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How To Decorate A Round Coffee Table – 27 Smart Ideas

How to decorate a round coffee table

Create an effortlessly chic coffee table with these quick and easy styling tips.

A round coffee table is a great addition to a living room. The soft curves are often a welcome break from the harsh line of their square counterpart making them a popular choice. But their round shape can make them tricky to decorate. And with most coffee tables sitting in the centre of our spaces getting our round coffee table décor just right can seem essential for getting that picture-perfect living room.

These 27 easy tips break down exactly how to decorate a round coffee table to create a showstopping focal point.

How to decorate a round coffee table

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1. Think about the overview

For a cohesive look try to reflect the style and feel of your home’s overall aesthetic in your coffee table’s styling. If your living room is simple and classic choose pieces that reflect this.

2. Add a Focal point to your round coffee table

When styling your round coffee table you’ll want to create a focal point. That is the spot your eye naturally gravitates towards. Something that is larger in size compared to the other items on the table will make a great focal point.

How to decorate a round coffee table
Photo by Anh Lam on Unsplash

3. Create Height with vases

Working with different heights is a great way of ensuring your décor doesn’t appear flat and boring whilst also creating a composition that the eye can comfortably travel around. Vases are a great way of adding height to your round coffee table styling.

4. Or add height with candle sticks

Candlesticks or pillar candles are another smart way of adding height to your round coffee table styling. Choose ones in varying heights to create interest and depth.

Coffee table decorative accents

5. dried flowers will add texture

Texture will add a new dimension to your coffee table so try adding some dried flowers to your vase for some attractive winter décor. If you’d prefer not to change decorative pieces each season Pampas Grass is a great choice as it looks good all year round.

6. Decorate your round coffee table with a house plant or two

House plants are always a great addition to any décor and will make an ideal focal point on your coffee table. Complement it with a stylish plant pot for a winning statement piece.

7. How to decorate a coffee table with books

Another great way of adding an extra dimension to your coffee table styling is to layer in some coffee table books. Layering items like books will add an extra texture to your styling whilst also providing a base to elevate smaller objects. Hardback books that are thicker in depth work best. Try to find books that you’ll love to flick through and that have beautiful spines that complement your décor.

How to decorate a coffee table with books
Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

8. layer in smaller accessories

Once you have your focal point nailed you can begin to add smaller decorative items to your coffee table. These smaller items will help your composition flow and make your focal point pop.

9. make your coffee table decor personal

Elevate your coffee table décor with one or two personal items. Your home décor should represent your personality so wake up your design with some playful accessories or items with sentimental value.

10. bring it together with an anchor

When styling large surfaces like a round coffee table small decorative pieces benefit from an item that anchors them to their surroundings. A round placemat makes a great base layer for smaller pieces to sit on as it will mirror the shape of your round table.

How to decorate a round coffee table

11. Consider a tray

Alternatively, try housing your smaller accessories on a tray. Trays are ideal on coffee tables because they make it easy to clean and clear the surface of your table. Use a tray in a different colour and finish to your table to add extra texture to your styling.

12. leave some space on your coffee table

Don’t forget to leave some functional free space on your coffee table. You’ll want somewhere to pop down that glass of wine and bowl of snacks.

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13. Add a bowl for storage

The key to maintaining a well-styled table is to prepare for the worse. Nothing remains clutter-free so prepare for the inevitable and include a stylish bowl in your coffee table décor. This will be a great spot for storing items that are yet to be put away.

14. Hide clutter away in boxes

Alternatively, boxes are another great way of hiding unsightly pieces. Pop your remotes and chargers in a small stylish box and keep some free space for any other clutter that will inevitably make its way onto your coffee table.

Living room round coffee table decor ideas
Photo by karin boon on Unsplash

15. Protect your coffee table with stylish coasters

And don’t forget to include some stylish coasters in your coffee table styling to protect your table from any pesky watermarks or spillages.

16. Minimalistic coffee table decor

If minimalistic coffee table styling is more your thing ditch the decorative items in favour of some functional pieces. Try dressing your table with a chic tea set or a stylish carafe and glasses. Then you’ll always be prepared for a surprise guest.

Living room round coffee table decor ideas

17. colour coordinate

Colour is an important component when styling so remember to use the colour palette of your living room as your inspiration for your round coffee table décor. This will create unity and balance. 

Living room round coffee table decor ideas
Photo by Halz Khay on Unsplash

18. or completely contrast

But if your living room is more eclectic and playful don’t be afraid to create contrast by playing around with new colours to make your coffee table the focal point of your living room.

19. Group your coffee table decor

Clustering your accessories together to create mini compositions will ensure your styling appears considered and visually engaging.

Group your coffee table decor
Photo by Devon Janse van Rensburg on Unsplash

20. explore styling with odd numbers

Place an odd number of pieces within your cluster for an interesting arrangement that captures your attention. Odd numbers like 3 and 5 are harder for our brains to process compared to even numbers such as 2 and 4 making them more engaging to look at.

21. play around with composition

Not even the best designers nail a composition on the first try, so try different arrangements until you find a composition that you love.

How to decorate a round coffee table
Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

22. Remember your angles

It’s important to remember that a coffee table will be viewed from many different angles, particularly a round coffee table, so when exploring compositions consider all the angles you’ll view the table from. Selecting items that look great from any side will make this a whole lot easier.

23. empty space is ok

Don’t be afraid of empty space. Intentional space will allow your decorative pieces to breathe, providing space for the eyes to rest whilst also stopping your round coffee table from looking chaotic.

Don't be afraid of empty space on your coffee table
Photo by Andrew Wise on Unsplash

24. Think about the space below your round coffee table

When styling your round coffee table don’t forget to consider the whole table and not just the surface. If you have a shelf underneath try adding some storage boxes or stacking an attractive pile of coffee table books.

25. How to decorate a small coffee table

For smaller coffee tables considered refining the number of objects you add to its surface. A smaller focal point with a small cluster of decorative pieces will work well or alternatively, a solitary focal point positioned on a stack of coffee table books will look great.

How to decorate a small coffee table
Photo by Katsia Jazwinska on Unsplash

26. how to decorate a large coffee table

Larger coffee tables can handle bigger objects so don’t be afraid to play around with the scale of your decorative pieces. Multiple compositions with intentional space between can also look effortlessly chic on a large coffee table. Make each composition different in overall size for an engaging look.

27. refresh your round coffee table styling for the season

Our homes are much more fun when they change and evolve with us so keep changing and adapting the styling of your round coffee table. Move accessories around your home or swap out pieces for more seasonally relevant items. A bunch of summer flowers could change for a clutter of cosy pillar candles for autumn. Or a mini Christmas tree could become your focal point during December. Your living room décor is interchangeable so be innovative and try new things.

Seasonal coffee table decor
Photo by Dane Deaner on Unsplash

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