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50+ Smart Blanket Storage Ideas

Blanket Storage Ideas

Learn how to store your blankets with these genius and super easy blanket storage ideas.

Whether it’s a chilly summer’s evening or a freezing winter’s night there is nothing quite like snuggling up with a cosy blanket. But as much as we love our blankets and throws, storing them can be challenging. With most blankets floating around our living rooms or bedrooms with no permanent home, they can often become a dust-collecting burden.

If you too are struggling with how to store blankets look no further. In this post, we will explore easy and creative ideas for storing your blankets that will keep them organised and always in reach when you need them most. From budget-friendly baskets to space-saving hanging solutions, this list of blanket storage ideas has the perfect solution for every style and space.

Blanket Storage Ideas

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Blanket Ladder Ideas

When it comes to storing blankets and throws a blanket ladder is an undeniably stylish solution. Not only is it a creative way of filling an empty wall it also utilises vertical space, which is ideal if your home is on the smaller side.

Pros: A blanket storage ladder is a great way of making a decorative feature out of your throws and can make your living room feel instantly cosier and more welcoming.

Many do not require any fixing to the wall which makes it a perfect solution for renters or those that prefer a little less DIY.

Cons: When storing your blankets on a storage ladder they are not protected from dust which isn’t ideal during warmer months when your blankets are not being used as often.

Blanket ladder ideas
Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

Top Tip: If you only have one or two throws use the rest of the ladder space to hang magazines or books.

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Wall Ladder Blanket Storage Ideas

Using a wall ladder is a great way of storing blankets in a small living room as it doesn’t require any floor space. It is also a clever way of decorating your living room walls with something that is both functional and stylish.

There are many different cheap options available but alternatively, you could easily create your own DIY blanket storage. Not only will creating your own allow you to add your personality to your living room you’ll also be able to create a solution that fits the space you have available.

Cons: There is no avoiding the fact that this solution does require some securing to the walls which isn’t always possible or desirable if you are renting your home.

Basket Storage Ideas For Blankets

Open Storage Baskets

You’ve likely seen an abundance of baskets used as storage for throws and it is easy to see why. Not only is it a super cheap blanket storage idea, but it is also insanely easy to replicate and very stylish.

Pros: Baskets come in an endless choice of styles and sizes so you’ll easily be able to find the perfect fit for your living room decor. Just make sure to choose a size that will fit your collection of blankets.

Smaller baskets take up little space making them ideal for smaller living rooms. Simply tuck yours under your coffee table, next to your sofa or in a corner.

Cons: When blankets are stored in baskets they look best when they are folded or rolled. This isn’t ideal if you want to quickly stow your blanket away after using it.

Basket Storage Ideas For Blankets
Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Top Tip: You’ll want to find a material that doesn’t snag the fabric of your favourite blanket. Look for a basket that is free of any sharp, loose pieces or one that has a fabric lining. Metal mesh baskets are a good alternative as they won’t snag your fabric and will allow air to pass through, perfect for keeping your blankets feeling and smelling fresh.

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Lidded Baskets

A lidded basket is a great blanket storage idea for those who prefer a more paired-back aesthetic. This is because your blankets and throws will be hidden away, reducing the appearance of visual clutter. It also doesn’t matter how messily the blankets are stowed away as the handy lid will conceal this.

Pros: A smaller basket will take up minimal space and can be stored under a coffee table or in a corner.

Your blankets will also be protected from pesky dust, ideal if you don’t want to be washing them every other week.

Cons: If you purchase a wicker-style basket ensure there is some form of fabric lining so that it doesn’t snag the fabric of your favourite blankets.

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Basket Storage Ideas For Blankets
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Hide Your Blankets In An Pouffe

A pouffe with storage is a firm living room favourite and perfect for those looking for more storage space. They are a great multifunctional piece of furniture that not only boasts an ample amount of storage but can also double as a footstool as well as extra seating for guests.

Pros: Pouffes come in virtually any size and style so you will be able to find one that suits the size of your living room.

Hiding your blankets away is super easy with a pouffe so it doesn’t matter if your favourite blanket or throw doesn’t match your living room decor.

Cons: Pouffes vary in price but even the cheapest is still going to be an investment.

Pouffes for blanket storage
Photo by Megan Bucknall on Unsplash

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Stow Your Blankets In A Stool With Storage

Many ottomans can be on the larger side, not ideal if your living room is small. A great alternative to a large ottoman is an unholstered stool with hidden storage. They are much smaller in size and functionally work exactly the same as an ottoman.

Blanket storage ideas

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Invest In A Blanket Trunk

A trunk can double not only as a place for storing your blankets but also as a coffee table, a handy footrest or even extra seating for when guests come to visit.

Many trunks conceal a surprising amount of storage space, which makes it an ideal place for storing not only blankets but other living room items such as board games or magazines. Use a few smaller boxes within your trunk to help categorise your items for an organised room.

Pros: A rustic-style trunk can really elevate a more traditional style room and many can be found second-hand in thrift stores or online.

Cons: If you plan on using your trunk as a coffee table consider how easy your blankets will be to access. Minimise how much your store on the surface to ensure you can easily remove everything to get to the storage inside. Using a tray to place your items on can make accessing your trunk much easier.

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Trunks for storing blankets
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Store Your Throws In A Coffee Table

Ensure your blankets are always within easy reach by storing them in a coffee table with storage. Furniture that serves multiple functions is a small space must-have and any piece of furniture that boasts some extra storage is a winner.

Pros: Concealing your blankets within a coffee table will help protect them from gathering dust and will also help keep your living room feeling streamlined and free from visual clutter.

How to store blankets
Photo by benkhira celine on Unsplash

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Hang Your Blankets From Hooks

For a cheap blanket storage idea hang your throws from wall hooks. Using hooks to store your blankets is a great solution if you are struggling to think of ideas for a blank wall in your home. Your hook rack can be as short or long as you like, so this solution works for any size wall.

To make a statement in your living room, place hooks along the full length of a wall for a striking appearance.

Pros: Blankets hung from hooks will create a relaxed living room style whilst elevating the cosy feel of your space.

Cons: This solution may not be suitable for heavier blankets that risk being damaged or stretched from hanging.

How to store blankets in a living room

Your wall hooks can be used to store more than just your blankets. Attach some twine to some photo frames and hang your favourite photos or prints, or try hanging some rope from the hooks and use this to pop magazines and books on.

Pop Your Throws Into A Hanging Basket

Instead of hanging your blankets from wall hooks hang a woven basket from them instead and store your blankets inside. Storing your blankets and throws in a hanging basket will help protect them from dirt and dust keeping them fresher for longer.

Pros: You won’t need to worry about your heavier blankets stretching from hanging as they will safely be stored away.

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Hanging baskets for blanket storage
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Looking For More Living Room Inspiration

How To Create A Cosy Reading Corner

Utilise The Space Behind Your Door

If you live in a rented home where drilling hooks into the walls isn’t an option a hook-on door rack could be the perfect blanket storage idea for you.

Pros: This super easy idea utilises the space behind your living room door, which is often unused. Your blankets will always be easy to access and easy to pop away as no folding is required.

Many hook-on door racks are compact in size which means this solution can easily be stored away during warmer months. You’ll increase the longevity of your blankets and throws by storing them during the months you don’t need them, keeping them nice and cosy for when the cold autumn chill begins.

Blanket storage on living room door
Photo by Timothy Buck on Unsplash

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Keep Your Blankets In A Cupboard

An existing cupboard or cabinet in your home could be concealing an ideal spot for storing your blankets and throws. Sometimes it can be easier to search for new storage solutions rather than readdressing the storage we already have. Therefore, look to see if you can free up some space in your existing cabinets to use as blanket storage.

To keep them extra protected or to separate them from other items pop your throws into a box or basket before storing them in your cupboard.

How to organise blankets with a cupboard

Use Your Blankets As Decoration

Instead of storing your blankets toss them over your sofa or armchair for a relaxed style of decor. As an Interior Designer, I prefer the more casual approach to styling and often favour blankets casually positioned over furniture rather than folded especially within my own home.

Drape your blankets over your sofa
Photo by Andrew Wise on Unsplash

Display Your Throws In A Glass Cabinet

Your existing display cabinet is the ideal location for storing your throws. Fold them up and stack them on a shelf in your cabinet for relaxed styling. The softness of the blankets is a welcomed break from the hard, angular lines of a display cabinet and will add texture and interest to your decor.

A glass cabinet dedicated specifically to storing blankets and sheets is a fun and unique way of storing your linen. It will make a feature of something that is usually hidden away and will also encourage you to keep everything organised and folded.

Display your blankets in a glass cabinet
Photo by Olivier Bergeron on Unsplash

Create Your Own Storage Bench

Storage benches are a great way of maximising storage space in a living room and can be an excellent spot for storing blankets as well as other essentials.

Take advantage of the space under your window and create your very own cosy reading nook by placing your storage bench here.

If you’re not afraid of some hands-on carpentry a DIY blanket storage bench is a great way of creating something unique that fits your space perfectly.

DIY blanket storage idea
Photo by Andrea Davis on Unsplash

Tuck Them Into A Blanket Wall Rack

Just like a wall-mounted storage ladder a blanket wall rack will utilise your wall space and become a functional yet decorative element within your living room.

Pros: This is a stylish solution that looks just as good in a bedroom as it does in a living room. Many wall racks are compact in size which makes them an ideal blanket storage idea for small spaces.

Cons: A majority of blanket wall racks require some form of folding or rolling to store the blankets away.

Repurpose A Towel Rail

If you’re struggling to find the right style blanket wall rack look for a towel rail instead. You’ll find a huge amount of options available when you search for towel rails meaning finding something to suit your style will be much easier.

Many towel rails can be attached to the wall vertically so are just as effective for storing blankets as a dedicated blanket wall rack. Just ensure you choose a towel rail that has enough depth for you to slip your blankets into.

Repurpose a towel rail for blanket storage
Photo by Lukas Schroeder on Unsplash

Embrace Farmhouse Style With Rustic Crates

Crates make perfect storage for practically anything and your blanket collection is no exception. Many can be brought brand new and look purposely vintage or alternatively, can be salvaged second-hand.

If you have some spare time you could create your own DIY blanket storage by making your own crate from reclaimed wood. This is a great sustainable option that will allow you to produce the perfect size crate for your storage needs.

Cons: Even the smoothest of wood can catch a loose thread so you’ll likely want to line the inside of your crate with some fabric or another box to protect your blankets from potential damage.

Farmhouse style blanket storage

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Store Your Blankets In A Log Holder

Another stylish yet inexpensive blanket storage idea is to roll your blankets and throws and store them in a small log holder. This clever idea has plenty of rustic charm and would fit perfectly into a farmhouse-style living room.

Keeping your blankets on show will help make your space feel cosy and inviting so pop your blanket holder on display next to your sofa for a homely vibe.

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The best log holder for throw storage
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How To Store Blankets In A Bedroom

Hang Your Blankets In A Wardrobe

There is no reason why your blankets cannot be stored amongst your clothes so dedicate a hanger or two for your favourite throws. Alternatively, fold them and store them in your chest of drawers. This is a great cheap blanket storage idea as it utilises the storage space you already have. 

Blankets in closet
Photo by Taisiia Shestopal on Unsplash

Treat Yourself To A Bench Style Ottoman

Elevate your bedroom decor with a chic ottoman bench. A long, narrow storage ottoman fits perfectly at the foot of a bed and is a great way of adding extra storage to your bedroom. 

Many come with a surprising amount of storage space, ideal for storing thick blankets or bulky bedspreads. They also provide a convenient spot for getting ready in the morning or popping clothes on at the end of a long day.

Bedroom ottoman for blanket storage

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Pop Your Blankets Into A Small Basket

A small basket is not only a great place to store blankets in a living room, but they also look great in a bedroom. For blanket storage in a small bedroom use a small basket that can easily slide under your bedside table or down the side of your bed.

By keeping your blankets next to your bed they will always be easy to grab if you get cold at night.

Small basket for throws

What is the best way to store blankets?

When thinking about how to store blankets consider how frequently you use them. If you don’t need them often closed storage might be best to protect them from dust and dirt. However, if you frequently use your blankets storage that is easy to access and that allows airflow might be best so that they get a thorough airing between uses.

Another key point to consider when choosing the best way to store blankets is the material of your storage. You don’t want to choose a storage solution that will snag your expensive wool blanket for example. Storage that is designed for clothes is always a safe option as it is often made from plastics. Alternatively, look for storage with a fabric lining.

If you are hanging your blankets consider their weight. Heaver blankets could become damaged if they are hung for an extensive amount of time.

My favourite solution is a storage ottoman. They are easy to access and are a great multifunctional piece of furniture that can be used as a coffee table and extra seating.

How to store blankets in small spaces?

If you are wondering how to store blankets in small spaces consider keeping them close to hand and using them as a decorative piece in your living room. Drape them over the back of your sofa or casually lay them over a seat. It requires no effect, no extra storage and looks great.

Alternatively, store them with your other linen such as spare towels and duvet covers and only keep one or two blankets in your living room. The blankets you keep in your living room could conveniently be stored on an over-door hanging rack. This cheap blanket storage idea is super easy and utilises the space behind your door that usually goes unused, ideal for small spaces.

How to store blankets without a closet?

Any storage furniture can become the perfect blanket storage spot, so don’t worry if you don’t have a closet. Utilise the furniture you already have by freeing up some drawer space or hanging your blankets from coat hangers in your wardrobe. Alternatively, fold your blankets and linen and store them in a box on top of your wardrobe or under your bed. 

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