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42 Best Curtains For A Bedroom: A Complete Guide

Best curtains for bedroom

Say goodbye to sleepless nights with this complete guide on how to choose the best bedroom curtains and where to find them.

When it comes to creating a cosy bedroom, the right curtains can make a world of difference. Not only can they drastically transform the overall aesthetic and ambience of your bedroom, but they can also have a huge impact on the quality of your slumber by providing privacy and light control.

There are many factors to consider when searching for the best bedroom curtains. From selecting the right style to the best fabric and length, every small detail can impact how successful your bedroom curtains are at improving your space.

This post will delve into the key factors to consider when looking for the best bedroom curtains. From selecting the right curtain style, to how to hang curtains to improve sleep, this post will guide you through everything you need to know to transform your bedroom into a haven of comfort and style.

The Best Curtains For A Bedroom

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Which type of curtains are best for a bedroom?

When looking for the best bedroom curtains it’s important to remember that there is no one size fits all. Some of us will prefer blackout curtains, and some of us will favour early morning sunlight. Considering your own preferences will help you choose the best bedroom curtains for your space.

Let’s explore some key points to think about when choosing your bedroom window dressing.

Best curtains for bedroom
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Bedroom curtain buying tips: what to consider


From getting dressed to sleeping soundly, privacy is undoubtedly one of the most important functional needs of a bedroom and the way we dress our windows can have a significant role in securing our privacy.

What your bedroom overlooks will influence how much privacy you need your curtains to provide. You can likely skip this section if you’re lucky enough to have windows that overlook nothing but nature. However, for many of us privacy is an essential factor to consider.

The good news is there are many ways to protect your space from prying eyes. Blackout curtains are a great choice due to their thickness. They block out light, help reduce draughts and provide all the privacy you may need.

Best curtains for privacy
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Sheer curtains for a bedroom

Combining blackout curtains with a thinner curtain like a sheer material, is a great idea if you need privacy throughout the day and not just at night. A sheer curtain will provide some privacy throughout the day without overly restricting your view of the outdoors or blocking natural light.

The great advantage of sheer curtains is that you can select the level of sheerness depending on your privacy needs. Some of the ones below will help you choose the best sheer curtains for your bedroom.

The best sheer curtains for a bedroom

Controlling Light

Blackout Curtains

Light considerably impacts our circadian rhythm and can have a big impact on the quality of our sleep. If you want to block out light and any potential disruptions to sleep, such as annoying streetlights or early sunrises, blackout curtains are your best friend.

How to block out light with curtains

To maximise the effect of blackout curtains install them so that a generous amount of fabric frames the window. This extra fabric will help reduce pesky light from sneaking around the curtain panels.

Best curtains for bedroom
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The best blackout curtains for a bedroom

There are many blackout curtains perfect for a bedroom to choose from. These are some of my favourites.

Room darkening curtains

Unlike blackout, room darkening curtains reduce the amount of light entering the room rather than eliminating it. Whilst they are usually a popular choice for living rooms and other communal spaces, they can also be a good choice for bedrooms where some natural light is preferred (yep, I am referring to the 5 am club). 

So if you like to start your day with the sunrise, room-darkening curtains may be the perfect bedroom curtain for your windows.

The best room darkening curtains for a bedroom

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Thermal Curtains

What are thermal curtains?

Thermal curtains are designed to help provide thermal insulation. They usually consist of multiple layers of fabric with one of these layers being a denser fabric. They work by providing an extra barrier between the window and living space, which minimise draughts from passing through while also reducing heat loss.

Similarly, during the summer, thermal curtains can help reduce the sun rays passing through the windows, making for a more comfortable environment.

Why use thermal curtains in a bedroom?

Thermal curtains are an ideal choice for a bedroom since they help maintain a comfortable indoor temperature and which is fundamental for a great night’s snooze.

Best curtains for bedroom
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The best thermal curtains for a bedroom

Using Curtains To Reduce Noise

Did you know that your bedroom curtains can help reduce noise? Thicker curtains like thermal curtains have the advantage of reducing outside noise coming through your windows. They work by absorbing and dampening sound waves that pass through.

maximise the amount of noise your curtains reduce

To maximise your window dressings ability to reduce sound ensure that the fabric isn’t pulled taut and instead has some looseness or folds in it. Hang your curtains from the ceiling to the floor and consider using more than one pair of curtains to increase the amount of sound absorbed. The more fabric the better! 

There are many ways to reduce noise in your bedroom, but for the best results combine your curtains with other soft furnishings. Carpet, rugs, cushions and wall decoration are all effective ways of absorbing sound and work best when used in conjunction.

Best curtains for bedroom
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The best bedroom curtains to help reduce noise

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Different ways to hang bedroom curtains

There are many different ways to hang your bedroom curtains depending on your desired look and the function they play within your room. Here are some of my favourite, and in my opinion, the best ways to hang bedroom curtains:

From a curtain pole

Curtain poles are a classic way to hang your curtains and arguably the simplest. A curtain pole can be installed on the wall in the space between your window and ceiling and can help bridge this gap if this wall space is on the larger side.

Top tips for hanging curtains:

Allow for a generous amount of curtain pole on either side of your window. When your curtains are open they will sit in front of the wall rather than the window and therefore not block any natural light. This trick also helps make the windows appear bigger and more impactful.

Simple bedroom window treatments
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A ceiling-mounted curtain rail

Instead of mounting a curtain pole to the wall, opt for a ceiling-mounted rail. Ceiling-mounted curtains are a great choice if you have limited wall space above your windows or you simply want to create a feature of your window.

Did you know: hanging curtains from the ceiling is a great way of making windows appear taller and creating the illusion of higher ceilings.

Best curtains for bedroom
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Curtain tracks

A curtain track (or traverse rod) is a thin, discrete rail used to hang curtains. The curtain panels are hooked onto the rail which is then fitted close to the wall. The rail is hidden by the top of the curtain creating a clean and elegant look.

Due to its clean aesthetic, this is usually how you’ll find the curtains hung in your favourite hotels.

Best curtains for bedroom
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Choosing Your Curtain Style

What is a rod pocket curtain?

A rod pocket curtain consists of a pocket sewn at the top of a curtain panel through which a curtain pole is then threaded through. This simple method of hanging curtains is the most common and creates a relaxed and more casual look.

Rod pocket curtains can be difficult to slide along a curtain pole, so are best suited to curtains that are not frequently opened or closed.

Top tip: When selecting your curtain pole be sure to choose a rod with a smaller diameter than the curtain pocket to ensure your curtains fit and can move along the pole. 

My favourite rod pocket curtains for a bedroom

What is a grommet curtain?

Grommet curtains are a type of curtain that contain metal rings along the top edge of the curtain panels. The curtain pole is threaded through these metal rings. The grommets help create beautifully soft and even folds within the fabric, which gives the drapes a simple and contemporary look.

Grommet curtains are an ideal choice for everyday use in spaces such as a bedroom since the curtains can slide easily over the curtain pole.

My favourite grommet curtains for a bedroom

What are ring clip curtains?

Ring clip curtains are hung with curtain rings and clips that attach directly to the top edge of the curtain panel. The rings then slide onto a curtain pole. The beauty of ring clips is they are compatible with almost any type of curtain, even a simple piece of fabric can quickly turn into a curtain.

The best ring clips to hang curtains from

What are back tab curtains?

Back tab curtains are a clean and streamlined way of hanging curtains since they consist of a hidden panel on the back of the curtain that cannot be seen from the front when hung. The curtain pole is threaded through the tab and the pole is then hidden when the curtains are closed, providing a clean and stylish appearance.

Back tab curtains can be tricky to slide along a curtain pole and require a little more care to ensure the back tab isn’t damaged when used.

My favourite back tab curtains for a bedroom

Choosing The Right Length Curtains For A Bedroom

The length of your curtains can significantly impact the overall aesthetic and functionality of your bedroom. The curtain length you choose will depend on your personal preference, the size and height of your window and your desired style for the space. It is also important to consider the overall balance and proportion within your room. Longer curtains can add drama and elegance, while shorter-length curtains can create a more casual vibe.

Floor-length curtains

Curtains that sit just above the floor can add a sense of grandeur to your bedroom and make a room appear taller and more spacious. Floor-length curtains are a great choice for maximum privacy and blocking out external light.

Sill-length curtains

A sill-length curtain typically ends just above the windowsill and will create a more casual and contemporary look. Sill-length curtains can often work best in smaller bedrooms where space is limited.

Puddled curtains

Puddled curtains are curtains that are purposely longer and sit puddled on the floor (hence the name). This length of curtains is a great way of injecting a sense of glamour into a bedroom and will make a statement of your window.

Best curtains for bedroom
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The Best Bedroom Curtain Colours

The choice of curtain colours for your bedroom depends on your own taste and style. Consider what colours will work with your room decor and how stimulating you want the space to be.

In bedrooms, I often like to stick with more muted colours that will support rest and relaxation. Neutrals such as greys, whites and beiges are always a great choice. Alternatively, if you want to inject some colour into your bedroom’s window dressing try a softer tone such as a pale blue, or something deeper like olive green or burgundy. 

Simple bedroom window treatments
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