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Decorate a Small Rental Balcony on a Budget

Decorate a small rental balcony

Enjoy your outdoor space this summer with these simple, budget-friendly ideas.

Decorating outdoor spaces can be tricky, this is even more true when it is a small, rental space like a balcony. But no matter what size your space is, your balcony will have plenty of potential. Here are some of my favourite tips and tricks for decorating a small rental balcony on a budget.

Add Decking

Floor decking is a great way of quickly updating your balcony to make it more appealing to step out on. Although it sounds a little pricey there are some great low price options out there.

Decking is ideal for rental properties as most require no securing and can be packed up and taken with you when you move. So choose a decking you are going to love for years to come.

How to choose your decking:

  • Choose one that clicks together for an easy installation
  • Consider the material- do you have the tools (or know someone that does) to trim the flooring to fit your space? If not opt for a thinner plastic that a simple hand saw will pass through
  • Think about longevity- does it have good reviews for standing the test of time
Small Rental Balcony on a Budget
Photo by Jan Antonin Kolar on Unsplash

Choose Furniture Based on Function

Before choosing your furniture consider what you want to do on your balcony. This may sound obvious but it is so common to buy furniture and accessories for a room because we think it is what a room should have.

For example, I don’t enjoy eating meals outside. So for me, a table and chairs would be a waste of valuable space on a small balcony.

Things to consider:

  • How many people will be using the space at once? If you are buying a table how many people does it NEED to seat?
  • Do you need storage? Are you buying items that need to be stored away during the winter such as seat pads, and if so where will they be stored?
  • Do you need space for specific tasks like clothes drying? If so, is your chosen furniture flexible enough to complete these tasks?
  • Are there any restrictions in your lease on what you can put on your balcony?

Great budget-friendly furniture for a small balcony

This 2 seater bistro set is PERFECT for small balconies. The table drops down and the chairs fold away making it super compact when it is not needed.

If you need some protection from the sun a half parasol is perfect. Its smaller size means it can be positioned next to a wall, making it ideal for tiny spaces.

A foldable table designed to be hung over a balcony railing is an ideal way of introducing a dining/ working area onto your balcony if you are really short on space. Simply pair it with a foldable chair or stool.

Layer Textiles

Textiles instantly make a space feel more inviting and your outdoor space shouldn’t be the exception. Layering textiles is such a budget-friendly way of decorating a balcony and making tired-looking furniture look fresh and new.

Outdoor furniture is often made from metal or wood. Not the most comfortable materials, so adding textiles is essential for ensuring your balcony is a space you can use for hours and feel comfortable on.

Small Rental Balcony on a Budget- layered outdoor textiles

What to use:

  • An outdoor rug is a great addition to a balcony and is perfect for people who refer to pop out without putting shoes on. Place the rug in the centre of your balcony, under your table or under your outdoor sofa. It will look great anywhere!
  • Add seat pads to your table chairs, sofa or bench to make your balcony more inviting and much more comfortable to relax on.
  • Outdoor cushions are a thing! They are designed with a water-repellent lining, so can withstand that summer morning frost. A few decorative cushions will help add personality to your space.
  • If you live in the UK you know that summer does not necessarily mean hot, so keep some blankets close for when that breeze blows in.

Things to consider:

  • Are the products you have chosen suitable for outdoor use? If they are, they will last so much longer and save you money in the long run
  • Do you have space to store your textiles in the winter or a cover to put over your furniture to protect your textiles?

Great budget-friendly textiles for a small balcony

Decorative Lighting

Lighting can change an atmosphere instantly and make your balcony feel like a whole new space. Adding decorative lighting doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive and can create a cosy atmosphere for you to enjoy your outdoor space during warm summer evenings.

Small Rental Balcony on a Budget - lighting

What to use:

  • Chain lights look great strung above a balcony, across a wall or along a railing. Pretty much anywhere!
  • Lanterns & candles are such an easy, inexpensive way of adding a cosy atmosphere to your outdoor space. Opt for larger ones for a more impactful look (the candles will last longer too).
  • Battery-powered LED candles are also great too and there are lots on the market that are approved for outdoor use.
  • Solar lighting is great and there are so many amazing decorative solar lights out there.

Great budget-friendly lighting for a small balcony

Plants & Planters

What balcony is complete without plants? They are such an easy way of breathing life into any space. There are so many ways of displaying plants on your balcony, such as a flower box for your railing, a hanging planter, a trellis or simply just a nice plant pot for the floor.

Small rental balcony on a budget

Things to consider:

  • Do you need low-maintenance plants? There is nothing worse than spending loads on a beautiful plant for it to die straight away.
  • Are your chosen plants happy outside or are they better indoors?
  • Are the planters and pots suitable for outdoor use?

Great budget-friendly planters & pots for a small balcony

How to Decorate a Small Rental Balcony on a Budget

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