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23 Amazing Dressing Table Ideas For Small Bedrooms

Dressing Table Ideas For Small Bedrooms

Create a vanity area you love with these clever dressing table ideas for small bedrooms.

Your small space shouldn’t stop you from having the dressing table you’ve always wanted. The right dressing table can totally transform your morning routine, helping induce a smooth, stress-free start to your day, something we all dream of.

With 23 of the best, space-saving dressing table ideas for small bedrooms and a handpicked selection of beautiful dressing tables, finding the perfect solution for your tiny space will be that little bit easier.

Dressing Table Ideas For Small Bedrooms

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1. A floating shelf

A floating shelf is a great space-saving idea for small homes. With endless options available it is easy to find the perfect size shelf for your available space. Add a small stool underneath or a foldable chair to create a comfortable spot for applying your morning make-up.

2. A shelf with storage

Take the floating shelf to the next level with a storage shelf. The handy little drawers are a perfect spot for storing hair accessories and make-up, keeping the narrow surface free.

3. Wall-mounted mirrors

When space is at a premium utilising your walls is essential, so free up precious surface space with a wall-mounted mirror with clever hidden storage. Balance out the appearance of hard edges with a round mirror for a super stylish look.

4. Make use of awkward nooks

Say goodbye to a tricky little spot by reinventing it into the perfect dressing area. A small recessed area, a bay window or a spot under a sloping ceiling are all awkward spots that would make ideal locations for a vanity area. If you struggle to find furniture that slides straight in try making your own. Cut down a shelf or revive an offcut of wood with some desk legs and a lick of paint.

5. Small corner desks

Make the most of an under-utilised corner with a small corner desk. These nifty little tables are ideal for small spaces because they take up little floor space. For a clean, airy look opt for a desk that matches the colour of your walls.

6. take advantage of your window

The space under a window is often forgotten about but is an ideal spot for a dressing table because of its proximity to natural light. Place a small dressing table in front of the window or attach a shelf to the wall below the window ledge. You’ll also get the added benefit of utilising the surface space of your windowsill.

7. Make those drawers do more

Turn the top of your chest of drawers into a perfect vanity station with a wall-mounted mirror and some clever storage boxes. For extra storage space and to keep the top of your drawers free of clutter, attach a small shelf with hooks under your mirror.

8. Choose a Tallboy

Maximise a small footprint with a beautifully designed tallboy. With a built-in mirror and storage space for all your essentials, these drawers are practical and space-savvy.

9. multifunctional side tables

Double up the function of your bedside table by turning one into a dressing table. Choose a bedside table that can easily slide a small stool underneath or simple choose a small dressing table that can double as a nightstand. Check out How To Decorate Your Bedside Table for help styling your table to create an irresistible, clutter-free space.

10. utilise your home office desk

If working from home means you’ve had to sacrifice a dressing table in favour of a desk for your PC, don’t threat. Simply place a well-organised trolley under your desk to quickly transform your home office into a great vanity spot.

11. free-standing dressing table

We often assume that furniture like a dressing table must be positioned against a wall, but most desks look fabulous away from them. Make the most of your floor space and place a narrow desk at the end of your bed. Opting for a glass table is a great way of ensuring the piece doesn’t dominate the space.

12. behind closed doors

Hide away your dressing table behind the closed doors of your wardrobe. When rooms are small the space can quickly feel cluttered and messy, so being able to close the doors on a busy surface is a great solution for a small bedroom.

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13. A room divider with purpose

Rethink your small bedroom space and incorporate different zones with the help of a clever room divider. A room divider, such as a free-standing storage unit, is an ingenious way of introducing a dressing table, as well as some handy extra storage into a room lacking space.

14. Small but mighty

Your dream dressing table might not be supersized. A smaller table with considered, practical storage could be the answer to your dressing table prayers. There are lots of smart vanity tables available with built-in, clever storage.

15. a slim table for a narrow space

Small furniture isn’t always the solution for a small room. If your space is narrow, create a sleek and elegant look with a long, slim table. To ensure the dressing table doesn’t dominate your room, choose a table in a similar colour to your walls so that it practically disappears into its surroundings.

16. always on the move

Multi-functional furniture is heaven for anyone squeezed into a small home and a small, moveable table is an ingenious way of introducing a vanity area into a small bedroom. Tuck the table away when it is not being used and pull it out when you need it. If you have no space for a stool use your bed as a comfy alternative.

17. A drop-leaf table

The drop-leaf dining table is a winner in any small space, but don’t let the words dining table deter you from popping one into your bedroom. These nifty little tables make an ideal dressing table in a small bedroom because you can easily tuck away the table to free up valuable floor space.

18. Curve appeal

Why should a dressing table be rectangular? Don’t overwhelm your small space with harsh, angular shapes. Instead indulge in a round dressing table that has bags of style.

19. Storage ladder

We could all benefit from a little more storage, so a dressing table with built-in shelving is a sure winner for small-space living. Choose a storage ladder with a built-in mirror and drawers to keep your surface free from clutter.

20. bring your dressing table to bed

If you are someone that struggles to drag yourself out of bed in the morning then this is the solution for you. A stylish lap dressing table with practical compartments and a built-in mirror will make getting ready on a cold winter’s morning a breeze.

21. Radiator cover

Maximise your bedrooms storage potential by using the space above your radiator that otherwise goes unused. This is a great solution for a minimalist that doesn’t have hundreds of lipsticks to store.

22. The fold-up wall table

A space-savvy mini wall desk is a winning solution if your bedroom is super small. Its shallow size means it will comfortably sit behind a door, in a tight corner or above your bed so you can use your mattress as a comfy seat.

23. A drop-leaf storage desk

The drop-leaf storage desk makes a great dressing table in a small space because of the ample storage it provides. They are easy to fold in and out, so you can quickly hide away any clutter even on a hectic Monday morning.

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