How To Create A Cosy Reading Corner

Cosy Reading Corner Ideas

Create a relaxing spot to unwind with these cosy reading corner ideas.

If you’re an avid reader you’ve probably spent some time daydreaming about curling up in a cosy reading nook of your own. And even if you aren’t a bookworm you’ve likely still seen an irresistibly cosy corner that you’d love to have in your own home.

Having a little nook dedicated to all things relaxing is a great way of prioritising ‘me time’. So whether you love getting lost in a good book or prefer unwinding with a cup of coffee these cosy reading corner ideas will help you create the perfect spot for doing just that.

Cosy Reading Corner Ideas

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Choose a Cosy Reading Nook Chair

No cosy reading corner would be complete without a comfortable armchair. It is a reading nook essential so make sure you find one that is super comfy so that you can spend hours getting lost in your favourite book.

The key to finding the right reading nook chair is to prioritise comfort over everything else. Of course, style matters but you’ll want it to look and feel great. Armchairs with high backs are perfect for providing plenty of support and chairs with wide seats are ideal for sitting in for a prolonged period.

Set The Mood WIth lighting

Natural light is perfect for reading so placing your cosy reading corning next to a window is ideal. But if you don’t have the pleasure of lots of natural light pouring through your windows a reading light is a must-have to help avoid eyestrain.

Lighting is the easier and most overlooked way of creating a cosy atmosphere. A reading light is great for functionality but can be quite harsh when used on its own. So try pairing it with a mood light to soften its appearance and create a more serene space. A reading light that doubles as a mood light like the one below is a great space-saving choice.

Get Cosy With textiles

Plump pillows and soft throws are a great way of adding some cosy tactility to your reading corner. And why stop there? Try incorporating a sheepskin rug to add extra warmth and snug appeal to your nook. They are a great way of protecting your armchair from any coffee spills especially if your armchair doesn’t have removable covers.

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Add Some Stylish Book Storage

If you love to get lost browsing your collection of books remember to incorporate some book storage into your cosy reading corner. That way when your attention drifts from your current book you’ll always have something lovely to gaze at.

Whether you choose a full-size bookcase or simply a small basket for your current reads, a few books are essential for a reading nook aesthetic.

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Don’t forget a Side table

Unwinding with a good book is great but unwinding with a good book and a cup of coffee is even better. When planning your cosy reading area don’t forget to incorporate some form of a table. This is essential as you’ll need somewhere to pop down your mug of coffee or other reading necessities.

Cosy Reading Corner Ideas
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Finishing touches

Before you sink into your cosy new reading corner you’ll want to add a few decorative accessories to bring your design to life. Consider using items that make you feel calm and relaxed. This could be a collection of candles, a mood boasting diffuser or your own jungle of house plants. And don’t forget to dedicate a little space for your fury companion.

Cosy Reading Corner Ideas
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