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40 Clever Entryway Shoe Storage Ideas For Small Spaces

Entryway shoe storage ideas for small spaces

Refresh and organise your small entrance with one of these stylish entryway shoe storage ideas.

When you live in a small space it can feel impossible to find storage for all your belongings, let alone your partners or housemates. And among the trickiest areas to tackle is the hallway, which tends to be smaller in size. Juggling everything that must be stored in such a confined space can feel like a never-ending puzzle.  

Shoe storage can pose one of the biggest challenges in a hallway and sometimes a standard shoe rack just won’t cut it. But fear not, because if you’re looking for ingenious shoe storage ideas tailored for small entryways, you’ve come to the right place!

In this article, I will delve into all things shoe storage. From ingeniously slim shoe cabinets to budget-friendly shoe hangers, these 40 entryway shoe storage ideas will help you find the best solution for your small hallway conundrum.

Entryway shoe storage ideas
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Entryway Shoe Storage Ideas For Small Spaces

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1. A Dedicated Shoe Cabinet

Keep your shoes out of sight with a dedicated shoe cabinet. The shallow depth of these shoe cabinets makes them an ideal entryway shoe storage idea for a small space. The top surface can also double up as a convenient spot for popping keys and wallets.

Be mindful that the narrow size of these shoe cabinets means they often do not accommodate heels or boots, so you’ll need an additional shoe storage idea for these.

2. Shoe benches

A place to perch is a must-have in a hallway if you want to put your shoes on without stumbling over. This stylish bench not only provides a good amount of shoe storage but also provides a convenient spot to sit and pop your shoes on.

And why not elevate its appearance by placing a house plant on one side? You’ll still have plenty of space to sit, but you will also have something beautiful to look at when you enter your hallway.

3. Benches with hidden shoe storage

This clever bench with its concealed shoe storage drawer is the perfect multifunctional piece of furniture that all small spaces need. It also boasts a handy little shallow drawer that makes the perfect hiding spot for smaller items such as keys and purses.

4. Hide your shoes away in a shoe cabinet

When you have a small space, it can quickly feel cluttered. That is why closed storage is such a great choice. Hiding visual noise (e.g. shoes) behind closed doors will help keep your hallway looking calm and clutter-free.

When choosing a shoe cabinet, make sure to find one with moveable shelves so that you can customise the space to fit your heels and boots.

5. Look beyond shoe storage

For the best entryway shoe storage for your home, look beyond specifically designed shoe units.

Sideboards and consoles can make perfect additions to a hallway and often provide a more functional piece of furniture over a shoe cabinet. Their large size makes them ideal for storing lots of shoes, bags and other items that accumulate in the hallway.

6. Shallow Shoe Wardrobes

A wardrobe full of shoes may seem a little extravagant but don’t rule it out just because you have a small hallway.

A shallow-depth wardrobe can be the perfect addition to a small entrance and can store much more than just shoes. To make the most of the space, opt for a wardrobe that allows you to purchase extra shelves.

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7. A Hall Tree

If you are looking for stylish renter-friendly hallway storage, look no further than the hall tree. I love a hall tree because it is an easy and affordable way of adding lots of storage into a hallway.

A hall tree is one piece of furniture that usually comprises a shoe rack, hooks for coats and a bench for sitting on whilst putting shoes on. Sometimes there will also be additional shelving at the top.

8. Display your shoes on a vertical shelving unit

This vertical shelving unit is a genius IKEA shoe storage idea. It is super narrow making it ideal for tricky hallways with limited space. Free up floor space and make your entryway feel more spacious by suspending it to the wall.

Top Tip: Display your favourite shoes as if they were a piece of art by adding a wall lamp above your unit. Your shoes will become a feature of your hallway, so you’ll be more inclined to keep them clean and looking their best.

9. Make your own hallway shoe shelf

Alternatively, make your own DIY shoe storage with some MDF and a lick of paint. The perk of making your own shoe shelving is you’ll be able to size it to fit not only the space available in your entryway but also the size of your shoes.

Cheap hallway shoe storage ideas for small spaces

10. The humble shoe rack

Sometimes, the simplest solutions are the best! You may be surprised that many small shoe racks can store just as many shoes as a shoe cabinet three times its size and price.

11. Hanging shoe organisers

For a budget-friendly shoe organising idea, look no further than the hanging shoe organiser.

This super easy entryway shoe storage idea can be hung on a hook to utilise an empty wall or placed on the back of a door. It is an excellent solution for renters who don’t want the hassle of any potential wall damage.

12. Back-of-door shoe organiser

This over-door shoe organiser is specifically designed to hang on the back of a door and contains ten tiers, providing ample space for shoe storage. It makes a perfect solution for a closet to utilise the space on the back of the door.

13. Space-saving shoe risers

Shoe risers are a game changer when it comes to maximising shoe storage in a small space. They are an affordable way of doubling the storage capacity of your shoe rack or shoe cupboard.

14. Store flats, sandals & flip-flops in boxes

When thinking of shoe storage ideas for small spaces, it can be easy to forget this simple yet practical storage idea. Stacking your flat shoes vertically in an inexpensive box can conveniently store multiple pairs of shoes in a small space. 

15. Transparent shoe boxes

Keep your shoe collection organised with stackable transparent shoe boxes. You can easily grow your storage as your shoe collection expands by purchasing more boxes.

Not only are they super affordable, but they are also ideal for protecting your shoes from dust which will help keep them looking newer for longer.

16. The clever Shoe slot organiser

This stackable shoe slot organiser is a game-changer for awkward spaces. The sections easily slot together and can be configured exactly how you want it, so you can make it fit just about any awkward nook in your hallway.

17. Canvas shoe wardrobe

This fabric shoe wardrobe is a budget-friendly functional shoe storage that is lightweight and easy to move. The 9-layer shoe rack will hold approximately 45 pairs of shoes, making it an ideal choice for those with a large shoe collection.

18. Mirrored Shoe cabinet

Mirrors are a great way of making small, narrow hallways feel bigger, which is why this smart mirrored shoe cabinet is ideal for a tiny entrance.

19. Vertical tiered shoe rack

With ten mini shelves, this vertical shoe rack is ideal for small entryways lacking floor space. Place it in a corner, behind a door or even in a cupboard for an easy way to keep your shoes organised.

20. A convenient boot rack

Keep your hallway floor free of mud with this simple boot rack. Boots and shoes are conveniently hung upside down allowing them to dry without causing muddy puddles on the floor.

21. entryway Shoe pegs

Just like a boot rack, these simple boot pegs keep your muddy soles from touching the floor, making it much easier to keep your hallway clean and tidy.

22. Wall-mounted shoe racks

Utilising the space on your wall is often essential when floor space is limited. This small shoe rack is wall-mounted, so your floor will be free, helping the space feel more spacious and open.

23. Floor-to-ceiling shelving

With this floor-to-ceiling shelving, you can utilise all your small space. The angled shelves give a clear overview of your shoe collection, making it easy to grab your favourite pair.

Since you attach this unit to the floor and ceiling, you can use it practically anywhere, not just against a wall. It works wonders as a room divider. 

24. Stylish shoe ladders

Keep your shoes off the floor with this unique entryway shoe storage idea. The vertical design makes it ideal for small spaces, and the simple rungs make it easy to slide shoes in and out. Add a couple of hooks to the rungs for a convenient place to hang bags and umbrellas.

25. Wall-mounted shoe slot

This affordable shoe rack is perfect for anyone looking for a hassle-free storage solution for just a few pairs of shoes. Its adhesive backing makes it incredibly easy to install on both walls and furniture.

26. The rolling shoe rack

Rolling shoe racks are typically designed to fit into compact spaces, making them a practical choice for a small apartment hallway or closet. The wheels make them easy to roll out to quickly access shoes with minimal effect.

27. Shoe Cubbies

Create a streamlined entrance with this stylish shoe storage. The little cubbies will help you keep your shoes organised and tidy, whilst the sturdy top provides a convenient spot for decorative accessories.

28. Entryway shoe locker

Add instant character to your entryway with this stylish retro locker. Not only does it boast five shelves for shoe storage, but it also has hanging space for jackets and coats.

29. Combine your hallway mirror & shoe shelf

When space is limited, multifunctional furniture is ideal, like this mirror and shoe shelf combination. The shelves have just enough space to store your favourite shoes, whilst the mirror is big enough for final outfit inspections.

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30. A flexible entryway shoe organiser

The separate compartments of this unique shoe storage idea make it perfect for small, awkward hallways. The compartments can be combined into a formation that suits your space, and extra units can be purchased if needed. The bottom row has been conveniently designed to fit taller shoes such as boots and heels.

31. Store your shoes in a country-style trunk

If classic country is your style, you will love this charming boots and shoes trunk. The hinged top opens to reveal a generous storage space for tall boots or wellies. The trunk is surprisingly shallow, making it a perfect choice for narrow hallways.

32. Country-style entryway bench

If you are looking for something bigger than a trunk, but that still boasts plenty of charming country appeal, look no further than this beautiful dove grey bench. The hinged top opens to provide an ample amount of storage space for both shoes and bags. Combine it with some shoe rises to maximise the space.

33. Rotating Shoe storage

This genius entryway storage idea is perfect for small entrances or closets. It takes up minimal space whilst storing a generous 48 pairs of shoes. The rotating tiers make accessing your shoes easy and convenient.

34. Affordable Shoe Holders

Minimise the storage space your shoes need with these super affordable shoe holders. Perfect for flat shoes and sandals, this simple shoe holder is an ideal size to pop onto a shoe rack or into a closet.

How to store shoes when you don’t have a hallway?

In smaller homes or apartments, maximising every square metre matters, which can often mean hallways are left out of the design in favour of larger rooms.

When you don’t have an entryway, finding creative ways to store your shoes is essential. These are some of the best ways to store your shoes in a home that doesn’t have a hallway.

35. Under-bed/under-sofa shoe storage

Keep your shoes tidy and organised with a shallow box designed for shoe storage. This under-bed organiser has individual compartments perfect for fitting pairs of shoes. The convenient handles make accessing the organiser easy and convenient.

And if you want to keep your shoes near your front door, why not place this shallow shoe storage under your sofa? 

36. Shoe ottoman

Multifunctional furniture is a small home must-have, and this stylish ottoman is just that. Use the interior to store and organise your shoes, whilst the exterior is used as a comfy spot for sitting whilst lacing up shoes or an everyday pouffe in your living room.

37. Decorative Baskets

Place shoes inside decorative baskets or woven bins, which can be stacked or placed under furniture, for a simple yet stylish shoe storage idea.

38. Hanging wardrobe shoe organiser

Utilise the vertical space in your closet with a hanging shoe organiser. This narrow size of these organisers means they use limited space but hold a reasonable quantity of shoes, making them ideal for small wardrobes or closets.

39. A boot tray

If you are storing your shoes at the bottom of a closet or wardrobe, consider placing a boot tray underneath. It will collect dust and dirt, protecting your floor or wardrobe from nasty marks and damage. Plus, they are easy to remove and clean.

40. Pull-out Shoe Rack For A Wardrobe

Store your shoes in your wardrobe or closet with this practical pull-out shoe rack. Its flexible design means the shelves can be positioned horizontally or at a 45-degree angle, making it shallower and better suited to a small space.

Top Tips For Buying Entryway Shoe Storage

It has always been crucial to measure furniture before making a purchase, but this becomes even more significant when hunting for hallway shoe storage.

Many shoe cabinets may appear perfectly suited. They might seem spacious and generously designed to hold plenty of shoes. However, don’t be deceived! Shoes tend to occupy more space than you might think. Therefore, it’s essential to measure the length and width of your shoes to determine how many pairs the cabinet can accommodate before you commit to buying it.

During my search for shoe storage for my own small hallway, I couldn’t believe how numerous large cabinets failed to fit men’s size shoes or bulky trainers.

Also, keep in mind when shopping online, that product images may feature small-sized shoes, which could lead to a significant difference in the number of shoes the same storage can hold within your own home.

Entryway shoe storage ideas
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