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27 Creative Wardrobe Alternatives

Wardrobe alternatives- rail storage for clothing

Find a wardrobe alternative you will love with these innovative ways of storing your clothes.

Have you moved into a new apartment and discovered there is no room for a wardrobe? Or do you want to declutter and be gone with a traditional wardrobe altogether? There are so many reasons to want an alternative to a large, boxy wardrobe and just as many ingenious, wardrobe alternatives.

Here is a round-up of 27 great ideas to tackle your clothing storage needs in a room without a closet.

27 Wardrobe Alternatives

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1. Clothes rail

A clothes rail is probably the easiest wardrobe alternative and one of the most budget-friendly solutions. There are so many different styles and sizes to choose from so finding one to fit your space will be easy. If space is an issue opting for one on wheels will help you manoeuvre it around to free up valuable space when it is needed.

Top Tip: For an ultra stylish look colour coordinate your clothing on your rail. Fold up and hide away pieces that don’t suit your chosen colour scheme.

2. Hanging rail

Suspending a rail from the ceiling is a great way of creating a feature in your room. A simple, black metal rod with some rope is my favourite, but why not save some money and mix it up with a salvaged piece of driftwood?

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

3. Collapsible wardrobe

If you are on a tight budget and are looking for a quick and easy solution a collapsible wardrobe may be for you. These are great solutions for spare rooms or people constantly on the move, like university students, who want something easy to assemble and disassemble.

4. Clothes ladder

Although a clothes ladder won’t provide you with ample amounts of space it could be enough hanging storage if you are looking to declutter your wardrobe and live more paired back. Combine it with a chest of drawers and you will be on your way to minimalistic bliss.

5. Ottoman & trunks

Ottomans and trunks are so underrated. They come in many different shapes and sizes and give you ample amounts of extra storage space. An ottoman would be an ideal spot for storing out-of-season clothing. Pair this solution with some hooks or a clothes ladder and you will have all the storage you need.

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6. Open Wardrobe

We all know wardrobes are where clothes go to die. Many clothes are popped away and don’t get pulled back out again for years. An open wardrobe is a great way of combating this bad habit as you can easily see everything you own. There are lots of different styles of open wardrobes, including smaller options if you are limited on space.

Top Tip: Matching hangers is a MUST with open clothes storage to avoid a messy, cluttered appearance.

Wardrobe alternatives- open wardrobe storage

7. Mirror with storage

If you read my ‘An IKEA Interior Designer’s 9 Must-Have Products’ you will know how much of a fan I am of mirrors with hidden storage. These are perfect for smaller spaces and some of them have a great amount of potential hanging space. This would be ideal if you are looking to downsize your closet.

8. Bed with built-in wardrobe

A bed and wardrobe combo is perfect for a small bedroom without a closet or a studio flat as the wardrobe doubles as a room divider. This combination is ideal if you are short on free walls and will save you a lot of floor space.

9. Chest of drawers

The chest of drawers is the king of clothes storage. There are so many great options to choose from. If you don’t have much space opt for a taller unit that will provide you with a lot more storage. To get the most from your drawers invest in good interior organisers that fit the drawers just right both in width, depth and height.

Top Tip: If you are buying storage boxes for textiles choose a fabric box. This will help protect your clothes from snagging.

10. A clothes rail for walls

A simple wall rail designed for clothes hanging is an easy closet alternative and super budget-friendly.

Closet alternatives, clothes rail

11. Hooks

Every home could use a few more hooks, especially a bedroom. If you don’t need ample amounts of hanging storage and don’t want a bulky wardrobe some hooks could be the solution for you. To make a feature of your hooks run them the full width of your wall. This will create maximum impact and provide you with more storage.

12. Storage system

A modular storage system is great because it gives you the freedom to design it to fit your needs and your space. And because it is modular you can update it in the future if your needs change. These systems are ideal in small nooks and closet spaces. Choose a floor-standing system over a wall-mounted one if you are renting and looking to make minimal securing holes in the walls.

13. Coat Rack

There are so many different types of coat racks with varying amounts of hanging space to choose from. Because of this some of them are much better suited to being called mini wardrobes rather than coat racks.

Top Tip: If you have limited space rotate your clothing seasonally. Vacuum packing out of season clothing and storing them away until they are needed again will save you tonnes of space.

14. Wall rail

A rail for your wall is a great alternative hanging space for both accessories and clothes. Place a couple of rails on your wall with some hooks or containers. Ensure you choose a rail that has enough depth for you to hang clothes hangers on.

Closet alternatives wall rail for storing accessories

15. A nook

A little awkward nook is a perfect spot for a custom wardrobe. Get creative with how you use the space. Add some shelves and some rods. If you are lucky enough to have the space add a chest of drawers or a shoe rack. Even low-hanging rails can give you plenty of storage so don’t be put off if you don’t have the height in your nook. If you’d prefer your wardrobe to be hidden away and can’t afford to make custom doors hang a curtain or make your own.

16. Loft bed

If you cannot fit a wardrobe into your apartment because you are short of space a loft bed could be the answer to your prayers. A loft bed could give you nearly 3m2 of valuable extra space. Ideal for creating a dreamy walk-in closet.

17. Corner Wardrobe

If you have an awkward corner in your bedroom a corner wardrobe could be the solution for you. These tend to take up a large amount of floor space, so aren’t always ideal for very small bedrooms, but they do provide ample amounts of storage.

18. Shelving

A shelving system with the right boxes can store pretty much anything, even your clothing. Look for boxes that fit just right to make the most of all the space. Alternatively, choose a shelving unit with adjustable shelves and install your own clothes rode.

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19. Under the bed

If you live in a tiny home utilising the space under your bed is essential. This can be an ideal wardrobe if done right. An ottoman bed is great for maximising storage as it is easy to utilise all the available space. A bed with built-in drawers or simply boxes on wheels work well too.

Use boxes with compartments and storage cases to organise your clothes to make finding what you need easy.

Top Tip: Closed storage boxes will protect your clothes from dust. Look for boxes with ventilation so that air can still circulate. This will help keep your clothes fresh.

20. Children’s wardrobes

When you are searching for wardrobe alternatives don’t rule out children’s wardrobes. There are so many beautiful ones on the market and the bonus of them is they tend to be a lot smaller than your traditional style wardrobe. Perfect for awkward spaces like sloping ceilings. If you are looking for closed storage make sure to check the depth of the wardrobe to ensure the width of your clothing will fit.

21. Shelf bracket

If hung upside down some shelf brackets make perfect spots for hanging clothes hangers. Pop a couple on your wall for a makeshift wardrobe. For added storage combine two brackets with a shelf and run a rode between the brackets. This is an ideal storage solution for a teeny tiny bedroom missing a closet.

22. Headboard with storage

A headboard probably isn’t the first place you think of when you are thinking about where to store your clothes, but there are some fantastic storage headboards to be found. Alternatively, you could make your own using thin storage units or shelving.

23. Shallow wardrobes

Shallow wardrobes can save lots of space in small bedrooms. Opt for sliding doors to avoid the extra space needed for hinged doors to open.

storage for small bedroom without closet, shallow wardrobe

24. Display cabinet

A display cabinet could be the wardrobe alternative you’ve been looking for. Show off your favourite pieces with a beautiful cabinet and add built-in lighting for extra glamour and impact. Showing off your wardrobe behind glass doors will help ensure you love everything you own. The benefit of glass doors over open storage is that your favourite items will be protected from dust.

25. A bed perfect for clothes hangers

Choose a bed that doubles as a wardrobe. A high footboard or 4 poster beds make a great spot for hanging clothes hangers in a room without a closet or the available space to put one.

26. Foldable coat stand

A small coat stand that folds into a corner is such a great invention for small, narrow spaces. Choose one with deep pegs so that you can fit more than one clothes hanger per peg.

27. Build a platform bed

If the space under your bed just isn’t enough to accommodate your wardrobe and a loft bed isn’t taking your fancy why not meet in the middle and build a platform for your bed? This will give lots more storage space without it being a nightmare to climb into bed after a glass or two of wine.

Wardrobe Alternatives

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