33 Best Coffee Table Alternatives For Small Spaces

Coffee table alternatives for small spaces

Find a coffee table you love with these innovative coffee table alternatives.

With our homes getting smaller fitting conventional furniture into our tiny spaces can be impossible. These tricky space constraints are forcing us to be more creative with our homes and what we were once told was a living room essential no longer is. So say goodbye to a traditional coffee table and hello to the best coffee table alternatives for small spaces.

When looking for your coffee table alternative think outside of the box. A coffee table serves many purposes. A place to rest your feet, pop your coffee cup on, store your favourite magazines or even eat your dinner on. But who says these cannot be fulfilled by something other than a coffee table? Think creatively and you’ll find the perfect solution for your small space.

Coffee table alternatives for small spaces

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1. storage trunk

For a home with a vintage flair try using a storage trunk. These handy boxes provide huge amounts of storage and will create a stylish focal point in your living room.

Small coffee table ideas
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2. A wicker basket

If you are looking for something with a rustic appearance opt for a wicker basket. With lots of storage space, wicker baskets are ideal for storing blankets and pillows whilst still providing a great surface for resting essentials.

3. footstools

A footstool may be your perfect coffee table alternative if you love lounging on the sofa and are prone to popping your feet on the coffee table. Choose one that comes with your sofa to match or be bold and choose one that contrasts. Place a tray on top to create a level surface for placing necessary items.

Coffee table alternatives for small spaces

4. An ottoman with storage

If you want something a little more luxe choose an ottoman with storage. Many come in long, thin sizes making them ideal for narrow living rooms.

5. side tables

If you are prone to kicking or tripping over your coffee table why not ditch it in favour of a side table or two? A side table on either end of your sofa will provide plenty of storage for your essentials without taking up excessive space. They are easier to move so can be popped into the centre of your sofa when needed.

Small coffee table ideas

6. games table

For a fun twist on a conventional coffee table choose a table with a built-in chess board. Alternatively, make your own by adding legs to your favourite board game or attach the board game to a table.

7. recycled crates

When looking for your coffee table alternative think beyond tables. A wooden pallet or recycled crate can look great if flipped upside down. You also get the bonus of being able to stamp your personality on it by giving it a lick of paint.

Coffee table alternatives for small spaces
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8. collapsible table

Fold-away furniture is a miracle solution for small spaces. If you’re struggling to squeeze a coffee table into your small living room consider using a foldable table. Pop it out when you need it and store it under the sofa when you don’t.

9. a cluster of small tables

A cluster of small tables is a great coffee table alternative for a small space because of its flexibility. Their lighter weight and smaller size mean they are easier to pick up and move when you need to use your small living room for other activities.

Coffee table alternatives for small spaces

10. sofa with a built-in table

Sofas with built-in side tables are an ingenious way of introducing a coffee table into your living room without interrupting the sleek appearance of your space.

11. nesting Coffee tables

The small size of nesting tables makes them an ideal solution for small living rooms. They are perfect for homes that have a constant flow of guests because they are so easy to separate and move around. Simply slide them back together when everyone has gone home to save crucial space.

Coffee table alternatives for small spaces

12. sofa arm tray table

A sofa arm tray is a great way of adding a little extra storage space into your small living room. They provide a sturdy spot for resting all your everyday essentials and easily fold away.

13. A Clever book stack

A book stack table is a must-have for any book lover. A super affordable solution and completely unique to you. Your coffee table alternative will constantly be changing as your book collection grows and evolves.

Coffee table alternatives
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14. Coffee Table bench

A coffee table that doubles as extra seating is a game changer when your living room is small. Opt for a bench to maximise your surface space and seating capacity.

Small coffee table ideas
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15. pouffe

A pouffe is one of the chicest coffee table alternatives for small spaces. It is easy to move out of the way and super soft so bruised shins will be a thing of the past.

16. a collection of pouffes

Don’t stop at one pouffe. A collection of pouffes will up the style factor in your living room and create ample amounts of extra seating. Opt for one with hidden storage to really maximise what your pouffes can do.

Small coffee table ideas

17. A plant stand

When searching for cheap coffee table alternatives consider a plant stand. They are often super stylish, very affordable and smaller in size compared to standard side tables.

18. C-shaped tables

A conventional coffee table often sees us stretching to grab our drinks glasses and mugs. But with a c-shaped table overreaching will be a thing of the past. These nifty little tables slot comfortably under your sofa making it easy to reach your bowl of snacks.

Best coffee tables for small living rooms

19. A magazine rack table

Multifunctional furniture is your best friend when living in a small space. Filling your home with smart furniture like a magazine rack that doubles as a coffee table will save you tonnes of valuable space and is a great small coffee table idea.

20. DIY tree stump Coffee Table

Find your creative flair and make your own coffee table with a collection of tree stumps. Not the hands-on type? Don’t worry, there are plenty of premade options available if you head to Etsy.

Coffee table alternatives for small spaces
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21. bar cart or trolley

These days every home has/ needs a bar cart or trolley. Use yours as a stylish coffee table alternative. Serving your guests a drink or two will be easy when your bar cart is close to hand.

22. A shelf behind Your sofa

For a sofa that is positioned against or near a wall place a shelf behind it for a cheap coffee table alternative. Use the space underneath the shelf for extra hidden storage.

Coffee table alternatives

23. console tables

Instead of a bulky coffee table use a thin console table behind your sofa. It will provide plenty of storage space and your beverages will always be close to hand.

24. multiple stools

The beauty of stools is that many are so stylish you’d never guess they are not a table. Combine multiple stools to create a unique cluster of tables that suit your needs. When you have guests use them as additional seating.

Coffee table ideas
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25. a stool with hidden storage

Stools with hidden storage are small space heroes. Not only do they conceal a surprising amount of storage, but they can also double as a coffee table and extra seating.

26. tray tables

A tray table looks like your traditional coffee table but the surface of the table doubles as a removable tray. A perfect solution for those who like to eat on the sofa.

Best coffee tables for small living rooms

27. the smart coffee table

Your coffee table can be so much more than just a coffee table. Surprise your friends and family with a tech-savvy table. There are many cool solutions available that boast built-in wireless charging, Bluetooth speakers, dehumidifiers and even built-in mini-fridges.

28. A pop-up coffee table

If you are a fan of clever furniture with hidden storage you need a pop-up coffee table. The surface lifts up to reveal handy storage whilst the raised surface becomes an ideal spot for working on a laptop or eating a meal.

Coffee table alternatives for small spaces

29. coffee table to dining table

A table with an adjustable height is a genius invention for small-space living. This is a must-have if you are struggling to squeeze a dining table into your small home. These versatile coffee tables easily lift to become a dining table for two and some extend to seat more.

30. baskets & boxes

For a cheap coffee table alternative look for stylish baskets or boxes. Flip them upside down or customise them with a piece of reclaimed wood to create a solid surface space.

Best coffee tables for small living rooms
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31. a shoe rack

A shoe rack seems like an odd choice as a coffee table alternative, but trust me it works. Shoe racks tend to be narrow and long in size making them ideal for small living rooms that can’t fit a conventional coffee table. There are some super chic ones on the market that you’d never guess are shoe racks.

32. A step stool

Dual-purpose furniture is a must-have for small spaces. A handy step stool used as a coffee table will mean climbing on chairs to reach awkward spots will be a thing of the past.

coffee table alternatives for small spaces

33. rotating coffee table

For those looking for a more traditional-style coffee table with an ingenious twist, a rotating coffee table is for you. Many come in compact sizes but can easily be twisted to increase the surface space available. An ideal addition for lovers of game nights.

tips for buying a coffee table for a small space

storage first

Storage is always the biggest issue when living in a small space. So when you are looking for coffee table alternatives for small spaces consider one with built-in storage. Even a handy shelf will provide a little extra valuable space and will help you keep the surface of your coffee table free of dreaded clutter.

light & easy to move

Small living rooms often become multifunctional spots for numerous activities. From watching TV to eating dinner and even working out. So furniture that is light and easy to move out of the way is an ideal choice.


When selecting your coffee table alternative consider what other functions your table can fulfil. Multifunctional furniture will save you tonnes of space in your small home. A coffee table can be extra seating for guests, a dining table, a work desk and so much more. Think beyond the traditional coffee table and you’ll find the perfect small coffee table idea for your living room.

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