50+ Coffee Bar Ideas For Small Spaces

Coffee bar ideas for small spaces

Make Monday mornings that little bit easier with these must-have coffee station ideas.

Any coffee lover will know just how important it is to have a well-stocked coffee station at home. Whether you are an early riser who can only start the day with an espresso, or you love unwinding with a warm mug of decaf in the afternoons, a well-designed coffee bar can add both function and style to your home.

But with so many options and styles to choose from, it can be tough to figure out where to start. These coffee bar ideas for small spaces will show you exactly how to create your very own at-home coffee station. From gorgeous coffee cart ideas to farmhouse coffee bar decor, we will show you everything you need to create a stylish, Insta-worthy coffee station.

Coffee Bar Ideas For Small Spaces

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Where Should A Coffee Bar be Located In A Small Home?

Any free spot can become a perfect little coffee bar, so don’t limit yourself to just the kitchen. How amazing would it be to jump out of bed and have your morning coffee right next to you? A coffee station in the bedroom is a common request Interior Designers get from clients and with many of us searching for ways to streamline our busy days, it will likely be on more wish lists soon.

A coffee station in the bedroom isn’t for everyone. So if you have some available worktop space in your kitchen or dining room, perfect, say hello to your new coffee station area.

Coffee bar ideas for small spaces
Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

However, if you don’t have an abundance of free worktop space, don’t worry there are plenty of coffee bar ideas for small spaces. When living in a tiny home a DIY coffee cart could be the answer to your caffeine prayers.

Top tip: When planning your home coffee station remember to keep it close to a power supply and water source for ease of use. 

Coffee Cart Ideas

Trolleys or bar carts are ideal for small spaces because they come in many different sizes meaning the right size can be found for virtually any size kitchen. A coffee cart on wheels is a great small-space solution as it can be tucked into a corner and wheeled out when needed.

Coffee cart ideas
Photo by Blake Carpenter on Unsplash

Look for a coffee cart that has multiple shelves to give plenty of space for storing your coffee bar essentials. Some kitchen trolleys come with a handy drawer, which is perfect for storing items such as spoons and stirrers.

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Coffee cart ideas
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Coffee Bar Essentials

No list of coffee station ideas would be complete without the perfect coffee machine. The best at-home coffee stations are the ones where the coffee machine is the shining star, so place your machine on centre stage and let it be the focal point of the area.

Coffee bar ideas for small spaces
Photo by Patrick Langwallner on Unsplash

If you are on the lookout for a new coffee machine opt for something stylish and eye-catching like this Melitta gold and black design. This gorgeous piece is a work of art and will demand attention from anyone who glances at your mini coffee bar.

One or two stylish cafeterias also make great focal points on a coffee station. Choose one with a strong design like this pink and orange ceramic one from Oliver Bonas. And for a barista-style cappuccino don’t forget a must-have milk frother.

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a Coffee house sign

To create your own coffee house aesthetic try incorporating a caffeine-themed sign into your coffee station’s decor. There are many cool designs that will elevate your coffee bar decor with some of the best being found on Etsy. From fun neon lights to chic coffee-inspired posters, there is something for every style.

DIY home coffee station essentials
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Coffee bar storage Ideas

Storage is essential for any coffee bar. You’ll need somewhere to store your favourite mugs or that ever-growing collection of coffee pods. A few shelves above your coffee machine is a great choice, however, when space is not on your side some clever worktop storage or smart containers can be just as effective.

Coffee station ideas
Photo by Veronika Jorjobert on Unsplash

A coffee pod drawer unit is ideal for small spaces as it can be placed under a coffee machine and provides plenty of convenient storage space for coffee pots.

This magnetic stripe coffee pod holder is another favourite as it can be stuck practically anywhere, including kitchen walls and cupboards, keeping valuable worktop space free.

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Must-Have Coffee Station mugs

Coffee tastes so much better when it is served in your favourite mug, so make sure you always have one to hand by stocking up on plenty of stylish cups and glasses.

A dedicated coffee station is a convenient place for storing mugs so that they are always within easy reach. A clever hanging rack or a simple mug tree are some great choices and take up minimal space in small kitchens.

Coffee bar ideas for small spaces
Photo by Patrick Langwallner on Unsplash

A steaming cup of coffee looks delicious and super stylish when served in a glass mug like this latte glass from Wayfair. Keep a few of these chic glasses to hand and you’ll always have something to surprise your guests with.

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Coffee station essentials
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farmhouse Coffee Bar Ideas

Many coffee machines are modern in style but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any beautiful traditional ones that will suit your farmhouse-style kitchen.

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Farmhouse coffee bar decor
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These farmhouse coffee bar decor ideas will help you create a vintage-feeling coffee station in your home. Opt for a cream colour coffee machine for a fresh base colour and complement it with more substantial farmhouse-style pieces. Natural textures and rustic woods will really elevate the farmhouse aesthetic.

modern Coffee Bar Ideas

There are many stylish coffee bar essentials to choose from if you want to create your own ultra-modern coffee bar at home. For a cohesive appearance choose appliances and accessories that complement each other in colour, material or style. Keep things simple with clean lines and minimal embellishments for a strong look.

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Modern coffee bar ideas
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All black accessories will create a striking coffee station. Incorporate one or two coffee bar essentials that have a distinctive contemporary style like this espresso maker to really boost your modern coffee bar aesthetic.

What should be included in a coffee station?

The answer to what should be included in a coffee station depends on you and your favourite brew. Consider what is needed to make your preferred coffee and find a home for each item. Here are some ideas to get you started:

A coffee machine, cafetiere, kettle or whatever you use to create your morning must-have

Coffee beans or pods and something to store them in

Coffee grinder 

Tea bags (if coffee isn’t your thing)

Milk frother

Your favourite mugs and coffee glasses

A couple of on-the-go cups

Syrup bottles (because who doesn’t like a vanilla latte?)

Spoons and stirrers 

Straws (for the iced coffee lovers)

Milk jug

Sugar and biscuit storage tins (because every coffee should be complemented with a biscuit)

A small bin for disposing of used coffee beans or pods

How To Organise A Coffee Station?

When organising a coffee station prioritise storage. A free drawer near your coffee bar is great for storing coffee pods if you lack worktop space. Ensure you leave enough room for your supply of pods and don’t buy more until you need them.

Airtight tins and canisters are ideal for storing loose coffee, tea and sugar and stackable tins are perfect for saving space in a small kitchen. Keep a small scoop inside your tins to speed up the time it takes to make your morning coffee.

A small tray or placemat is a stylish way to set boundaries for your coffee station decor and stay organised. With a defined coffee station zone you will be less likely to place things where they do not belong.

How to set up a coffee bar in a small space?

Don’t let a small kitchen stop you from having a dedicated small coffee bar. Narrow spots in kitchens, deep worktop corners or a shallow section of countertop are all ideal locations to turn into a small coffee bar.

Maximise vertical space by placing a few small shelves above your coffee machine. Add some hooks under the shelf to provide a convenient spot for hanging mugs. For renter-friendly coffee bar ideas for small spaces try using free-standing shelving. It provides plenty of space for storing mugs and containers without taking up too much valuable worktop space.

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