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33 Dining Room Rug Ideas & Practical Tips

Dining Room Rug Ideas

Find the perfect dining room rug that is easy to maintain with these stylish ideas and helpful tips.

For many homes, the dining room is where everyone comes together, slows down and catches up over a hearty meal. However, creating a comfortable and inviting space for these precious moments to take place often requires a little more than just a dining table and chairs.

Adding soft furnishings such as a dining room rug is a magical way of creating a comforting and warm dining room that the family enjoys gathering in. Not only do they add warmth and style to a room, but they also protect your floors from any spills and stains, ideal for high-traffic areas such as a dining space.

These dining room rug ideas will help narrow down the endless choice of styles to help you find a functional and beautiful design perfect for entertaining.

How to choose a dining room rug

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How big should a dining room rug be?

Before purchasing a dining room rug, ensure your room has adequate space to accommodate a rug under your table. A rug should be a minimum of 70cm (28 inches) larger than your dining table on all sides. This will allow enough space for your chairs to be pulled out so that they remain on the rug at all times (nobody enjoys sitting on a wobbly chair leg).  

If your space is small, bench seating could be a great option. Benches tend to be pulled away from the table less than chairs, so a smaller rug is possible.

How big should a dining room rug be
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Dining room rug size

Finding the perfect size rug to fit under a dining table can be tricky, especially if your table is large. If you struggle to find the right size rug, consider combining two smaller rugs. Some rugs appear seamless when positioned together, meaning guests will never know it isn’t one rug.

Dining room rug size
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What is the rug pile?

The term ‘pile’ is often used to describe the density of the fibres of a rug, and in many cases, you will see this in a rug’s description.

A high-pile rug is generally those squishy, thick rugs your feet get lost in, whereas a low-pile is thinner and less dense.

Choosing the right pile of dining table rug

High-pile rugs can be harder to clean and often trap dirt and crumbs, making them an unpopular choice under a dining room or kitchen table. The safest option to help protect the longevity of your dining room rug is to opt for a lower pile rug. It will be easier to maintain and you’ll be able to see any nasty food leftovers.

It is also important to consider how stable your furniture will be when choosing the pile for your dining table rug. A lower pile rug will provide a more solid surface for your furniture and will be much easier to move your chairs upon. A low-pile rug is also less likely to show indents from furniture legs.

Best rugs for under dining table
Photo by Daria Borysenko on Unsplash

The best material for a dining room rug

Spillages are inevitable from any dining table, so you’ll want to select a dining table rug in a material that is easy to clean. Rugs made from polypropylene or nylon are often good choices as they are durable and stain-resistant. For busy homes and a little peace of mind, look for a washable rug.

Best rugs for under dining table
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What colour rug to use under a dining table?

Colour is important to consider when selecting a rug for under a dining table. A light-coloured rug will often show stains and spillages much more easily. To keep your rug looking newer for longer opt for a mid-to-dark hue.

Be smart with patterns

Patterned rugs may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but they have big benefits, particularly in a dining area. Complex patterns work wonders for concealing pesky stains or marks that won’t budge, so are often ideal choices for busy (yep, we mean messy) tables.

Rugs for dining area
Photo by Elizaveta Ivanova on Unsplash

Match your dining room rug to your table

For a cohesive dining room choose a rug that is the same shape as your table. Rectangular tables are often best suited with rectangular rugs, square tables look great on square rugs, and circular tables pair best with circular rugs. However, circular tables can look dynamic and striking when positioned on a square rug.

Round dining room rug ideas
Photo by Jake Goossen on Unsplash

Define your space

Adding a rug under your kitchen table can help define an open-plan kitchen and dining space. A rug under your table will help create its own zone making your dining area feel like a room within a room. Choose a colour or pattern that suits your kitchen for a considered look.

Rugs for dining area
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Dining Room Rug Ideas

modern dining room rug ideas

Add a contemporary feel to your dining area with a simple modern rug. Modern rugs are characterised by their clean, minimalistic style, bold colours, or abstract designs. They come in many different shapes and styles, so there are plenty to choose from.

This dining room rug idea complements this modern kitchen/ diner beautifully. The brown tones help warm up the room whilst the pattern adds a tactile feel to the space.

Modern dining room rug ideas
Photo by Anwar Hakim on Unsplash

Round dining room rug ideas

A round dining room rug that mirrors the shape of a round table can add a stylish feel to your space. The lack of harsh, angular corners will soften the appearance of your dining room decor and looks great when paired with other round elements such as pendant lights and centrepiece decor.

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A dining room rug that complements your furniture

The colours within this dining room rug complement the deep tones of the wood furniture beautifully. The subtle hints of beige and blue have been picked up within the upholstery of the chairs and the table dressing, creating a harmonious, visually pleasing appearance.

Dining room rug ideas

Bold Floral Rugs

When decorating a room, choosing your rug first can be a great place to start, especially if you like bold prints. A statement floral rug under a dining table can work wonders for creating a space that demands attention. And when choosing the rest of your room’s decor, pull out colours from your rug to inspire your choices. This will help ensure your space feels balanced and cohesive.

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farmhouse dining room rug ideas

Farmhouse-style decor has become increasingly popular in recent years and it is easy to see why. This cosy, rustic style brings the look and feel of the countryside indoors in a clean and stylish way. A farmhouse-style dining room rug is a perfect way of adding some of this rustic charm to your dining space. Typically made from natural fibres such as wool or cotton, farmhouse rugs tend to be understated in style with a vintage or distressed look.

Farmhouse dining room rug ideas
Photo by Bailey Alexander on Unsplash

Add A Touch Of Glamour

A glamorous rug is a winner if you want to transform your dining room into a sophisticated space that wows your friends. These elegant rugs are often made from high-quality, luxurious materials such as silk or wool and frequently feature intricate detailing such as the gold accents in this rug from Dwell.

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Keep things simple

Sometimes the best solutions are the simplest. A paired-back rug in a neutral colour is an ideal choice if you want a more understated look. It will help soften your dining area, creating a cosy environment whilst not distracting from the rest of your decor. A plain rug can also help visually break up the appearance of highly textured flooring such as wood or concrete.

Simple dining room area rug ideas

Relaxed Bohemian Style

Add a touch of your carefree spirit to your dining room decor with a boho-style rug. These beautiful bohemian-style rugs celebrate all things natural and eclectic with their unique, irregular patterns and simple, creative forms. 

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traditional dining room rugs

Traditional style rugs that feature intricate patterns and detailed motifs can be a powerful way of creating a warm and inviting dining space. This deep burgundy rug complements the warmth of the wood furniture in this elegant room, whilst its pattern adds depth and interest.

When using a complex pattern under your own dining table, keep the patterns within the rest of the room simple to ensure your dining table remains the focal point.

Traditional rug ideas for dining room
Photo by Billy Galyean on Unsplash

Opt For Classic Stripes

Stripes can work wonders for creating the illusion of a bigger space. If your dining room is narrow, introduce a stripe in the same direction as the shorter walls to help make the room feel larger and more open.

Stripes are a timeless choice for a rug and will suit virtually any interior decor. Opt for a thin stripe for a more classic look, or choose a large stripe for a modern twist.

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Introduce An Antique Flair

An antique patterned rug is a smart way of bridging the gap between traditional and modern. This soft patterned rug helps anchor the modern-style furniture in this minimal dining room, making the space appear more dynamic and engaging.

Dining room area rug ideas
Photo by Panos Katsigiannis on Unsplash

Choose Natural Materials

Rugs made from natural materials such as cotton, jute and sisal can offer an organic feel to your dining space. Not only do they add texture and warmth to a room, but they are also durable making them an ideal rug for under a dining table.

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Add A Cowhide Rug Under Your Dining Table

Place a cowhide rug under your dining table for a more dynamic-looking dining room. Cowhide rugs, both genuine or faux, can be a striking way of lifting the appearance of an unembellished space.

The irregular shape and mix of tones add texture and interest to this room, making the dining table the focal point. The pops of green through the plants make the space feel lively and fresh.

Cowhide dining room rug ideas
Photo by David Libeert on Unsplash

Say Yes To A Rug In A Striking Block colour

Introducing a vibrant rug into your dining room is an easy way of adding colour to your space without the hassle of painting any walls. If you are new to decorating with colour, this is a perfect idea since changing your mind will be painless if you decide vibrant colours aren’t actually for you.

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A Touch Of Texture

Add a subtle hint of texture to your dining room with a textured rug. A textured rug works with practically any style or size table and will add depth and interest to your dining area.

Best rugs for under dining table
Photo by Carrie Hays on Unsplash

Outdoor rug For Your Indoor Dining Room

You probably haven’t considered an outdoor rug on your hunt for dining room rug ideas, but they can be a functional choice for a high-traffic area such as a dining space. Rugs suitable for outdoor use are designed to withstand outdoor weather, so are more durable and often water resistant, making them an ideal choice for messy rooms prone to spillages.

They can also be a much more affordable option, perfect for those looking for cheap dining room rug ideas.

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Go Bold With A Geometric Print

For a dining room with plenty of impact, opt for a rug in a strong geometric pattern. When a striking patterned rug is placed under the dining table, the table instantly becomes the focal point, which gives way for the rest of the room’s decor to be more paired back and refined.

Decorate your table with something interesting such as a large vase of foliage to help lift the eye away from the rug.

Bright geometric rug idea under dining table

Or Opt For Subtle Geometrics

Alternatively, add visual interest to your dining space with a more understated geometric print.

These modern geometric rugs are subtle yet still have plenty of style. Darker tones will help warm up the appearance of your dining room, making your meals much more leisurely and enjoyable.

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A dining Room With A Cottage Vibe

Create a cosy spot for gathering around the table with a cottage-inspired dining room. This comfortable wool rug is the perfect companion for this welcoming dining space. Its chunky pattern and natural tones complement the rustic elements of the interior, whilst the light colour keeps the room fresh and inviting. 

Traditional rug ideas for dining space
Photo by Lasse Møller on Unsplash

Go Dramatic with black

Place your dining table on a striking black rug to add instant drama to your dining room. Choose a modern black rug with a subtle hint of pattern to create drama with a touch of elegance. These rugs pair perfectly with ultra-modern furniture that has plenty of simple, angular lines. 

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Complement Your Living Room

An open-plan living/ dining area can often feel disjointed. An effective way of connecting these areas is to choose complementing rugs for your living room and under your dining table.

Using the same rug can often seem like a good idea, but it can leave the room feeling flat and uninteresting. Instead, choose different rugs that have similarities. This could be a shared colour or similar pattern. An easy way of finding rugs that complement each other is to use rugs from a collection. These are often designed to coordinate and will look great together in the same room.

Best rugs for under dining table
Photo by S.Group Official on Unsplash

Choose A Contrasting Colour

To make your dining area stand out, choose a rug that contrasts with the colour of your table and chairs. A black rug under a white table will make the colour of the table pop. These black chairs and pendant lamp look striking against this light cream rug.

Simple rug under dining table
Photo by ONNO on Unsplash

Match your chairs

Alternatively, matching your chairs to your rug can create a cohesive dining room decor. Similar tones of brown can be found within this oriental-style rug to complement these leather chairs perfectly.

Best rugs for under dining table
Photo by Andrea Davis on Unsplash

Hint To The Past With A Mid-Century Style Rug

Add a touch of retro charm to your dining space with a midcentury-style rug under your table. Mid-century style rugs often feature bold colours, geometric patterns or a clean minimalistic style. These rugs are playful in pattern, but their earthy palette keeps them appearing sophisticated.

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