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How To Dress A Chest Of Drawers – 13 Tips To Boost Your Bedrooms Style

How To Dress A Chest Of Drawers

Transform your bedroom and add instant style with these clever dresser decor ideas

Looking for ideas on how to dress a chest of drawers, then look no further. This guide will take you step-by-step through the process of creating a perfectly curated dresser decor.

From getting dressed in the morning to curling up in the evening, our bedrooms are a vital space in which we spend huge amounts of time. Yet we can often forget about them when it comes to styling and overall aesthetic. But in a room dominated by large furniture, the key to a successful design often rests on the styling of the more minor details.

How to dress a chest of drawers

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1. plan it out

How To Dress a Chest of Drawers

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Any great design starts with a plan and your bedroom dresser decor shouldn’t be the exception.

Find inspiration to help you define your preferred style (get Pinterest scrolling). Do you prefer a modern Scandinavian look or is your thing more country farmhouse? This will help you narrow down the type of accessories and quantity you’ll need to get that picture-perfect chest of drawers decor. Take into consideration the rest of your room. If you have super simple, modern furniture you’ll want to replicate this in your styling to create a cohesive design scheme.

List any accessories you want to keep on top of your drawers. Having a clear idea of what needs to stay will stop you squeezing them in at the last minute and ruining the aesthetic of your dresser’s decor.

2. Start from scratch

There is nothing like a blank canvas to get the creating juices flowing. So start by completely clearing off the surface of your chest of drawers. Take the opportunity to declutter any items you no longer need to stop them from reappearing on your drawers in the future.

What to Put on top of your chest of drawers

3. Look up

How To Dress a Chest of Drawers

A chest of drawers is usually accompanied by a largely underutilised wall space above. Therefore, when considering how to dress a chest of drawers it is good practice to also think about the area around the drawers.

The key to a perfectly styled chest of drawers is finding the right balance. Find an object that will balance out the large size of your drawers to lead your eye up and away from the floor. This could be a large frame or mirror, but it could also be a collection of frames, mirrors or other wall decor items.

Top Tip: Before you buy try placing items you already own on your drawers. This will give you an idea of the ideal size you’ll need. For the best results don’t let the width of the frame or mirror exceed the width of your drawers.

4. Add some height

Dresser decor with plants

For an Elle Decor-worthy look, add some height to help bridge the gap between your large artwork or mirror and your drawers. This could be a lamp, a large vase, a plant or even another frame. Don’t be afraid to go large for maximum impact. As long as it doesn’t exceed the height of your wall art it will look great.

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5. Natural touch

You don’t need to be an avid gardener to bring a little nature into your home. With low-maintenance plants like a Snake Plant or Peace Lily, we can all enjoy the wellbeing benefits plants bring into our homes.

No matter what your style incorporating a plant or floral arrangement into your chest of drawers styling will add depth and texture to your space.

6. find an anchor

Chest of drawers decorating ideas

When styling a small area like a chest of drawers small decorative items benefits from an item that anchors them to the chest of drawers. A tray, display dish or some books make a great base layer for smaller decor pieces to sit on. These items help create a connection between each decorative accessory which will create a more cohesive, fluid look.

They also work great for creating height in your styling. This will help highlight smaller pieces and stops them from getting lost when positioned against more oversized items.

Dresser decor ideas

the finer details

7. think practical

How To Dress a Chest of Drawers

Functionality should always be our first consideration when styling our home. So when considering what smaller items to incorporate into your dresser decor think about what you need there.

Are there items that you know will work their way back onto the surface of your drawers like a lotion bottle or hair scrunchy collection? If so, it’s best to incorporate these into your styling.

Look for chic bottles that you can decant your lotions into or an elegant bowl for your hair scrunchies. When you have defined what items you need, anchor them with a tray or a stack of beautiful books.

8. decor with character

Dresser decor

Elevate your chest of drawers decor with one or two fun pieces. Your bedroom styling should represent you so wake up your design with some playful accessories that you love. That could be a vibrant vase in a funky shape or a wacky print in a bold frame. Our homes should be a cheerful sanctuary that always makes us smile.

9. something with meaning

When it comes to sentimental items most of us struggle to let them go. So incorporating them into our homes styling is a great way of giving them a purpose. Try framing some old tickets, putting shells in a decorative vase or create a beautiful scrapbook and using this as your anchor piece.

10. bringing it all together

Dresser decor ideas

Now you have all your key elements it is time to focus on composition. The simplest way to achieve a beautifully styled chest of drawers is to cluster your accessories in threes with items varying in size. Position the tallest decor pieces at the back and the shorter items at the front to create a triangle formation. Check out How To Decorate Your Bedside Table for more on creating the perfect triangle for styling.

11. the power of space

Don’t be afraid of empty space. Intentional space will allow your decorative pieces to breathe, providing space for the eyes to rest. Try arranging a small cluster of accessories on both sides of your chest of drawers and leave some intentional space in the middle.

12. the bigger picture

How to accessories a bedroom dresser

Stand back and review your results. If it is not what you hoped for keep tweaking your arrangement and trying new compositions.

Take a picture and analyse your dresser’s decor through this. It is often easier to see if a design is balanced through the lens of a camera due to seeing the space in a smaller form.

13. how to refresh

Our homes are much more fun when they change and evolve with us so keep changing and adapting your chest of drawers decor. Move accessories around your home or swap out pieces for more seasonally relevant decorative items.

Final thoughts

When contemplating how to dress a chest of drawers, remember one size does not fit all. What one person will love, another will hate, so focus on finding your own style and have some fun. Dresser decor is interchangeable so be innovative and try new things.

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