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21 Spooky Halloween Kitchen Decor Ideas

Halloween Kitchen Decor Ideas

Give your kitchen a frightful makeover with these clever Halloween kitchen decor ideas.

With Halloween just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to give your home a scary makeover. Whether you are planning a party, going trick-or-treating or planning a spine-chilling night in with some scary movies, your kitchen will make a perfect spot for some eerie decorations.

No matter your budget these 21 Halloween kitchen decor ideas will help you unleash your festive spirit and capture the fun, ominous side of Halloween.

Halloween kitchen decor ideas

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1. Create your own Halloween apothecary with creepy bottles

Spruce up your kitchen shelf decor with these eerie-looking bottles. Add your own creepy labels to capture the vintage apothecary style.

When Halloween is over simply peel the labels off and you’ll have some festive bottles in time for Christmas. Perfect for storing juices, cocktails or oils.

Halloween kitchen decor ideas
Decorate for Halloween with bottles & jars

2. give your kitchen jars a Halloween makeover

If you have some jars hidden away in a kitchen cupboard why not give them a festive makeover? Drip black paint onto the exterior of the glass, wrap them in black paper or add some sinister labels. These brown jars are a perfect colour for autumn and will look great in your kitchen after Halloween.

Halloween kitchen decor ideas
Create vintage Halloween decor with these eerie jars

3. Halloween-inspired kitchen textiles

Switch out your kitchen textiles for some playful Halloween-themed tea towels. For a more classic look opt for block-coloured textiles in deep shades of oranges or black.

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4. Diy Halloween centrepieces

Make a statement in your kitchen with a bold DIY Halloween centrepiece. This striking bouquet looks stylishly sinister and makes a great kitchen table centrepiece.

Choose some black faux foliage or paint some with black stray paint. Finish the bouquet off with a pop of colour by adding some blood-red flowers.

DIY halloween centrepieces
Create a DIY Halloween centrepiece for your kitchen table or worktop

5. A punch bowl with a twist

A themed punch bowl is a Halloween party must-have. Amplify its impact by filling it with a mysterious coloured punch and some creepy crawly sweets.

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6. looking for a tasty treat? you won’t find it here

Shock your friends by placing this sinister-looking fruit bowl on your kitchen worktop. The faux fruit makes a perfect Halloween prop. Carve a small section out of each piece and paint it black. Then add some creepy crawlies and cobwebs to up the spook factor.

DIY haunted house props
This fruit bowl is a spooky home decor treat

7. Switch out your tableware

Switch your tableware to some in a darker colour to complement your Halloween decor.

These reddish-brown serving plates have an autumn vibe that will look great on your table throughout the season. The timeless, classic style means you’ll be bringing these out every autumn for many years to come.

DIY haunted house props
Choose tableware that complements your Halloween kitchen decor

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8. A kitchen full of cobwebs & creepy crawlies

Any Halloween decor wouldn’t be complete without some faux cobwebs and spiders. Go big with your cobwebs in a few areas for an impactful look.

Spooky house decor
Cobwebs & spiders are a spooky home decor idea we love

9. FRIGHTEN YOUR GUESTS with some Creepy pictures

For a simple yet chilling Halloween kitchen decor idea swap your usual pictures for a creepy alternative. This is a super easy Halloween idea that will send a shiver down your spine every time you enter your kitchen.

Spooky home decor ideas
Some frightful images are a great vintage Halloween decor idea

10. rethink your kitchen table decor

Create a haunted mansion vibe by giving your kitchen table a Halloween-inspired makeover. Swap your textiles for something dark and opulent and add your DIY Halloween centrepiece and plenty of candles.

Can’t find a tablecloth that is just right? Look out for a faux fur rug like the one below. I know, a table isn’t your usual spot for a rug but it definitely makes a statement. Just ensure it is machine washable for when the inevitable spills happen.

Halloween kitchen decor ideas
Create a haunted mansion vibe with a dark and opulent table

11. decorate your kitchen with pumpkins

Any list of Halloween kitchen decor ideas wouldn’t be complete without a pumpkin or two. Style a cluster of decorative pumpkins on your worktop for a classic festive look.

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12. the kitchen shelf of horrors

There is something eerie about black, antique birdcages, especially when filled with eyeballs. Create this smart DIY Halloween decor idea with a thrift shop birdcage, a cluster of old lightbulbs and some paint.

Halloween kitchen decor ideas
Create your own easy DIY haunted house prop

13. A trick-or-treat corner

Halloween wouldn’t be complete without a bowl of tasty treats. Create a fun trick-or-treat corner in your kitchen and fill it with your favourite snacks.

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14. a frightful image

Get crafty and create your own spooky frame. Combine a creepy mask, old frame, mirror and the biggest fake spider you can find for a fun addition to your kitchen shelf decor.

DIY Halloween decor ideas
Decorate for Halloween with this creepy 3D frame

15. Gloomy lighting

Kitchen lighting is often very bright which can diminish the scare appeal of your Halloween kitchen decor. Therefore don’t forget to incorporate some gloomy lighting into your festive decor to ensure your kitchen remains frightful.

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16. domes filled with horrors

Amplify the fear factor of your Halloween kitchen decor by filling domes with frightful creatures. For a more vintage Halloween decor try spray painting a dusting of black paint onto the glass.

Spooky home decor ideas
Fill your shelves with nightmarish domes

17. candles & lanterns

Cast a warm yet spooky glow over your kitchen with some candles. For the greatest impact place some candles in lanterns and combine candles of various sizes.

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18. a cake no one will want to eat

Rethink your baking and whip up some desserts your guests will be dying to try. If you’d rather not bake try creating a sinister faux cake like the one below using paper-mâché, paint, a ping-pong ball and lots of cobwebs.

Spooky house decor
A Halloween dessert you’ll be dying to try

cheap Spooky home decor ideas

19. paper bats

Sometimes the best ideas are the simplest. For a cheap Halloween decoration idea grab yourself some black paper and scissors. These simple bats are easy to create and have a big impact when displayed as a cluster on your walls.

Spooky house decor
Create a feature in your kitchen with these simple paper bats

20. draped fabric

Create a big impact with little investment of time or money by drapping net fabric around your kitchen. Drape it from your lights, around your window or use it as a tablecloth. For the greatest effect tear the fabric and flick red or black paint through it.

DIY Halloween decor ideas
Drape netted fabric for a cheap and easy spooky home decor idea

21. a ghostly figure

Add some ghostly figures into your kitchen with this fun yet cheap Halloween idea. Grab an inexpensive paper lampshade and have fun painting haunting faces onto them. Once they have dried, drape some netted fabric over them to complete the look.

Cheap spooky home decor ideas
Have some fun creating this easy DIY Halloween idea

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