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How To Decorate Your Bedside Table – 17 Super Easy Expert Tips

How to decorate a bedside table

Create the bedroom of your dreams with these simple bedside table styling tips.

If you have ever wondered how to decorate a bedside table you are not alone. Bedside tables are tricky little spots to style and often become cluttered areas that just keep accumulating mess.

But fear not, these 17 simple tips will help you learn how to decorate a bedside table to create an irresistible, clutter-free space without spending a fortune.

How to decorate a bedside table

1. Make a plan

How to decorate a bedside table

A beautifully styled bedside table that looks like it has come straight from the cover of Elle Decor takes some time and planning. But this doesn’t need to be a long process.

You’ll need an idea of your ideal style (get Pinterest scrolling), composition (we’ll cover this later), and functional needs (what do you use your bedside table for). Once you have these points figured out you’ll be ready to go.

2. Choose your table

Before you can decorate a picture-perfect bedroom you’ll need to find the table. When you are considering how to choose a bedside table start by reviewing the space you have available. For maximum impact opt for a table that fills the space.

Think about what functions you need your bedside table to fulfil, such as your storage needs, to help guide your choice.

Get to know the height of your mattress as this will help you answer the question of how tall should my bedside table be when you are searching for the perfect piece of furniture. A bedside table should be roughly the same height as your mattress or slightly lower to ensure it is comfortable to reach the surface whilst lying in bed.

Top Tip: Look beyond the bedside table categories when shopping for your perfect table. Explore side tables, stools, shelving and even chairs to find the perfect bedside table for your space.

What to Put on a bedside table

3. Bedside lighting

How to decorate a bedside table

Lighting is an ideal place to start when deciding what to put on a bedside table. Consider what type of lighting you need by determining what you do in the area. If you unwind with a relaxing camomile tea and eye mask before bed, then a mood light will be ideal, whereas if you often use the space to read your favourite novel a task light will be the best solution.

The lighting at your bedside doesn’t have to sit on the table. Opt for a wall-mounted light if you are short on space or use a pendant light for a hotel chic appearance.

4. hide away your tech

For a bedroom that looks perfectly curated hide away unattractive chargers and cables. Store away your cables in a drawer close by or look for pieces of furniture that incorporate wireless charging ports. Ensure necessary wires, like the one for your bedside light, are discreetly tucked behind furniture or tidily cable managed.

5. add your favourite prints

What to put on a bedside table

Instantly add personality and character to your bedside table with your favourite framed prints. Hang a frame above your bedside table, lean it against the wall or opt for a frame with a stand, the choice is yours and depends on your style preference.

6. plants & flowers

Breathe life into the styling of your bedside table with a plant or flower arrangement. When choosing a plant consider one that will boost your well-being, like a Peace Lily or Aloe. Plants will help improve your air quality by removing certain harmful chemicals from the air, which can help you get a better night’s sleep.

7. books with beautiful covers

What to put on a bedside table

If books are a permanent feature on your bedside table incorporate them into your styling. Use them as a platform to add height to smaller items or prop them up between your favourite decor accessories. Alternatively, style your to-be-read pile of books in a beautiful woven basket next to your bedside table.

If books are scarce in your home treat yourself to some beautiful coffee table books with gorgeous spines. A small stack of books will add depth to your bedside table styling making it more interesting to look at.

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8. the perfect scent

Smell is a powerful sense that is extremely important in our homes but is often overlooked. The right scent can drastically improve our environment, so don’t forget to incorporate a lightly scented candle or diffuser onto your bedside table to help promote tranquillity and calm in your sleeping zone. They also double as a great-looking accessory.

9. trinket bowls

What to put on a bedside table

Trinket bowls make perfect accessories on a bedside table because they double as handy little spots to unload hair bands, jewellery and other small bits that we often need to remove before bed. For an extra sleek look opt for a small box with a lid to hide the contents away.

10. decorative pieces

A bedside table is a perfect site for some of the decorative accessories you have collected over the years. Whether that is a small figurine you picked up in Spain, a sea shell from your favourite beach or a vase you brought from a local store, your bedside table is a great spot to display it.

How to dress a bedside table

11. styling with symmetry

Styling your bedside tables symmetrically is an impactful way of framing your bed and creating balance and harmony in your bedroom. For maximum impact keep your key pieces, such as lighting and larger accessories the same but change one or two smaller details.

12. asymmetrical styling

Bedside tables styled asymmetrically look striking if done right. They should complement each other, rather than clash. Choosing an object, material or colour to replicate on both sides of your bed will help create a cohesive look. This could be the same table lamp, a similar plant on both sides or an accessory in the same material such as birch.

13. layer heights

How to dress a bedside table

Layering items is a great way of creating visually striking decor as it will add interest to your styling and make it appear more considered. Try using books, magazines or boxes to add height to help elevate and highlight smaller items or use a tray, placemat or wooden board to add a layer of texture and depth to your bedside table styling.

14. keep it consistent

When styling your bedside tables consider the style of the rest of your bedroom. Pick out colours and materials that are present in the rest of your space to keep a consistent design.

Top Tip: Take a picture of your bedroom on your smartphone and use this to analyse your room. It is easier to see the whole space through a photograph and therefore see if the space appears consistent and balanced.

15. the perfect triangle

How to dress a bedside table with the perfect triangle

The simplest trick for creating a beautifully styled bedside table is to think triangle. Creating the formation of a triangle with your accessories will generate a composition that the eye can comfortably travel around. That triangle can take any formation as long as it has a peak for the eye to travel up to.

16. contrasting textures

To avoid your bedside table looking flat and lifeless mix in a little contrast. Choosing one or two accessories that contrast in texture or colour will help elevate your bedside table decoration. If your accessories are all white or grey try adding a little rattan or a vibrant green plant.

17. simplicity is key

How to dress a bedside table with simplicity

A clean, uncluttered space is the best way to create a perfectly styled bedside table. Clean lines with simple accessorising will provide you with a great base that can easily be restyled to suit the seasons or our ever-changing style preferences.

bonus tip:

what to put in bedside table drawers

Often our bedside storage becomes an overflow spot for our wardrobe, but even if this is true for you try to keep one drawer free for the essentials.

Keeping a drawer free for all the items that usually clutter the surface of your bedside table is a great way of maintaining a picture-perfect space. Invest in interior organisers to help sustain an organised drawer and to help you find what you are looking for quickly.

Items to put in a bedside table drawer:

  1. The book you are currently reading
  2. Reading glasses
  3. A sleep mask
  4. A container for hair bands & jewellery
  5. Tissues
  6. TV remote
  7. Lotion
  8. Lip balm
  9. Medication
  10. Phone charger

This list won’t be perfect for everyone. The key to keeping your bedside table perfectly styled is to create a personal list of everything that might find its way onto your bedside table and secure space for it in your drawer.

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