11 Best IKEA Beds & Why They Are So Good

Best IKEA Beds

Find the best IKEA bed for a peaceful, dreamy night’s sleep.

When it comes to affordable and stylish furniture, IKEA is often a first choice for many. But with such a huge range to choose from it can be overwhelming knowing what to choose, especially when shopping for a big investment piece such as a bed. 

In this post, I share the best IKEA beds to help you choose the perfect solution for your bedroom. From the most popular IKEA bed and why people love it to the cheapest IKEA bed, this guide will have you dreaming comfortably in no time.

The Best IKEA Beds

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The Best New IKEA BED

The Tällåsen bed frame is a stylish and contemporary addition to the IKEA bed lineup. Its sleek design and the soft, light green fabric make it a standout choice to elevate your bedroom decor.

However, what sets the Tällåsen bed apart is its removable and machine-washable headboard cover. This clever addition makes it a breeze to refresh your bed and keep it free from the inevitable dust and dirt that builds up over time.

The Most Versatile IKEA Bed

The Malm bed frame is a firm IKEA favourite. Its sleek, minimalist design with clean lines makes it an incredibly versatile choice for almost any bedroom style. It comes in various sizes, from single to super king, and a variety of finishes including grey and white-stained oak, meaning it can easily complement your style.

This minimalist bed frame is super affordable and can be purchased with different storage options. You can opt for the bed frame alone or choose to enhance it with storage boxes on castors or purchase it as an ottoman bed. The storage boxes can be brought separately, allowing you to add these at a later date when the need arises. Perfect when you are on a tight budget!

The Most Popular IKEA Bed

It’s no surprise that the Hemnes day bed is a long-lasting IKEA favourite. This stylish bed has graced countless spaces across the internet, so you are likely familiar with its design.

The high frame, wrapping around three sides, offers the perfect backdrop for layering cushions, making it an ideal choice for guest bedrooms or rooms that double as cosy lounging spaces.

The Hemnes day bed is designed for dual functionality. Paired with two single mattresses stacked when used as a single bed, it smoothly transforms into a spacious double bed when extended. The addition of three large drawers provides ample storage space, which is perfect for extra bedding.

The Best Upholstered Bed Frame From IKEA

For those seeking comfort and style, the Gladstad bed frame is perfect. Padded, upholstered headboards, like Gladstad’s, provide a comfortable backrest for sitting in bed to read a book or watch TV.

IKEA have many upholstered beds, but Gladstad is one of my favourites. It has a sleek, understated design that is ideal for a contemporary-style bedroom. The soft grey colour is extremely versatile and will seamlessly complement both light and dark bedroom decor.

Much like the Malm bed, the Gladstad bed frame offers flexibility. You can buy it as a standalone piece or opt for matching storage boxes.

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The Best Affordable Bed Frame From IKEA

The IKEA Neiden bed frame is simple and affordable. While it may not boast extravagant features, it’s the perfect choice for tight budgets or a starter bed while you save up for your dream bed frame.

Made from pine, its natural finish means it can easily be stained or painted to give it more personality and character. It looks great painted in a vibrant hue to introduce a striking pop of colour to a bedroom.

It’s good to remember that, like most IKEA beds, you have to purchase the slatted base (the mattress support) separately, so be sure to factor that into the overall cost.

The Best IKEA Beds With Storage

If you are struggling with limited storage space, the IKEA Brimnes bed frame is a great choice. Not only does it feature four generously sized, deep storage drawers, but it also boasts a unique storage headboard that I absolutely adore.

The headboard has little discreet cubby spaces on both sides, perfect for stashing books, storage boxes or any other items you want within arm’s reach. The deep headboard also provides a handy shelf, perfect for placing your nighttime essentials. This space can be a great substitute for bedside tables, particularly if your bedroom is short on space or if you prefer a more streamlined look.

The top of the headboard also features two small holes, allowing you to feed charging cables and lamp wires through for a neat, clutter-free space.

What’s even better, the Brimnes headboard can be purchased separately meaning you can combine it with your existing bed frame or a more budget-friendly alternative.

The IKEA Malm ottoman bed is a winner for small bedrooms needing more storage space. The practical storage is easily accessed by pulling a small strap that then lifts the mattress to reveal a large space capable of storing practically anything.

I’ve personally relied on the Malm ottoman bed frame for years and still love its simple, minimalist design and the additional storage it gives me. It has survived numerous disassemblies and reassemblies during house moves and still looks and feels as good as new.

The Most Luxurious IKEA Bed

Nothing says luxury more than a generously padded, upholstered headboard. The Idanäs bed from IKEA will bring some of that opulent feeling to your bedroom.

The high headboard with button detailing exudes a timeless charm, and the rich dark grey fabric creates a cosy and inviting ambience. For a more striking bed frame, consider the Idanäs frame in the chic pale pink hue.

As with many of IKEA’s bed frames, Idanäs comes in many different combinations. You can choose from no storage, storage drawers or the functionality of an ottoman bed.

The Best King-Size Bed From IKEA

The Idanäs bed frame combines both practicality and style. Its traditional Scandinavian aesthetic hints at IKEA’s roots and is a perfect addition to a traditionally styled bedroom decor.

It comes in both white and dark brown, allowing you can choose a colour that suits your taste. The Idanäs bed frame can be brought with or without storage. However, the built-in storage with drawers is a great way of utilising the space under your bed which can often go unused.

The Most Stylish IKEA BED Frame

For an instant infusion of Scandinavian style in your bedroom, look no further than the Björksnäs bed. The pillows attached to the headboard are a unique touch that adds comfort and warmth to the bed frame without hiding the beautiful wood veneer headboard.

The Best Single IKEA Bed

To super IKEA fans it’s likely no surprise that Malm has been featured numerous times on this list of the best IKEA beds as it is such an affordable, good-quality bed frame.

The Malm single IKEA bed frame is available in many finishes, allowing you to pick the colour that best suits your style. The bed frame also comes stand-alone, with two matching storage boxes on castors or as an ottoman bed, giving you the option to choose what suits your storage needs and budget.

I’ve personally used the Malm storage boxes in the past and found the quality to be incredibly good. The castors were easy to manoeuvre even on carpet and over a low pile rug and the drawers were sturdy and able to handle a surprising amount of weight.

Is an IKEA bed good quality?

Many of IKEA’s bed ranges offer good quality, but the level of quality can vary depending on the bed model and the price range. A mid-price to higher-price IKEA bed often offers more durable materials that are long-lasting. So before purchasing check the material and research its longevity.

With any self-assembly furniture, it is important to follow the instructions carefully to ensure a sturdy bed that doesn’t wobble or squeak.

I have found that as time goes on, I have to occasionally retighten the screws of my Malm bed as they come a little loose, but once tightened the bed is as good as new.

Best IKEA beds

What is the best IKEA bed frame that isn’t squeaky?

An IKEA bed frame shouldn’t squeak and there are many reasons that could lead to a bed frame beginning to. The most common is loose hardware. This is especially common in self-assembled furniture. Over time the bolts and screws that hold the frame together can become loose. A simple tightening should resolve the issue. Any worn-out screws and bolts can often be replaced by IKEA at your local store.

The second most common cause of a squeaky bed is worn-out joints such as the slats. These can wear down with use which can lead to squeaks when pressure is applied. Many IKEA bed slats are sold separately so these could be cheaply replaced.

Uneven weight distribution can also create a squeaky bed over time. Try changing positions on the bed over the lifespan of your bed to help with better distribution of weight.

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