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11 Tips On How To Dress A Bed Like A Designer

How to dress a bed like a designer

Learn how to dress your bed like a designer hotel to create your own heavenly retreat at home.

Crisp white linen without a wrinkle in sight, the feeling of a plump duvet that envelopes you and the irresistible mattress that you melt into. With one-third of our day spent in bed, it’s no wonder we all dream of a bed as luxuriously comfy as the 5* hotel we once stayed in.

But how do hotel designers create these little spots of heaven and how do they make them look so irresistible? I have searched high and low for the best-kept secrets so you’ll no longer need to wonder how to dress a bed like a designer.

How to dress a bed like a designer

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1. Choose a dreamy mattress

A great mattress is the foundation of a good night’s sleep, so if you can invest in a new mattress you definitely won’t regret it. Don’t rush into buying, take the time to research what is available and find one that suits your sleeping habits.

How to style a bed like a pro
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2. Add a mattress topper

A mattress topper is an extra layer of cushion that is positioned on top of an existing mattress. They are an ideal solution if you cannot afford a new mattress as they are significantly cheaper, but they can also be used to support the longevity of a new mattress.

Add one to your current mattress to revitalise your bed whilst also adding some extra height, ideal for creating that hotel luxe appearance.

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3. The flat sheet vs. The fitted sheet

To fully immerse yourself into a hotel-style bed you’ll want to opt for a flat sheet. Despite being easier to put on you’ll rarely find a fitted sheet on a hotel bed and that is because flat sheets are much easier to press and pull tight over a mattress to remove pesky creases. 

For perfectly tight corners you’ll need to master the art of hospital corners. I hear you, what is a hospital corner? It’s that beautiful way sheets are folded around the corner of mattresses. Don’t worry though, it is easier than it looks.

Simply lay your sheet over your bed and tuck all sides under the mattress leaving the corners untucked (remember to pull the sheet tight to remove creases). Then take a corner and fold it over to produce a triangle shape and tuck it under the mattress. Voila!

Top Tip: Most of us don’t have time to make our beds, let alone iron them. Try filling a spray bottle with water or invest in some misting spray. Spray your bedding all over and pull the sheets tight to remove creases.

How to dress a bed like a designer
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4. The Plumpest Duvet & pillows

Nothing makes a bedroom feel cosier than a thick, plump duvet and countless luxurious pillows. So to feel like you are sleeping cocooned in a bed of clouds invest in a down duvet. Down feather is often used in hotel duvets because it is light and fluffy. Opt for around a 10.5 tog duvet for a comfortable thickness that suits both summer and winter.

How to dress a bed

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5. Great quality bed linen

We can’t talk about how to dress a bed like a hotel designer without discussing good quality bed linen. That ultra-soft, snooze-worthy bedding that you find in the best hotels is often Egyptian cotton. Egyptian cotton is a super soft, breathable material that helps regulate your body temperature. Opt for a higher thread count of around 300 for a softer, more durable fabric.

Top Tip: White linen is a great choice for dressing a bed like a hotel. They are easy to bleach clean and help create a calm, fresh bedroom. You can easily add colour to you bed through your cushions and throws, which are easier (and cheaper) to change when you fancy a refresh.

How to dress a bed like a hotel
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6. How to dress your bed’s Pillows

Dressing a bed like a designer is all about layering your textiles, particularly your pillows and cushions. You’ll want to start at your headboard and work your way forward. Begin with a European pillowcase. These are square pillowcases around 65 x 65 cm in size and make a great backdrop for your pillow arrangement. Then add your standard pillowcases. The size of these will vary depending on the size of your bed. For an extra plush and luxurious-looking pillow try using an Oxford Pillowcase like the ones below. 

How to dress a bed like a hotel

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7. How to dress a bed with accent cushions

Once you have your functional pillows in place you can begin to layer your decorative pillows. These can vary in size and shape and often look best when a combination is used. Your accent cushions are the perfect place for introducing colour and texture to your bed.

Top Tip: Fill your accent cushions with good quality, plump inners. Cushions look best when they are full and the fabric is pulled tight so try choosing an inner that is a little bigger than your cushion cover.

How to style a bed with accent cushions
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8. Add texture with bedspreads

A bedspread is a great way of protecting your clean bedding from dust and stains whilst also providing an extra layer of texture and interest to your bed’s styling. They are also ideal for keeping you snug during the colder months.

Top Tip: For a bed that looks like it has been dressed by a designer ensure your bedspread isn’t shorter than your duvet when it hangs over the sides of your bed.

How to dress a bed like a designer

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9. Make things cosy with throws

Some carefully selected throws in soft fabrics are a great finishing touch to your bed’s styling. For a cohesive look choose a throw that has a similar texture or colour as one of your accent cushions.

How to dress a bed like a designer

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10. Keep everything fresh with protectors

Mattress and pillow protectors are a great way of protecting your bed from stains, germs and mites. They can easily be washed meaning you’ll be able to quickly refresh your bed to create a clean, fresh space you want to crawl into.

How to dress a bed with protectors

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11. The finishing touch

Add the finishing touch to your styling and ignite the last of your senses with a relaxing scent. These calming scents will make your bed truly irresistible and will help you drift off into a peaceful sleep.

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tips for dressing different types of beds

How to dress a bed with a footboard

The best way to dress a bed with a footboard is to tuck the duvet under the mattress in a similar way you’d do with a flat sheet. 

Shake the duvet to fluff up and lay flat over the mattress. Remember to stretch any creases out. Tuck the duvet down between the mattress and the footboard. Then proceed to tuck the sides of your duvet under the mattress, leaving the corners out. 

Take the edge of a corner, fold it into a 45-degree angle and tuck it behind your footboard. Lay a bedspread and a throw blanket over the bottom third of your bed to give your styling a relaxed appearance.

How to dress a king-sized bed

A king-size bed can be a little trickier to dress because of its size, but follow these simple 11 steps and you’ll have a bed dressed like a designer in no time. Remember to choose a duvet, pillows and bedspread designed to fit a king-sized bed.

A king-size bed can also handle more accent cushions, so don’t be afraid to layer a few extra for a super cosy and inviting bed.

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