50 Smart Ideas On How To Organise A Small Bedroom On A Budget

How To Organise A Small Bedroom On A Budget

Turn your bedroom into an organised haven with these small bedroom storage ideas.

A tiny bedroom shouldn’t hold you back from having the organised master suite you’ve always dreamed of.

Space constraints and limited budgets can make organising our homes feel like a never-ending task. With these 50 smart ideas on how to organise a small bedroom on a budget, you’ll be one step closer to having the organised, clutter-free bedroom you deserve.

How To Organise A Small Bedroom On A Budget

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1. make a plan

If you are a regular reader of my articles it won’t surprise you that making a plan is number one on my list.

Any well-designed scheme starts with a great plan. Make a list of everything you need/ want to store in your bedroom. Once your list is complete begin allocating storage locations to them. Then begin searching for ingenious storage solutions for each area of your bedroom. Easy!

Make a plan for optimum bedroom organisation
Photo by Marissa Grootes on Unsplash

2. declutter frequently

It goes without saying that one of the first steps to a well-organised, restful bedroom is to declutter. Tackle a small section at a time and purge any items you no longer need or use. Decluttering regularly will help maintain your small bedroom.

3. nail your layout

Sometimes the best position for a bed isn’t in the middle of your room. Positioning the bed against a wall to reveal a larger floor space can make a room feel more spacious. It can also make it much easier to fit valuable storage furniture into the space.

4. less is more

Embrace your inner minimalist and focus on creating a serene bedroom free of excessive items. This minimalistic approach goes deeper than decluttering your wardrobe. Focus on reducing your decorative items, removing throw pillows and pairing back bright colours to create a simple, zen space.

Tips to organise bedroom
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How To Organise the space around your bed

5. find the perfect bed

If you are on the hunt for a new bed amplify the storage space in your bedroom with a bed that has built-in storage. An ottoman bed like this one is a great way of making use of over 3m2 of space that is often underutilised. Pull-out drawers and boxes can be tricky to access in a tiny room, whereas the storage space under an ottoman bed can be reached from many angles.

6. under-bed storage

Utilise every inch of space under your bed with boxes and organisers that fit just right. Before purchasing any storage boxes plan what you intend to store here. This will allow you to choose a box that meets your storage needs.

Bedroom organisers
Bedroom organisers

7. organise your nightstands

Nightstands can become cluttered little spots, so are great places to start when organising a small bedroom. An effective way of keeping this area organised and free of mess is to opt for a bedside table with closed storage. Place organisers inside drawers for items that usually clutter your surface space. Learn how to decorate your bedside table.

Tips to organise bedroom- organise your nightstand

8. more than just under-bed storage

Find practical under-bed storage that doubles as a handy bedside table. Roll it out when you need it and save floor space by hiding it away when you don’t.

Bedroom organisers

9. optimise your headboard

Sneak more storage into your room with a headboard that boasts hidden storage. This is a great spot for storing items that usually clutter a nightstand, such as books and chargers.

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10. a handy shelf

Every room could benefit from a few extra shelves. In a room that has the length of the bed positioned against a wall add a shelf between the wall and bed. This will provide an ideal spot for storing your nighttime essentials.

11. The multifunctional bedside table

A nightstand can be so much more than just a bedside table. Choose furniture that doubles in function. An attractive stool could be a nightstand at night and a dressing table stool during the day.

How To Organise A Small Bedroom On A Budget with multifunctional furniture

12. think bigger

If lack of storage is holding you back from your bedroom organisation goals, think bigger. Opt for large furniture that also fulfils the needs of small furniture pieces. A large storage unit could double as a bedside table.

13. bedside caddy

If your room is too small for a bedside table or your nightstand is forever cluttered, try a bedside caddy. You’ll never lose your TV remote or phone charger again.

Bedroom organisers

14. Decorative basket with a purpose

Throw pillows and blankets look great on a bed during the day but they can be super annoying when it comes to removing them ready to use the bed. So keep a stylish basket near your bed as a handy space to store them overnight.

How To Organise A Small Bedroom On A Budget

Tips to organise a bedroom with smart storage

15. storage boxes that fit just right

When buying furniture for your bedroom look for products with complementing storage boxes. These are often designed to fit the furniture to maximise its storage capacity.

How To Organise A Small Bedroom On A Budget

16. hanging organiser

Make use of underutilized wall space with an inexpensive hanging organiser. Hang it on an unused wall or in your wardrobe to store everyday essentials such as your hairbrush and scrunchies.

Bedroom organisers
Bedroom organisers

17. wall storage

When every inch of space matters find small room organisation ideas for your walls. Pegboards are great for awkward spaces that are too shallow for furniture or shelves. Use it to store and organise your accessories that are too beautiful to be hidden away.

How To Organise A Small Bedroom On A Budget with wall storage

18. door rack

Door hooks are old news. Make the back of your bedroom door work harder and find a super smart storage rack like this one for your bedroom or closet door.

19. a mirror with hidden storage

When organising a small bedroom on a budget, multifunctional furniture is your best friend. Even a small bedroom mirror can provide you with extra storage space. This shallow mirror with hidden storage will surprise you with its storage capacity.

Bedroom organisation

20. The right dressing table

Find the right dressing table for your small bedroom. Choose one that includes closed storage to keep the surface free of clutter. A table with incorporated drawers will be easy to access and keep organised.

How To Organise A Small Bedroom On A Budget

21. a dressing table’s best friend

Don’t worry if you already have a dressing table, but it has no built-in storage. Some smart, inexpensive organisers or a small drawer unit will keep you organised.

Bedroom organisation

22. more than a stool

Update your dressing table stool with one that includes hidden storage. Store your accessories and make-up in small boxes to keep your dressing table free of mess.

23. tame the cables

An influx of electrical devices has seen many of our bedrooms become a knotted cable nightmare. Keep your bedroom a peaceful sanctuary with a cable organiser. Don’t forget to label your cables to make it easy to find what you are looking for.

How To Organise A Small Bedroom On A Budget
Photo by Bluewater Sweden on Unsplash

24. reduce the wires

If your cables are still causing you a headache incorporate wireless changing into your furniture to reduce the number of wires in your bedroom.

Bedroom organisation
Bedroom organisation

25. jewellery organiser

When organising items like jewellery consider using a decorative organiser that adds a chic look to your chest of drawers or dressing table. A ring dish, decorative tray or necklace stand is great for storing everyday pieces, whereas a jewellery box is best for protecting rarely used items.

how to organise clothes in a small bedroom

26. the ideal wardrobe

The key to organising a small bedroom is to find furniture that meets your individual needs. A traditional wardrobe may not be the right storage solution for you, so find your perfect wardrobe alternative.

How to organise clothes in a small bedroom

27. interior organisers

Wardrobe organisers like these are a game changer when it comes to maximising storage in a small bedroom. There are some great products on the market so shop around for ones that suit your needs and space.

Bedroom organisation
Bedroom organisation

28. vacuum bags

Maximise your storage with some inexpensive vacuum bags. These are ideal for storing spare linen, towels and seasonal clothing to free up much-needed space in your small bedroom.

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29. hooks for clothes airing

You are not alone if your bedroom floor is often littered with discarded clothes that aren’t quite ready for the wash. Add a couple of hooks to your walls or a valet wardrobe extension for hanging clothing you plan to wear again.

Small bedroom storage ideas on a budget

30. storage ladder

If you are looking for something a little chicer for airing your clothes a clothes ladder may be for you.

Bedroom organisation

31. interior organisers for your dresser

You need interior organisers if you are tired of digging through a chest of drawers that is ready to burst. These handy boxes will allow you to have a dedicated spot for each catalogue of clothing i.e. pants and socks. Don’t forget to measure your drawers before buying to find the perfect fit for your space.

Small bedroom storage ideas on a budget

32. Rethink your folding

You’ll likely be familiar with Marie Kondo’s way of folding clothes which is now iconic. If not you need to head to Netflix ASAP. Her approach to folding clothes into neat little parcels that can stand without support is a complete game changer for organising your clothing. You’ll fit so much more into your drawers and have a much better overview of what you have.

33. felt clothes hangers

For optimal wardrobe organisation switch out bulky, mismatched clothes hangers for matching felt hangers like these grey ones from Amazon. They take up less space and their felt material means clothes are less likely to slip off.

Small bedroom storage ideas on a budget

34. space saving hangers

If your closet still feels disorganised try adding a few savvy space-saving hangers. These smart hangers will help you store clothing by category and will save you lots of space.

Bedroom organisation

35. Streamline shoe cabinets

Shoe storage can be tricky to fit into a small bedroom. A closed shoe cabinet will provide you with a dedicated spot for all your shoes, making it easy to store them away and find what you need. Opt for a storage unit with a shallow depth to fit into an awkward space like the wall behind a door.

36. seasonal rotation

Seasonally rotating your clothing is a great way of freeing up precious wardrobe space and makes it a lot easier to organise. Store away out-of-season clothing in boxes or vacuum bags and hide them away under your bed or in a hard-to-reach spot in your closet.

How to organise clothes in a small bedroom

37. a laundry spot

Our bedroom floor can often become a breeding ground for dirty clothes destining for the bathroom laundry basket. So keep a basket close to your wardrobe to stop the dreaded floordrobe.

38. label everything

How to organise clothes in a small bedroom

A list of tips on how to organise a small bedroom on a budget wouldn’t be complete without mentioning labels. Labels are an organiser’s best friend. Pop a label on boxes and organisers to make it easy to put items away and find what you are looking for.

small room organisation ideas for awkward spaces

39. high shelving

Our walls, particularly the space near the ceiling, are so often underutilised. But with the use of a couple of high shelves, they become great spots for storing items not frequently used.

Small bedroom storage ideas on a budget
Photo by Derick McKinney on Unsplash

40. A shelf above a door

And when adding high shelving don’t forget about the space over a door. This is a great spot to squeeze more storage into a small bedroom without spending a fortune. Store away occasionally used items like files and keepsakes in labelled boxes.

41. a trunk or footstool

A trunk or footstool is a great way of utilising the floor space at the bottom of your bed. Use it to store your out-of-season clothing, vacuum-packed linen or your excessive shoe collection. Alternatively, use a bench with some rattan boxes below.

Small bedroom storage ideas on a budget
Photo by khloe arledge on Unsplash

42. storage under window

Make the most of the space under your window by incorporating some simple storage. This doesn’t need to be a fancy custom-made seat bench I’m sure you’ve seen in the past. A budget-friendly storage unit will help utilise this awkward space and get your bedroom organised.

43. vertical shelving

When you live in a small space thinking about the vertical space of your walls is a must. Long, vertical shelving is an ingenious way of squeezing a little more storage into your tiny bedroom to help you get organised.

Bedroom organisation

44. Extend your curtains

For a stylish hotel chic look extend your curtains beyond your windows and hide wall storage or hooks behind the curtains.

Small bedroom storage ideas on a budget
Photo by Samuel Regan-Asante on Unsplash

45. Containers & organisers

Find nifty interior organisers for everyday essentials. Store them behind closed doors or in drawers to keep your bedroom calm and clear of visual clutter.

Bedroom organisation

46. Under-cabinet hooks

Under-cabinet hooks are great for dressing tables as items such as hair dryers and brushes can be stored from them. Concealing them under the table keeps them out of the visual eye line, helping your bedroom feel clean and tidy.

47. Next-level dust bin

Used tissues, dirty cotton buds and yesterday’s make-up wipes are not the items you want appearing in your well-organised small bedroom, so incorporate a stylish dust bin into your space to stop the build-up of rubbish.

Bedroom organisation

48. Built-in shelving

Add built-in shelves to an awkward nook to maximise your storage space. This is a great budget-friendly, DIY solution that can be achieved with some MDF, a handsaw and a lick of paint. If you are looking for something a little less DIY look for shelving that can be cut to size.

Tips to organise bedroom
Photo by mk. s on Unsplash

49. future proof

What we own can grow quickly without us noticing. So it is always a great idea to future-proof our homes to allow space for our treasures to expand. To do this plan a little free space when you are decluttering.

For the smaller items that will eventually clutter your dresser keep a small box on the surface to put them in. When it is full pop everything back into its right place.

50. New habits

There are many ways to address the issue of how to organise a small bedroom and keep it organised. Building new habits is key to maintaining a well-organised home for many years. Practice some of these ideas on how to organise a small bedroom on a budget until they become a habit. You definitely won’t regret it.

Smart Ideas On How To Organise A Small Bedroom On A Budget
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