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13 Pro Tips On How To Dress A Dressing Table

How to dress a dressing table

Transform your morning routine by saying goodbye to your disorganised, messy dressing table top.

A vanity area is one of the most dreamed-of areas for a bedroom. Yet for the lucky few who have one, they are usually a disorganised mess. Knowing how to dress a dressing table to make it functional and visually pleasing can be challenging. And with so much time spent here and without the right solutions it is no wonder they become chaotic.

These 13 tips on how to dress a dressing table will make your morning routine a breeze.

How to dress a dressing table

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1. Where to Put a Dressing table

Finding the right location for your dressing table is essential to optimise its functionality. Near a natural light source is ideal, particularly if you use it to apply make-up.

Dressing table styling
Photo by Denys Striyeshyn on Unsplash

2. Create a focal point

A dressing table’s focal point will usually be the mirror. A large mirror will help balance the proportions of a large table and will create a statement. Beware of choosing a mirror that exceeds the width of your dressing table as this will upset the balance.

A wall-mounted mirror can be used to free up the surface of the table. A mirror with storage like this one is ideal for smaller spaces that lack storage.

If your dressing table is positioned in front of a window you may find you do not need a focal point as the window fulfils this. Instead, opt for a small tabletop mirror so that it doesn’t compete with your window.

How to dress a dressing table

3. Get the lighting right

When it comes to styling a dressing table lighting is critical. Natural lighting is great but can be unreliable, particularly during the winter months. The bedroom’s main ambient light will create awkward shadows and is often not strong enough for make-up application.

Lighting around or on either side of the mirror is optimal. This type of lighting will reduce harsh shadows and will help you avoid any dreaded make-up faux pas.

How to dress a dressing table

4. The perfect dressing table chair

A dressing table chair can make or break the styling of your vanity area. But before considering style understand what functions your chair needs to solve.

You’ll likely want a chair that is comfortable. A padded or cushioned chair may be best to fulfil this. However, if you are prone to dropping or spilling your make-up you may want something a little easier to clean.

For small bedrooms, a stool with hidden storage could be ideal. Stools take up a small amount of space and many come with hidden storage. However, if you like to spend hours sitting at your dressing table a chair may be a more comfortable option.

How to dress a dressing table
How to dress a dressing table

5. A table fit for purpose

The space you have available shouldn’t stop you from having the dressing table you’ve always wanted. There is a dressing table for every space, you just need to find the right one for your bedroom.

A dressing table with built-in storage is optimal. You’ll find it much easier to keep your vanity table organised and tidy if you have storage to pop things away once you’ve used them. If your dressing table doesn’t have storage consider adding a drawer unit. Or try adding a shelf or two above your mirror.

Things to put on your dressing table

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6. How to Declutter a Dressing Table

The key to organisation is often having less. Parting with items can be hard even when there is little sentimental value attached to them. But if you want a picture-perfect dressing table decluttering is essential.

If you haven’t used an item in the last month consider whether you still need it. Before buying anything new make sure it is essential. 2+ perfumes are probably plenty so step away from the fragrance counter. And are there items you could live without but use out of habit? If so, it is time to say goodbye.

How to declutter a dressing table

7. interior drawer organisers

When considering how to dress a dressing table don’t just consider the exterior of your table. A well-organised vanity area starts with the interior organisation.

Once you have organised your closed storage you will have a better understanding of what needs to be stored on your dressing table’s surface.

Maximise your storage potential by finding interior organisers that fit just right. Before purchasing any organisers plan what you will store in them. This will help ensure their size and material meet your storage needs.

Dressing table organisation
Dressing table organisation

What to Put on A dressing table

8. Dressing table organisers

The best items to store on the surface of your dressing table are the products you use daily. Your morning routine will be smoother if items you use regularly are kept close to hand. Luckily many of our daily products are aesthetically pleasing so look great styled on a vanity table.

Use a cosmetic organiser to create a tidy, ordered appearance. To keep your table feeling calm opt for a simple organiser that doesn’t store too many items. If products such as your lipstick collection bring you joy use as many organisers as you desire.

Dressing table organisation
Dressing table organisation

9. Trays & display dishes

Smaller items can look insignificant on a large surface space like a dressing table. A tray or display dish helps anchor these smaller items making them appear as a single entity. Having a specific location for products such as lotions and perfumes will help keep you organised.

Trays & display dishes for a vanity table

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10. tall accessories

Incorporating a tall object into your styling will create balance by bridging the gap between your dressing table and mirror. This will create a path for your eye to travel when looking at this area of your bedroom.

This item could be a tall house plant, a vase, or something functional such as a jewellery stand.

Dressing table styling ideas

11. lotions & potions

A couple of stylish bottles to decant your most used lotions into will look great on your dressing table. Opt for the same bottles to create a cohesive look and different sizes to create a more dynamic appearance.

Dressing table decoration ideas

How to lay out your dressing table

11. Cluster your items

When it comes to how to lay out your dressing table there isn’t a right answer. The composition can be tricky, but some key Interior Designer tips and tricks can make it a little easier.

The simplest way to achieve a beautifully styled dressing table is to cluster different-sized items in odd numbers. Items clustered in this way appear more dynamic and provide an interesting visual flow around the composition i.e. your table.

Dressing table styling

12. the power of space

Don’t be afraid of empty space. Intentional space will allow your pieces to breathe, providing space for the eyes to rest. Try positioning the space off to one side and not in the centre of the table. This will create a more engaging look.

Dressing table with shelf

13. Nail your dressing table layout

Even the most skilled Interior Designer will not nail a layout on the first try. Experiment with different dressing table layouts to perfect your style.

Stand back, take a picture and evaluate what you like and what you don’t. Seeing a composition on a small screen can make it easier to see if something looks balanced.

Remember style is subjective. Have fun and find a layout that is functional and that you love.

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