are so many more good products that aren’t as well known.

This post will guide you through some of the best IKEA products to help you organise your home and will include top hacks on how to use them.

9 IKEA products you need at home to help you organise

9 must-have home organisation IKEA products

1. Not just a footstool

Rattan is BEAUTIFUL. Living in a small space I know how great it is when you find a piece of furniture that is multifunctional and beautiful, and this footstool ticks both those boxes. It’s perfect for popping your feet on when relaxing on your couch and works well with slightly lower sofas. It can be used as extra seating when guests pop over and the shelf is a great spot for storing magazines and TV controllers. The quality of this product is also great.

2. A trolley for everything

When thinking of trolleys and IKEA most people think of RÅSKOG. But for me, NISSAFORS wins the best trolley award hands down. I prefer its simple, angular shape and its nifty handles. It’s also cheaper than RÅSKOG, which makes it a whole lot more appealing. Trolleys are so great for storage because they are so versatile. Use it in your bathroom for storing spare towels and toiletries, in your kitchen as a minibar or in your garage for storing tools or gardening equipment. The possibilities are endless!

3. The right basket

These baskets are so underrated. You can adjust the height of them to suit your needs and the soft design means they can be squeezed into different spaces. I love these and use them at home for clothes storage in my drawers. They are super robust; I have had mine for years and they still look brand new. They are also great for hanging as the little black handle is the perfect size for popping over a hook.

4. Hide everything away

The KUGGIS storage box range is one of my favourites on the market. Its simple, minimalistic style means it will suit most interiors. It’s designed to fit perfectly into lots of IKEA’s key furniture families such as BILLY and BESTA but can honestly be used anywhere. I use these boxes throughout my home, from the kitchen through to the bedroom because they come in various different sizes, so you can pretty much find a box for storing anything.

5. A kitchen cupboard’s best friend

Jars are so handy in the kitchen. Cupboards look so good when they are organised with simple glass jars and they make finding what you need so much easier. The IKEA 365+ storage range is great because they come in so many different sizes. I have shopped around in the past looking for the right jars for my kitchen and these ones are always the cheapest, which is ideal when you are looking to buy multiple.

6. So much more than a shoe cabinet

Don’t let the words ‘shoe cabinet’ put you off of this product. It can store so much more than just shoes. Its shallow size means it can fit pretty much anywhere. It is great in small hallways, behind a door in that awkward space that is never used or under a window.

7. A mirror with hidden benefits

If your home is anything like mine there is always a pile of ‘in-between’ clothes. Not dirty enough to go into the wash basket but too dirty to go back into the wardrobe. I think this awkward pile of clothing is the reason I love the KNAPPER mirror. It has a nifty bar, which is perfect for hanging clothes to air off and lots of hooks for when you don’t have the energy to grab a hanger.

8. Storage with endless possibilities

The SKÅDIS pegboard range is huge in the IKEA world, but I don’t think it has got as much attention as it deserves from outside the IKEA sphere. This product really upped the game for wall storage. It is great for utilising wall space and is perfect on walls where there is no space for furniture or wall shelves. Look out for the new mesh storage baskets as they have really helped elevate the look of this product and have made it feel more on-trend. For maximum visual impact (and storage space) combine multiple boards.

9. A box perfect for painting

KNAGGLIG boxes are one of my favourite products because they are so versatile. Their pine material makes them perfect for staining or painting. I love adding some castors if I am using this as storage on the floor, or adding some legs if I want to add some extra height. These are ideal for storage in a pantry because they have a super strong base and can handle heavy items. Line with a tea towel and store your root veg or jars of dried food.

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