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17 Genius Ways To Make Your Bedroom Look Expensive

How to make a bedroom look expensive

Make your bedroom look expensive on a budget with these top interior design tricks.

The bedroom should be the most relaxing space in our home, yet it often ends up neglected featuring scuffed walls, worn-out bedding, and tired drapes. And it’s not hard to see why. With it often being the only room in the home that guests don’t see it is easy to prioritise every other room’s appearance.

The good news is there are many ways to elevate your bedroom to rival a 5* hotel without breaking the bank or enlisting a team of designers. So if you are tired of your uninspiring bedroom and want to make your bedroom look expensive without spending a small fortune, you’ve come to the right place.

From affordable luxury bedding to glamorous lighting that demands attention, I’ve pulled together my best tips and tricks as an Interior Designer on how to make a bedroom look expensive without the hefty price tag.

How To Make Your Bedroom Look Expensive

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Oversize Your headboard

The bed is arguably the most important piece of furniture in any bedroom, so it should be a no-brainer to make it the room’s focal point. The easiest way to make your bed the star of the show is to opt for an oversized headboard.

A large headboard can add a sense of grandeur to your bedroom while making your space feel more comfortable.

How to choose the right size headboard?

There is no point paying for a beautiful headboard if you cannot see it. So when selecting the your headboard, consider the height to ensure the visibility of your headboard beyond your pillows.

As an Interior Designer, I often choose a headboard 160cm in height (or more). This height ensures you see plenty of the headboard when your pillows are in place.

Oversize headboard

If you can’t find a ready-made headboard you love, consider the bespoke route for a personalised touch. Getting a headboard custom-made may seem daunting but they can be surprisingly affordable and give you the freedom to choose your style, fabric and most importantly size. Or, why not try some DIY and make your own bespoke headboard?

Layer textures On Your Bed

Layering fabrics certainly isn’t an original idea but it is one of the easiest ways to elevate your bedroom’s aesthetic without draining your wallet.

Start with a simple colour palette of neutrals and add depth with textured fabrics. From duvets to throws and decorative cushions, layering will really up the luxe appearance of your bedroom.

Layer textures for a luxe-looking bedroom

Upgrade Your Bedroom lighting

If you want to make your bedroom look more expensive don’t overlook your lighting. It can be tempting to ignore mundane ceiling fixtures because getting an electrician to rewire a new pendant light seems like too much of a headache. But easy-to-fit lamp shades can be just as effective at making your bedroom look luxurious without needing an electrician. 

Top tip: Consider a lower-hanging pendant above your bed for an extra opulent look.

How to make a bedroom look expensive with lighting
Photo by Bundo Kim on Unsplash

Go Grand With A Four-Poster bed

Embrace the timeless elegance of a four-poster bed to elevate the wow factor in your bedroom. A four-poster bed is a strong statement piece, so when designing a luxury bedroom I often prefer to pair it with understated bedding and a refined colour palette.

How to make a bedroom look expensive
Photo by mk. s on Unsplash

Choose the right bedding

Investing in bedding made from good quality material is key for achieving hotel-like comfort and the great news is this doesn’t need to cost a fortune.

The best hotels often use Egyptian cotton sheets, a super soft, breathable material that feels luxurious to lay on. Pair your sheets with a plump duvet for that cloud-like bed experience. Personally, I prefer the light, fluffy feel of Down Feather because of how deliciously soft and cosy it is.

To make your bed look even more expensive consider using Oxford pillowcases. With their decorative borders, Oxford pillowcases will add a sophisticated appearance to your bed.

How to make a bed look luxurious

Be Bold With darker Hues

While light, neutral colours are a popular choice for luxury bedrooms, don’t shy away from darker colours as these hues can look incredibly expensive. Integrate a darker colour as an accent alongside complementary neutrals for a balanced yet striking effect.

If you are braver with colour transform your bedroom into a cosy, expensive-looking retreat by painting all walls in a dark hue.

How to make a bedroom look luxurious

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Make A Statement With Large Mirrors

A large, oversized mirror is an impactful way of creating a statement in your bedroom, instantly elevating its luxe appearance. Bedroom mirrors work wonders at making a room feel more spacious and airy, so rather than placing a small mirror into a corner consider going oversized for maximum effect.

Leaning mirrors against the wall adds a trendy, relaxed vibe and is a great way of decorating a boring empty wall, especially in rented homes where you can’t decorate the walls.

Round mirrors are my absolute favourite. Mirrors with decorative frames can transform a plain wall and elevate your bedroom decor to look much more expensive than it was.

Oversized mirror in expensive looking bedroom
Photo by mk. s on Unsplash

Create A Dedicated seating area

Nothing quite says luxury more than a dedicated seating area in your bedroom. A bedroom sofa or armchair is one of the easiest ways to elevate your bedroom to make it look more expensive.

I love the idea of having my own bedroom armchair. Not only because they look great but because an accent chair will give me somewhere to sit that doesn’t involve messing up my freshly made bed. 

An armchair may seem unobtainable when attempting to make your bedroom look expensive on a budget. But there are many affordable accent chairs available and many are surprisingly compact so even small bedrooms can have a dedicated seating area.

Elevated bedroom with dedicated seating area
Photo by mk. s on Unsplash

Don’t Neglect Your Windows

When refreshing a room in your home on a budget it can be easy to overlook tired-looking curtains and window treatment. But bedroom window dressing will make a massive difference to the overall appearance of your room so it shouldn’t be disregarded.

The easiest way to add grandeur to your windows and make your bedroom look expensive is to choose floor-length curtains. Curtains that sit just above the floor will make your room feel taller, more spacious and much more cosy. Use fuller, heavier fabrics for a more dramatic look.

Top tip: When your curtains are open they should frame your windows rather than hide the view and restrict the light, so make sure your curtain track or pole is an appropriate length to extend beyond your windows.

How to make a bedroom look expensive with curtains

Elevate Your Bedroom With Artwork

Artwork is the icing on the cake and when it comes to high-end hotels it’s rare not to find any. And why it can feel overwhelming to choose artwork for your space the best option is to just go for it. Sites like Desenio and Etsy make buying prints for frames super affordable so it won’t break the bank if you change your mind.

Changing artwork is such an easy way of refreshing your home without spending a fortune, which is why I like to opt for cheaper prints that I can change every now and then.

There is an endless choice of artwork to choose from but if you’re struggling for ideas look for abstract artwork. Abstract prints are often used to create a luxurious environment and will help make your bedroom look much more expensive. 

Artwork in luxury bedroom

Stack Up cushions

I love decorative cushions and although they can frustrate me when I’m tired and want to fall into bed quickly, I’d never be without them. Cushions are an affordable way of adding character and interest to your bed, making it look more stylish.

If your current cushions are looking a little flat don’t skip investing in new plump inserts. Often it isn’t the cushion covers that are impacting the aesthetic of your bedroom it is the flat cushion pads that don’t fill the space in the covers.

How to make bedroom look expensive with cushions
Photo by Mariah Krafft on Unsplash

Create A Luxe Look With Textured wallpaper

Painted feature walls are a great way of adding interest to a room but for a more expensive look consider choosing a texture-effect wallpaper instead. These wallpapers have a high-quality appearance and look much more sophisticated and dynamic when compared to a painted feature wall.

Linen effect wallpaper is one of my favourite types of wallpaper to use when I am creating an expensive-looking bedroom on a budget. Adding this texture to the walls makes a bedroom feel cosy and inviting and looks particularly stunning when a darker shade of wallpaper is used.

Textured wallpaper in bedroom
Photo by mk. s on Unsplash

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Add Style With Lighting

Any expensive-looking bedroom will often exude a sense of drama. One of the smartest ways of adding drama to a room is through carefully considered lighting, which many hotels nail.

When lighting our bedrooms we often only think of ceiling lights and bedside lamps. But an extra layer of lighting will give your bedroom that hotel luxe look. There are many different ways to add this drama to your bedroom. Lighting under shelves, strip lighting behind a headboard or even a wall light that softly defuses the light up and down the wall are all great options.

Make a bedroom look expensive with lighting
Photo by mk. s on Unsplash

Place A FootStool At The End Of Your Bed

A bench, ottoman or footstool at the end of the bed could be the statement piece your bedroom needs to give it that luxurious look. This is a great alternative if you don’t have the space for an armchair and is a smart way of adding tons more storage to your bedroom.

Footstool at end of bed for sophisticated look

Create A Focal Point With A Mirrored Headboard

Mirrored furniture has been around for decades. And although some mirrored furniture now looks dated there are still plenty of creative ways to bring mirrored furniture into your space to create an expensive-looking bedroom.

This mirrored headboard blends beautifully into its surroundings whilst the decorative pattern is striking and add a focal point to the room.

If you’re open to DIY projects, this could be a great opportunity to create a similar headboard using affordable adhesive mirrors and beading from your local hardware store. 

Make a bedroom look expensive

Opt For Oversized Bedside Lamps

Bedside table lamps are the perfect way to frame your bed. But they are often so small in size that they are hardly noticeable. That is why you will frequently find Interior Designers using oversized bedside lamps in their designs. These statement pieces demand attention and are the perfect accompaniment to a bed.

When using big table lamps you will have less space for other items on your bedside, so make sure to choose a bedroom nightstand with storage such as drawers.

Top tip: When designing sophisticated bedrooms that exude luxury I always look for bedside table lamps taller than 50cm. This ensures the lamps look big and impactful next to the bed.

Oversized bedside lamps for luxe look
Photo by Tina Witherspoon on Unsplash

Inject Pattern Into Your Bedroom

A lot of expensive-looking bedrooms you see online will be void of any pattern but don’t let that fool you into thinking that a luxury-style bedroom cannot include pattern.

A great way of incorporating patterns into your space for a cohesive look is to choose a theme and use elements of it throughout your bedroom decor.

This bedroom uses patterns beautifully, picking up the leaf motif throughout for a well-balanced design. The striking palm leaf headboard makes a statement while the pattern continues onto the bed through the bedlinen and scatter cushions. 

Patterned bedding in expensive looking bedroom

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