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33 Genius Bedroom Sitting Area Ideas

Bedroom Sitting Area Ideas

Create the perfect spot for relaxing and unwinding with these stylish bedroom sitting area ideas.

The bedroom is one of the most important spaces in the home. It’s the room we all retreat to at the end of the day to recharge with a good night’s sleep. But what if our bedrooms could be more than just a place to sleep?

A bedroom seating area can transform your room into a luxurious place to unwind and is undeniably a stylish way to decorate a bedroom. So whether your ideal relaxing spot involves the perfect chaise for napping or a cosy chair for reading, these bedroom sitting area ideas will help you find the best solution for your bedroom.

Bedroom Sitting Area Ideas

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Create A Casual Bedroom Seating Area With An Ottoman

For a casual bedroom sitting area idea use an ottoman at the end of your bed. Opt for an upholstered finish for an extra comfy spot to grab a few minutes of ‘me time’.

Ottomans are a firm favourite in a bedroom and perfect for small spaces as their narrow shape means they take up minimal space. Not only can they fit in most size bedrooms, but they also provide ample storage space and are ideal for storing blankets and bedspreads.

Bedroom sitting area ideas

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Keep It Simple With A Bench Seat

To create a light and airy appearance, opt for a bench at the end of your bed. Furniture that allows you to see the floor underneath takes up less visual space, an ideal solution for a smaller bedroom that you want to feel bigger.

Many benches are compact and narrow, meaning most size bedrooms can accommodate one. You can also store a basket or two underneath for extra storage.

Bench bedroom seating area ideas
Photo by khloe arledge on Unsplash

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Find Your Inner Glam With A Chaise Longue

Add a touch of luxury to your bedroom seating area with a chaise longue. This ultimate glamour accessory will add a boutique feel to your bedroom and create the perfect spot for lounging for long periods.

For something more understated but still as irresistibly comfortable, opt for a more refined design with simple, clean lines.

Chaise longue seating for bedroom
Photo by Jana Heinemann on Unsplash

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Create A Bedroom Sitting Area Next To Your Window

Release some serotonin and boost your morning mood by placing your bedroom sitting area next to your window.

Placing your chair next to a window will make it easy to enjoy the natural light that passes through each morning with a cup of freshly brewed coffee. If you have a view worth gazing at make sure to position your chair looking out of the window. And if your windows are a little draughty include a blanket for maximum cosy vibes.

This cosy bedroom chair idea is made even more desirable with the addition of a sheepskin rug. Place one on your chair for added warmth or on the floor to keep your feet free from any morning chills. 

Bedroom sitting area next to window
Photo by Janet Hu on Unsplash

Say Yes To A Dreamy Bedroom Armchair

For the best relaxation spot in your bedroom, go big with a large armchair in a luxuriously soft fabric. A super comfy armchair will provide the perfect place to unwind with a cuppa or take a much-needed nap.

If you want to elevate the comfort of your bedroom seating area, combine your armchair with a footstool. That way you can kick back and relax whenever a spare moment presents itself.

Bedroom chair ideas
Photo by Linus Mimietz on Unsplash

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Double Up Your Armchairs For A Bold Seating Area

When one armchair isn’t enough use two. This is an ideal master bedroom sitting area idea for couples as there will be no arguing over who gets the comfy chair. Combine it with a small side table or coffee table so that you can relax and have your morning coffee together before starting your day.

Bedroom sitting area ideas
Photo by Kenny Eliason on Unsplash

Use A Pouffe As Your Bedroom Sitting Area

Use the space at the end of your bed for an ultra-soft pouffe. Pouffes often provide more storage space than a narrow ottoman and present a larger surface space for kicking back and unwinding.

This bedroom seating area utilises the space at the bottom of the bed that would usually go to waste in this long, narrow bedroom. The round shape of the rug and side table contrasts beautifully with the pouffe’s square shape, making the space appear more dynamic and interesting.

Pouffe bedroom sitting area furniture

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Rocking chair

Maximise your chances of drifting off to sleep with this simple yet perfect bedroom chair idea. A rocking chair is a great place to snuggle up before bed and get a precious moment of relaxation after a hectic day. The soft lull of the rocking motion will help promote calmness, helping switch off an active mind.

Rocking chair for bedroom seating
Photo by Corinne Kutz on Unsplash

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Go Boho With A Decorative Swing Chair

Incorporate a swing seat into your bedroom decor for a cool bedroom sitting area idea. This is the next-level rocking chair that will be a feature in your bedroom and a great place for unwinding with a book. If you’re looking to turn your bedroom into a boho-style hideaway, a swing chair in a natural woven material is an absolute must-have.

Cool seating for bedroom
Photo by Crystal Shaw on Unsplash

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Or Keep It Simple With A Freestanding Boho Style Chair

If you are renting or someone who prefers a little less DIY, don’t worry. There is plenty of alternative bedroom chairs to provide just as much boho charm as a swing chair suspended from the ceiling.

Egg-style chairs are a great bedroom sitting area idea and ideal for cocooning in at the end of a long day. This stylish accent chair will give you all the boho vibes without the hassle of drilling any holes into your ceiling, perfect for those that like to keep it simple. Some even come with a swing base, so you’ll still get that relaxing rocking motion.

Cool seating for bedroom
Photo by Mandy Liz on Unsplash

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Rethink Your Bedroom’s Dressing Table Chair

Upgrade your vanity table chair for something more comfortable and luxurious. This is a great alternative if you don’t have space for a dedicated bedroom seating area, as it utilises the space you already have. However, you could find getting ready in the morning takes a little longer when you are enveloped in a deliciously soft chair. 

Bedroom dressing table chair
Photo by Kari Shea on Unsplash

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Lounge Out On A Bench Under Your Window

If you have a view from your bedroom that is worth enjoying, a bench seat next to your window is a great idea. Its narrow shape makes it more likely to fit into a smaller bedroom and often boasts storage (who doesn’t need more storage in their bedroom).

To make it extra comfy and inviting add a custom seat pad or a faux sheepskin rug and plenty of plump cushions. And place a lamp nearby so that you can also enjoy your cosy bedroom bench in the evenings.

And if you are up for a challenge why not create your own DIY bedroom seating area with your very own bench seat? You can maximise the space by designing it to fit just right.

Bedroom sitting area ideas
Photo by Sidekix Media on Unsplash

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Create A Simple Bedroom Sitting Area With A Stool

If unwinding in your bedroom seating area isn’t your goal, a more practical solution may be for you. Opt for a simple stool that takes up little space and can easily be moved around or popped into a corner.  You’ll have somewhere to perch to pop on your shoes and your space will not be overwhelmed with a large chair.

This stool is conveniently placed next to a mirror for any last-minute alterations.

Small bedroom chair ideas
Photo by Beazy on Unsplash

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Repurpose A Dining Chair For Your Bedroom Seating Area

Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best. If you only need a quick spot to perch now and again, a dining chair could be the perfect solution. They are usually very inexpensive and don’t take up much space.

A dining chair also makes a perfect spot for popping clothes on at the end of the day or storing a bedspread or cushions at night.

Small bedroom chair ideas
Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

End-Of-Bed Stools

An end-of-bed stool looks great alone but even better when doubled up. These elegant stools complement the decor of this bedroom perfectly whilst providing an ideal spot for sitting.

A seating area conveniently placed near the bed is a great way of ensuring your bed remains wrinkle-free as there will be no need to sit on it during the day.

Elegant seating for bedroom
Photo by mk. s on Unsplash

Small Bedroom Armchair Ideas

A small armchair is a great way of utilising an unused corner in a bedroom. Combine it with a small side table for a convenient place to put down a drink or book.

If unwinding with a book is the purpose of your bedroom armchair, include a functional reading lamp to avoid unwanted eye strain. And don’t forget a stylish cushion for extra comfort.

Small bedroom chair ideas
Photo by Andrea Davis on Unsplash

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Create A Bedroom Reading nook

For any avid reader, a dedicated reading nook is an absolute must-have. Create your own reading corner in your bedroom with a comfy armchair, reading light and book storage.

If your books are as stunning as these hardbacks, use a picture ledge to display them next to your cosy reading chair. That way you will always have something beautiful to get lost looking at even when you are not reading.

Cosy bedroom sitting area ideas

Bedroom Accent Chair Ideas

The design of many armchairs is so distinctive and stunning that they are a work of art in their own right. Incorporating one of these eye-catching accent chairs into your bedroom decor will create a bold statement that demands attention.

And the best thing about having such an iconic chair in your bedroom is you’ll be less likely to hide it under mountains of discarded clothes.

Accent armchair for bedroom
Photo by Simon HUMLER on Unsplash

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Sofa Sitting Area Ideas

Create a feeling of luxury in your bedroom by including a sofa sitting area. This is an ideal way of making your master bedroom the hub of relaxation as most are super comfy. It is also great for couples as there is room for both to enjoy. That is of course if you want to share.

Master bedroom sitting area ideas
Photo by mk. s on Unsplash

The Best Snuggle Chairs For A Bedroom

For those bedrooms that aren’t quite big enough for a full-size sofa, a snuggle chair could be the bedroom sitting area idea you’ve been looking for.

Designed for curling up in, these chairs are the epitome of comfort and are often big enough to be enjoyed by two. This makes it an ideal spot for catching up with your partner at the end of the day or snuggling up alone with a great book.

Master bedroom sitting area ideas
Photo by M F S on Unsplash

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Unwind In These Bedroom Lounge Chair Ideas

For the lover of afternoon naps, this bedroom sitting area idea is perfect. Lounge chairs are designed for comfort and are the ultimate relaxation magnet. Unlike armchairs, lounge chairs are reclined and often in a shape that reflects the curves of the body, making them extremely comfy to lay upon.

Bedroom sitting area furniture
Photo by Bruno van der Kraan on Unsplash

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Or Choose A Recliner

Designed to tilt backwards with an extendable footrest, the recliner chair is a great combination of the armchair and the lounge chair. This bedroom seating area must-have ticks all the boxes. Not only can you find a comfortable upright position for enjoying a cuppa, but you can also recline it to kick back and enjoy a mid-afternoon snooze.

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Keep Things Simple

Sometimes the issue isn’t getting comfy, it’s getting too comfy. If you are looking for great bedroom chair ideas that aren’t so comfy you’ll get lost in them for hours this solution is for you. These stylish armchairs are perfect for chilling out for a short while but won’t have you falling into a heavenly snooze.

This simple chair solution is functional and perfect for small spaces. A rattan bedroom chair will add texture and interest to your room whilst taking up little visual space, keeping a clean aesthetic.

Simple seating ideas for bedroom
Photo by Andrea Davis on Unsplash

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Use A Versatile Sofa Bed As Your Bedroom Chair

If you don’t have the pleasure of a spare bedroom, a small sofa bed could be a great option as your bedroom seating idea. You’ll have a comfy spot to relax during the day and when a friend decides to stay, you’ll have a convenient and comfy bed for them to sleep on.

Seating for bedroom
Photo by Brina Blum on Unsplash

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A Small Footstool As Bedroom Seating

For a comfortable seat to quickly perch on, consider a small footstool. Footstools are a great way of adding softness to your overall bedroom aesthetic to help create a cosy and homely environment. They are often compact and therefore a great seating idea for a small bedroom.

Small bedroom sitting area ideas
Photo by No Revisions on Unsplash

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Bedroom Sitting Area Must-Haves

Side Tables

A side table is a must for anyone planning on spending extended periods of time in their bedroom chair. Not only is it a convenient place for popping down your morning coffee, but it is also a great spot for adding some personality to your bedroom seating area with some decorative accessories.

Your side table can be anything you like, a coffee table, a small shelf next to your chair or even a stack of books. As long as it is functional and looks stylish you are on to a winner.

Bedroom sitting area must-haves
Photo by Aliya Amangeldi on Unsplash

Comfy Chair Cushions

Elevate the welcoming feeling of your bedroom chair with some plush cushions. They will make your relaxing time much more comfortable and offer extra support for your back when needed.

Cushions are also a great way of adding a pop of colour to the area and can be used to tie the different zones of your bedroom together to create a cohesive decor.

Small bedroom chair with cushions


Blankets and throws work wonders for enhancing the cosy appearance of a bedroom. Not only can they make a space feel softer and more inviting, but they are also convenient to have close by whenever you feel a chill. For more visually pleasing bedroom sitting area ideas use a textured throw to add interest.

Small bedroom chair with blanket
Photo by Kara Eads on Unsplash

Mood Lighting

Lighting is fundamental for a successful interior design, and your cosy bedroom seating area is no exception. So to promote maximum relaxation include some form of mood lighting in your sitting zone.

For the best results choose a bulb that emits a warm hue rather than a sharp white light. A dimmable bulb is also a great choice because it will let you adjust the strength of the light to suit your various activities.

Bedroom sitting area furniture with mood light
Photo by mk. s on Unsplash

Reading Light

For a cosy yet functional reading corner a mood light may not be a strong enough light source. So if you plan on reading for extended periods of time in your bedroom sitting area also opt for a reading light. This will help you avoid eye strain, keeping your sight nice and healthy.

For a smart solution, choose a floor lamp that combines both a mood light and a reading light.

Small sitting area with reading light
Photo by Tina Witherspoon on Unsplash

A Cosy Rug

To ensure cold toes are a thing of the past, don’t forget to include a cosy rug under your bedroom sitting area. This is a must-have if you have hardwood flooring but is still a great addition to a carpeted room. Choose a high-pile rug (that is the rugs that feel super thick and soft) for extra warmth and comfort.

A rug is a great way of zoning the different areas of your bedroom and helps anchor your seating area whilst providing a great foundation for your bedroom chair to sit upon.  Opt for a uniquely shaped rug or a round one for a more dynamic look.

Cosy seating area idea with a rug
Photo by Marlon Corona on Unsplash


Create a green oasis in your room by introducing some houseplants to your bedroom seating area. Many help improve air quality by removing toxins from the air, supporting you in creating a healthy environment for relaxing and sleeping.

Bedroom sitting area idea
Photo by Timothy Buck on Unsplash


Candles may not be a bedroom sitting area necessity, but they definitely help boost the feeling of tranquillity. Choose a candle with a soft, comforting aroma to ignite your senses and create a spa-like environment. And to take your seating area to the next level, include a white noise machine for relaxing sounds. 

Candles in a bedroom seating area
Photo by Josh Withers on Unsplash

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