11 Irresistible Entryway Mirror Ideas

Entryway Mirror Ideas

Find the perfect mirror for your hallway with these stylish entryway mirror ideas.

Hallways can be tricky little spots to decorate. Adding style and personality into the entryway can seem impossible when you can hardly fit a shoe rack let alone anything else. So when space is not on your side creating the illusion of more with the help of a mirror is a no-brainer. And as one of the oldest design tricks for creating the appearance of more space and for bouncing light around dark spaces, it’s no wonder why mirrors have become a design staple for a dark, small hallway.

Beautifully stylish and wonderfully functional (for those final appearance checks) these entryway mirror ideas will help you find the perfect solution for all your small hallway needs.

The best Entryway Mirror Ideas

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The best entryway mirror ideas
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1. The statement Mirror

Release your inner boho with this handcrafted bamboo mirror. The beautiful design will look great in isolation or positioned over a console table or shoe cabinet. And at 81cm in diameter, this hallway mirror idea will definitely add personality to your small entranceway.

2. The best small hallway mirror with storage

When searching for entryway mirror ideas for small spaces a multifunctional mirror is a must-have. This compact mirror is just 32cm in width making it perfect for small, awkward walls. With 5 handy hooks for storing jackets and a concealed shelf for small bags and accessories, it is ideal for tiny hallways lacking storage space.

3. The best full-length hallway mirror

Just because your hallway is small doesn’t mean your mirror needs to be. A large, oversized mirror could be the statement accessory your hallway needs to create a luxurious appearance. The arched top of this stylish mirror will help it feel less intrusive in a small space whilst its black metal frame keeps it feeling contemporary. 

4. Keep things simple with An industrial style entryway Mirror

This simple industrial-style mirror is ideal for a small entryway. Its compact size provides plenty of space for checking your reflection before dashing out of the house and a selection of handy hooks provides an easy spot for unloading a jacket and bag when you come home.

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5. Soften your Hallway With a Round Mirror

Hallways can often feel long, cold and uninviting. A great way of softening the appearance of a long entranceway is to opt for a round mirror. This timeless style will suit any hallway and its large size will create a statement. Remember to measure up before purchasing a round hallway mirror as it can be easy to underestimate their size.

6. The Best All-In-One Entryway Mirror

If you love simple yet clever design then this full-length hallway mirror is for you. Concealed behind the mirror are a convenient coat rack, shoe storage and pull-out stool. This mirror is the perfect all-in-one storage solution for a small hallway. Its understated, simple design will help it disappear into its surroundings, keeping your entryway open and spacious.

7. Narrow hallway mirror ideas

The slim design of this entryway mirror idea makes this an ideal choice for narrow entrances. We love its modern design and the handy gold knobs that can be repositioned to suit your hanging preferences.

8. Add Oppulance With A Gold Trimmed Hallway Mirror

Add a touch of elegance to your entryway with this gorgeous, understated mirror. The slim gold trim will make a statement in your hallway by adding a feeling of luxe without being over the top. 

9. Play around with new shapes

If you are looking for something a little extra for your entrance mirror try incorporating an asymmetrical design into your space. The fun shape of this decorative mirror is a welcomed break from the standard angular mirrors we are often used to.

10. Add style With geometrics

With bags of style, this mirror will look like a piece of art on your hallway wall. The geometric style is playful and stylish, and its small shelf and hooks keep every inch of it super functional.

11. Opt For A Mirror Made From Warm Wood

Warm woods are a great way of lifting the appearance of a cold and unwelcoming hallway and this full-length mirror is a perfect way of bringing some of that warm material into your entrance. Its large size gives you plenty of space for checking your reflection and the convenient shelves are ideal for storing shoes and bags.

Where should a mirror be placed in an entryway?

When considering where to place a mirror in an entryway consider where is most functional for you. Somewhere easy to access and at eye level is ideal. A location near a light source will help bounce light around your hallway making it feel bigger and brighter. If your hallway is narrow try placing the mirror at the narrowest spot to help create the illusion of a wider space.

How big should a hallway mirror be?

A hallway is an excellent place for playing around with different scales of mirrors. Large mirrors work particularly well in small entryways as they can provide the appearance of more space whilst making the entrance feel bright and airy. The best way to test the size of a hallway mirror is to mark it out on your wall before purchasing. Tape some paper to your walls the same size as the mirror and leave it there for 24 hours. See how the size looks and feels throughout the day to determine whether you like the size or not.

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