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The Best Housewarming Gift Ideas For A Couple

Housewarming Gift Ideas For A Couple

Find a housewarming gift they will love with this new home gift guide for couples.

Moving into a new home is a big milestone for couples and what better way to show your support and congratulations than gifting a thoughtful present? But finding a housewarming gift for a couple that they both love (and want to keep) can be challenging, especially when you need to consider two different styles and tastes.

But fear not, this list of housewarming gift ideas for a couple has got you covered. No matter what your budget this new home gift list will help you find a present they truly love.

Housewarming Gift Ideas For A Couple

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Housewarming Gift Ideas For A Couple

1. Essential Oil Diffuser | 2. Wire Storage Basket | 3. Roberts Radio | 4. Wine Gift Bag | 5. Smart Kettle | 6. Aloe Vera House Plant | 7. Personalised Cheese Board | 8. Let’s Get Lost Hardback Book | 9. Cocktail Shaker Set | 10. Espresso Coffee Machine

1. A new home boost

Boost your favourite couple’s mood and help relieve moving-day stress with an essential oil diffuser. A diffuser is a great budget-friendly housewarming gift idea you may not have considered. The simple design means they suit virtually any style, ideal if you cannot pinpoint the couple’s design taste. Plus, the couple can choose the oils to suit their scent preference.

2. A housewarming hamper

Sometimes the best gift is the simplest. Filling a basket with essentials is a great first-home gift idea because it is something your favourite duo will use.

Choose a theme for your basket and fill it with items based on that theme. Food is always a great choice. Focus on food items that will make their moving day a little bit easier such as snacks, instant coffee and a bottle of wine for when all the heavy lifting is done.

Alternatively, a basket filled with cleaning supplies is a good option and will be super handy for the moving-in day. To ensure the gift looks stylish (and not like you’ve just popped into your local corner shop) decant products into attractive bottles like these.

3. Unique housewarming gifts for couples

A Roberts Radio is a design staple that any couple will love (who doesn’t love music). And the best news is it comes in lots of different colours so you’ll be able to find one that suits their style.

4. cheap housewarming gift ideas

There is nothing quite like relaxing with a glass of wine after a long day of shifting boxes. So if you are looking for a cheap housewarming gift idea this is a present you know will be a winner. To add a more personalised touch pop it into one of these attractive wine gift bags.

5. New home gift ideas for tech lovers

A smart kettle will be an instant hit for a tech-loving, time-conscious couple. Their mornings will be that little bit easier with a kettle that can be remotely boiled from the comfort of their bed.

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6. Home decor gifts for couples

No new home is complete without a house plant or two, so a plant in a stylish pot will make the best housewarming gift. Treat the couple to an easy maintenance plant like an Aloe Vera to ensure it lives to see the last cardboard box get unpacked.

7. personalised housewarming gift ideas

There’s nothing quite like receiving a gift personalised for you. When searching for a personalised gift for the new homeowners consider a gift the couple can make good use of. A cheese board is a great choice for cheese lovers and will help ensure you get an invite to the couple’s first dinner party in their new home.

8. gift ideas for explorers

For adventurous friends treat them to a gift they’ll love with this beautiful travel hardback book. Even if they aren’t quite ready for their next adventure this book will make a great statement on their coffee table and will be an instant conversation starter.

9. The best housewarming gift for the kitchen

This Boston cocktail set will be a great addition to any kitchen. Its sleek and stylish look will suit any design taste and will make a statement in the couple’s new kitchen.

10. The ultimate new home gift idea

Every busy couple needs a luxury coffee machine, but with so many new purchases to make for their new home a coffee machine is probably low on the couple’s essentials list. So why not indulge them with a great cup of coffee from their very own mini coffee bar?

Coffee machines vary in price drastically. This Bonsenkitchen is super affordable and a great starter machine for new homeowners.

What to buy a couple who has everything?

Knowing what to buy a couple who has everything can be challenging. Think of items the couple wouldn’t usually buy themselves. A luxury food hamper, indulgent spa kit or even a fun board game are great ideas.

Alternatively, an experience the couple can share makes for an ideal present. Cooking classes, distillery tours, spa days or an experience voucher where the couple can choose their activity make great gifts.

How much do you spend on a housewarming gift?

How much you should spend on a housewarming gift depends on your financial means and how well you know the couple. If you are worried about not spending enough try focusing on finding a gift that has a meaningful story. This could be something that reminds you of a special memory you all share or a frame of your favourite picture together. If the gift has a special meaning, the couple will appreciate the gesture and not the price tag.

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