How To Display Prints Without Damaging Your Apartment Walls

Add Prints To Your Apartment without Damaging Your Walls

7 simple ways to display your favourite prints in your home without damaging your walls.

Decorating your apartment when you are renting can be super frustrating. You want to add a personal touch to your space but you don’t want to risk losing your deposit or be left patching up walls with what you hope is the right shade of white paint.

Here are my top tips for adding prints to your apartment without damaging your walls.

Renter-Friendly Ways To Display Prints

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Command strips

hang things without damaging apartment walls, photo collage

Command strips are ideal for hanging framed posters because they leave no traces of residue. They are easy to remove meaning your walls will be as good as new when it is time to peel them off.

Top Tip: Don’t forget your spirit level! There is nothing more annoying than seeing a wonky picture frame everyday. If you don’t have one lying around you can download a spirit level app on your phone for free.

A Clipboard Wall

Display Prints without Damaging Your Apartment Walls, clipboard wall

If you are constantly finding new prints you love, choose a solution that can easily be changed like a clipboard wall. Their light weight means most command strips will hold them without causing any damage to your walls.

Picture ledge

Display Prints without Damaging Your Apartment Walls, picture ledge
Photo by Jonny Caspari on Unsplash

If you want to add lots of heavy frames to your wall a picture ledge will be an ideal solution. These will require far fewer screws compared to hanging each frame.

On The Floor

Display Prints without Damaging Your Apartment Walls, frames leaning on wall

Prints don’t have to be hung on the wall! For a casual, artistic look lean your favourite prints against a wall instead. You can create an interesting collage by combining multiple prints in different sizes with a basket or plant; and for maximum impact choose large, oversized frames.

Top Tip: Opt for a frame with a plastic front rather than glass if you plan to lean a frame against a wall in a high traffic area (like a hallway). If they get knocked over they are less likely to break.

On a storage unit

how to hang posters without damaging wall, frame on storage
Photo by Minh Pham on Unsplash

Fill a space above a chest of drawers or low storage unit with a collection of prints leaning against the wall. This will create a stylish, relaxed look.

Hook them up

how to hang posters without damaging wall,  frames hanging from hooks

A few hooks going unused is a great spot for hanging your favourite prints. Simply tie some twine or ribbon to the mounting hook on the frame and hang. Easy!

Clipped on string

how to hang posters without damaging wall, prints clipped on string

A piece of wire or string and a few clips can create a great solution for hanging your best prints. Hang the wire from pieces of furniture to avoid any unnecessary holes in the wall.

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