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15 Autumn Bedroom Ideas For A Cosy Retreat

Autumn Bedroom Ideas

Quickly refresh your bedroom to create a cosy hideaway with these easy autumn bedroom ideas.

With autumn fast approaching we will soon see cloudy skies, leaves falling and the temperature dropping. And whilst the transition from summer to autumn is a beautiful time, the cold and rainy days can leave us craving the comfort of a warm and cosy home.

These 15 autumn bedroom ideas will help you create a snug escape from the dark, dreary days. With these simple ideas, you’ll be able to create a cosy autumn bedroom without spending a fortune.

cosy autumn bedroom ideas

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autumn bedroom hues

Nothing screams autumn more than a colour palette of deep, warm hues featuring burnt oranges and browns.

Autumn colour palettes are often softer with subtle contrasts. Choosing colours from the warm side of a colour wheel is an easy way of selecting your fall colours. But if you want a cool colour such as green or blue opt for a darker tone to capture that cosy autumn feeling.

Autumn bedroom ideas
Autumn bedroom colour palette ideas

add a hint of natural textures

A cosy autumn bedroom doesn’t have to feature traditional fall colours. Layering natural textures into your bedroom’s decor can be as effective at creating a homely autumn vibe.

Bring in textures such as rattan and wood to capture the earthy textures of the season. Baskets, plant pots, lampshades and decorative accessories are a great place to start.

how to add an autumn colour palette to your bedroom

switch out cushions

Refreshing your home for a new season doesn’t need to be expensive or time-consuming. Changing cushion covers is a great way of revitalising your bedroom to bring in a new colour palette.

Create a dreamy bedroom interior by layering extra cushions containing high-quality, plump inners. Plump inners will add a hotel chic feel to your bedroom, making it an irresistible spot for relaxing.

Cosy Autumn bedroom ideas
Change your cushion covers to bring in an autumn colour palette

Layer up with blankets & throws

An article on autumn bedroom ideas wouldn’t be complete without a section on blankets and throws. Not only are they super handy for cold nights but they also add a feeling of comfort and warmth.

Don’t be afraid to layer many blankets on your bed. They are a great way of injecting your autumn colour palette into your bedroom decor.

Autumn bedroom ideas
Layer blankets and throws to create a cosy autumn bedroom

change your bedroom prints

Switching out decorative pictures and canvas for a seasonal print is an easy way of refreshing your bedroom for fall. A print containing a hint of your autumn colour palette will create consistency in your cosy autumn decor.

how to make your bedroom feel cosy

bring in extra rugs

We often think of rugs as a stand-alone piece but they can look great when layered. Layering a high-pile rug on top of a flat woven one will add to the feeling of warmth and comfort in your bedroom.

For a cheaper alternative try adding a few smaller rugs around your bed or dressing table. This will keep your feet snug on those cold winter mornings.

Cosy Autumn Bedroom Ideas
Layer rugs to keep you warm and cosy during cold autumn days

nestle down with a thick duvet

Ever wondered what makes hotel beds look so inviting? It’s simply a high-tog Down Duvet and super plump pillows.

Nothing makes a bedroom look cosier than a thick, plump duvet and countless luxurious pillows. Store away your thin duvet (you’ll want it again for summer) and treat yourself to a dreamy new one.

Fall bedroom decor ideas
A thick duvet will make your bed look irresistible

brighten up autumn nights with great lighting

When decorating a home lighting is one of the most crucial elements, but is often forgotten. This is even more true for a bedroom as the lighting needs to support many different activities.

Changing your main ambient light to a smart lightbulb is a great way of creating cosy autumn lighting. You’ll be able to reduce the brightness and set it to a warm tone through an app or your Google Hub/ Amazon Alexa.

Some mood lighting will also create a homely feel in your bedroom. Opt for lower lumen (low watt) lightbulbs that emit a warm light. A lampshade that softly diffuses the light around your bedroom is also a great choice.

Set the mood with candles & lanterns

Nothing says autumn has arrived more than fires and candles. A cluster of large pillar candles will create an interesting display in your cosy autumn-themed bedroom. Smaller candles like tealights will create a more subtle, soft appearance.

Enhance your bedroom decor further by combining your candles with a lantern or two. They will help anchor your candle to its surroundings whilst also providing a protective enclosure to help avoid any fire-related accidents.

Autumn Bedroom Ideas
Photo by Svitlana on Unsplash

Autumn scents

When it comes to creating a cosy autumn atmosphere think beyond what you can see and feel. The right scent in your bedroom can completely alter your mood and promote relaxation and sleep.

Autumn aromas like spiced pumpkin and ginger can remind us of cosy autumn days. For the best fall fragrance for your bedroom stay away from super sweet scents. Opt for aromas that have rich, spicey tones that are subtle and not too strong.

Autumn Bedroom Ideas
Photo by Svitlana on Unsplash

Layer your window dressing

Adding extra layers to your windows is an autumn bedroom idea you may not have considered. Incorporating extra textiles into your bedroom is a great way of creating a more welcoming space.

A thick, blackout curtain looks great layered with a sheer curtain and blind. Thick curtains also help stop heat from escaping and cold drafts from entering your room, ideal for frosty autumn mornings.

Autumn bedroom ideas
Layer window treatment to create a cosy autumn bedroom

Cosy autumn bedroom decor

a seasonal wreath

Wreaths are a staple home decor accessory for autumn and winter that can be incorporated into your fall bedroom decor. Choose a wreath that combines leaves and berries in seasonal tones to capture the beauty of the season. Hang it by itself, in a cluster or incorporate it into a photo collage for a unique look.

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dried flowers & pinecones

Switch out your greenery for some seasonally relevant foliage. Dried flowers and pinecones have a rustic charm that encapsulates the earthy appearance of autumn. Incorporate dried flowers like Pampas Grass into your dressing table styling or add some pinecones into your chest of drawers styling to capture the appearance of fall.

Autumn decor ideas
Photo by Jovan Vasiljević on Unsplash

a little extra storage

We could all benefit from a little extra storage especially during autumn when our bedrooms accumulate all our extra layers. Keep spare throws and pillows close by in a woven basket or ensure your knitted jumpers are easy to find in a textured storage trunk.

Cosy Autumn bedroom ideas
Add a little extra storage during fall for all your extra layers

decorate with pumpkins

You have likely seen decorative pumpkins creeping into your social feeds and it is easy to see why. These stylish little accessories can instantly bring the feeling of autumn into your home. Combine a couple into your bedroom styling to add a touch of fall.

Autumn bedroom ideas
Photo by Hanna Balan on Unsplash

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