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12 Yellow Home Decor Must-Haves For Spring

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Brighten up your home this season with these sunshine yellow must-haves.

Both energising and uplifting the powers of a yellow shade cannot be disputed, so why is it such a rare colour for interiors? With most of us thinking of vivid yellow, it can be easy to forget the wide spectrum of hues yellow has to offer.

From honey shades to bright lemon hues this post will guide you through exactly how to decorate with this mood-boosting shade, as well as sharing some of the best budget-friendly yellow home decor must-haves.

Yellow Home Decor Ideas

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How To Choose a shade of yellow

Yellow is an excellent colour for evoking energy and optimism which makes it an ideal choice for home decor. A vibrant shade of yellow is a powerful shade for boosting your mood and works perfectly in high-traffic areas such as a hallway or family room where an uplifting, energetic environment is welcome.

For areas where more focus is required such as a kitchen or office try toning down the shade of yellow for something richer or earthier such as a mustard shade. This will still provide plenty of energy but in a calmer tone that allows space for focus.

For rooms that require a little more tranquillity such as a bedroom, softer shades work perfectly. Alternatively, opt for punchy tones in smaller doses. This could be as simple as choosing a few yellow home decor accessories or one or two key pieces of furniture in your favourite shade.

Yellow home decor must-haves

Yellow home decor must-haves
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Budget tip: adding colour to your home can be cheap. Opt for yellow home decor accessories such as cushions and one statement piece such as a table lamp. This will make it easier to switch the colour in the future when you fancy a change.

It’s not all about the walls

There are so many ways to add some sunshine yellow to your home without having to pick up a paintbrush. Start off by injecting yellow into your rooms in small amounts. Budget-friendly home accessories such as cushions and throws are a great place to start and give you plenty of options to change your mind if you decide the colour isn’t for you. Once you feel like you are ready for a bolder statement then consider adding a splash of yellow to your walls.

Yellow home decor ideas
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Choosing Yellow Furniture

Statement pieces of furniture in bold colours look amazing but are a big investment. Opting for items such as dining chairs, a coffee table or a statement armchair are great places to start. They will add plenty of impact to your home decor without costing as much as a sofa or new bedframe.

Painting furniture is a great budget-friendly way of bringing colour into your home. Look for pieces made from pine or paperboard as these are great materials to add paint to. Alternatively, try updating old wooden furniture such as dining chairs. Simply grab a tester pot of paint and have fun adding your favourite yellow shade to pieces of furniture you already own.

Yellow home decor ideas
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Yellow Home Decor Accessories

Yellow home decor accessories are a simple yet effective way of injecting colour into your home without spending a fortune. A yellow rug can work magic within a room in need of some colour, as well as curtains, throws and cushions.

Consider creating a mood board of the yellow home decor accessories you want to buy before purchasing them. It can be easy to buy items in isolation, get them home and realise they look awful together. Try combining the images into one document on a computer or phone. This will help you be sure that you are choosing items in shades of yellow that complement each other.

Budget tip: buy cushions with removable covers so that you can change the covers when you want to refresh your space without having to replace the inner cushion.

Yellow home decor ideas

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