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13 Unique & Creative Gallery Wall Ideas

Gallery wall ideas

Revitalise boring wall decor with one of these imaginative gallery wall ideas.

A well-curated gallery wall can be transformative to a space, so it is no wonder why they are popular amongst Interior Designers. These carefully arranged clusters of artwork not only command attention as a focal point within a room but also serve as a canvas for personal expression and creativity.

Whether you’re a minimalist who gravitates towards clean lines and symmetry or an eclectic soul drawn to vibrant chaos, there’s a gallery wall style perfectly suited to your taste. 

In this post, I share some of my favourite gallery wall ideas as well as some top tips I have learnt while designing and installing numerous gallery walls as an Interior Designer.

Gallery wall ideas
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Creative Gallery Wall Ideas

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go big & bold

Unleash your creativity and create a gallery wall that is bold and impactful. This striking collage leaves no inch of the wall untouched, and I love the outcome! The incorporation of neon pops throughout adds a playful dimension while infusing the space with colour.

Top tip: Creating a large gallery wall can be intimidating. Ease into the process by arranging a mock composition on your floor using scrap paper. Once satisfied with the layout, transfer it onto your wall using tape to envision the final result. Tweak the arrangement until you are happy with the layout.

Bold gallery wall ideas
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Showcase your favourite memories

A photo gallery wall is a perfect way of displaying your treasured memories. Opt for a consistent element throughout to maintain visual harmony amidst the array of photos. This could be matching frames, different frames unified by the same colour, or selecting pictures that harmonise in terms of colour scheme. 

Top tip: Over time, you might find yourself overlooking your photo gallery wall as it becomes a familiar fixture within your space. Combat this by occasionally refreshing your display with new prints.

Photo wall ideas
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Spread out your gallery wall

Utilise the full expanse of your wall by spreading out your gallery display. A key point to remember is that a large gallery wall doesn’t need to fill every inch of space with frames. Incorporating generous gaps within the arrangement helps prevent the display from feeling overwhelmed.

Take inspiration from this room that incorporates an eclectic mix of frames in diverse shapes that mirror the textures and patterns within the space.

Gallery wall ideas for a living room
Photo by Taylor Heery on Unsplash

Display your gallery wall on picture ledges

For an effortless yet stylish gallery wall, opt for picture ledges. These versatile shelves not only offer a sleek, modern aesthetic but also allow for easy frame rearrangement.

Picture ledges are one of my go-to solutions in interior design projects. Their adaptability extends beyond displaying pictures, making them a great alternative to traditional shelves.

Gallery wall on picture ledge
Photo by Bryony Elena on Unsplash

Elevate with oversized frames

Create a striking wall gallery above your sofa by displaying beautiful prints in oversized frames. Choose simple frames to let the artwork take centre stage, and select prints that harmonise with the room’s colour palette for a cohesive look.

Top tip: When installing your gallery wall, make the process seamless by utilising masking tape. By lightly applying tape along the wall and using a spirit level to draw straight lines, you can ensure precise frame placement. Marking the positions of your frames on the tape allows for easy nail or screw insertion. Once complete, simply remove the tape to reveal a clean, mark-free wall surface.

Simple gallery wall ideas
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Simplify your gallery wall

You don’t need an abundance of frames for a captivating gallery wall. This pared-down picture wall display strikes a perfect balance, blending seamlessly with the clean and minimalistic vibe of the space. Choosing warmer-toned frames was a savvy move since they prevent the lighter prints from fading into the white walls.

Living room gallery wall design
Photo by Minh Pham on Unsplash

Use frames for harmony

Strategically place frames onto empty walls to help balance the appearance of larger pieces of furniture. This simple collage above the pink velvet armchair creates an effortlessly chic corner, harmonising with the nearby bookcase.

Gallery wall design
Photo by Lauren Haden on Unsplash

Liven up neglected corners

Even overlooked corners can become an artful gallery wall. This gallery wall idea elegantly connects the space between the low furniture and the high ceiling in this beautiful apartment. Dark mood tones echo the furniture and flooring, guiding the gaze upward and away from the floor.

Wall gallery ideas
Photo by Beazy on Unsplash

Embrace asymmetry

Infuse energy into a blank white wall with an asymmetrical arrangement. Instead of centring above furniture, position your gallery wall to one side for a fresh and engaging look.

Asymmetric gallery wall
Photo by Spacejoy on Unsplash

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Mix in other decorative pieces

Add a new dimension to your wall decor by incorporating other objects into your gallery wall. Display your favourite antique plates, and cute wall decor pieces, or simply layer in empty frames for an artful and creative gallery wall idea.

Unique gallery wall idea
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Cohesive simplicity

Opt for uniform frame sizes and complementary prints for a bold yet unified display. Geometric prints can look extra striking when positioned in a simple composition on a plain wall.

This understated arrangement looks chic and is the perfect backdrop for a bold, stylish couch.

Gallery wall ideas

Add a new dimension with mirrors

Introduce rustic-style mirrors into your gallery wall for added depth and intrigue. Matching the frames and artwork, these mirrors seamlessly blend into the composition while introducing a captivating twist to the standard gallery wall idea.

Gallery wall ideas

What To Put In Your Frames?

Need help deciding what to showcase in your frames? Geometric prints, captivating photography, and nature-inspired artwork are among my top picks for filling a gallery wall. Websites like Etsy and Decenio are my go-to for affordable prints that allow you to refresh your artwork without breaking the bank.

Box frames are a creative way of displaying cherished objects. Transform your favourite photographs by pairing them with collected treasures. Whether it’s showcasing seashells from a memorable trip or displaying tickets accumulated along the way, box frames offer a unique dimension to your wall decor.

Or elevate your gallery wall with a touch of botanical charm by incorporating dried flowers into vintage frames. This unique addition will infuse your space with vibrant hues, creating a captivating, nature-inspired display.

What to put in your frames for a gallery wall
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