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39 Best Christmas Tree Topper Ideas For 2023

Christmas tree topper ideas

Elevate your Christmas tree decor with one of these fun and festive tree topper ideas.

Is there anything that symbolises the arrival of Christmas more than bringing a Christmas tree inside and adorning it with your favourite decorations? 

Yet inevitably, there comes a moment when you retrieve your beloved Christmas tree topper from its 11-month hibernation, only to discover it no longer fills you with that magical Christmas spirit.

So, if your lights have been weaved and your baubles hung, but you still need the finishing touch, look no further. These 39 Christmas tree topper ideas are here to help you discover the perfect finishing touch for your tree.

Christmas tree topper ideas
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Christmas Tree Topper Ideas

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What is a Christmas tree topper?

A Christmas tree topper is a decorative ornament placed at the top of a Christmas tree. As the finishing touch, the tree topper is usually the last ornament to be placed on the tree during decorating.

What to use as a Christmas tree topper?

There is an endless list of items that can serve as a Christmas tree topper, however, the most common is the classic star and angel, both timeless, symbolic representations of the season.

Christmas tree topper ideas
Photo by pure julia on Unsplash

What else can you put on top of a Christmas tree?

While stars and angels have a long-standing tradition as Christmas tree toppers, don’t let that limit your creativity. Have some fun and choose something unique as your own tree topper.

Anything has the potential to be a striking tree topper, the crucial factor lies in ensuring it harmonises with the overall tree decor and draws your gaze upward.

Here are some of my favourite Christmas tree topper ideas.

Whimsical wonderland

Add a playful touch to your Christmas tree by adorning it with your favourite Christmas treats. Consider a gingerbread man with vibrant gummy drop buttons, or perhaps a festive topper reminiscent of your most favourite mouthwatering sweets. Or how about an oversized Christmas pudding?

Christmas Tree Toppers With Rustic Charm

Infuse a sense of Nordic charm into your Christmas tree with a Christmas tree topper that evokes the rustic beauty of a winter landscape.

Embrace simplicity with muted, earthy colours and incorporate natural elements like berries and pinecones to capture the essence of the great outdoors.

Quirky & Unique Christmas Tree Toppers

Unleash your inner child and adorn your Christmas tree with a quirky, colourful tree topper.

Your Christmas tree topper can be unique and fun, so break away from the conventional choices of stars and angels. A pig in a Christmas hat? Hell yes! A laid-back sloth hugging the highest branch? Why not! The more unexpected, the merrier!

Customised Tree Topper Ideas

There is something truly special about decorations that are customised and made especially for you. These charming tree topper ideas aren’t just perfect for your own Christmas tree; they also make fantastic gifts for friends and family.

The Traditional Star

Don’t let the word ‘traditional’ fool you; a classic star tree topper can be anything but boring.

These star-shaped Christmas tree topper ideas maintain their timeless appeal but with a touch of glitz and elegance that keeps them feeling fun and perfect for the party season.

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The Best Modern Stars For Christmas Trees

Add a touch of modern elegance to your Christmas tree with a contemporary star topper. These modern stars retain the charm of the classic star decorations but with a refined and sophisticated twist.

They complement a wide range of tree decorations, making them a versatile choice for those who enjoy changing their style of tree decor frequently.

Brightly Coloured Tree Toppers

Capture the vibrant feeling of the festive season with a colourful Christmas tree topper. A brightly coloured topper adds a visually captivating finishing touch to your tree, whether it’s already bursting with vibrant decorations or serves as a striking contrast to a more understated decor theme.

Angel Tree Topper Decorations

Bring a little magic into your living room by adorning the top of your tree with an angel. Much like the star, an angel is a timeless choice for a Christmas tree topper.

These cute little angels offer a delightful twist on the traditional style we’re accustomed to. I love their modern, handcrafted appearance, and their little smiling faces add an extra layer of adorableness.

Sit A Gnome On The Top Of Your Christmas Tree

Infuse a sprinkle of Christmas magic into your tree decor by crowning it with a gnome. Gnomes are mythical creatures from Nordic folklore and are often associated with the holiday season. These creatures were believed to be protectors of the home, bringing good luck to the household during the festive season.

Use Ribbon & Bows For A Unique Finishing Touch

Much like the presents beneath your tree, a Christmas tree can look complete with a beautifully tied bow on top.

This Christmas tree topper idea is a perfect choice for those seeking a unique topper that brings their tree decor together. You can either purchase a ready-made Christmas bow or create your own DIY tree topper using spare fabric or ribbon.

Sophisticated Tree Topper Decorations

Add an extra dash of sparkle to your Christmas tree with one of these elegant tree topper decorations. These Christmas tree topper ideas are perfect for a more elegant style living room that favours a more understated look but with a hint of glamour.

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