The Best Products To Organise A Small Bedroom

How to organise a small bedroom

Transform your bedroom into an organised haven with these insanely good bedroom organisers.

Facing the daily battle to keep everything organised is a challenge most of us experience, especially within the bedroom. From mountains of clothes to hoards of shoes and accessories, it can feel like an impossible task to organise a small bedroom.

But squeezing everything into a small bedroom isn’t impossible. It’s all about having the right storage in the right place. These 11 storage lifesavers will help create organisational bliss within your bedroom for a stress-free environment.

Organise A Small Bedroom with these storage essentials

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How to organise a small bedroom
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1. bedroom drawer organisers

Drawer organisers are an absolute must-have for any chest of drawers or wardrobe. These storage boxes are particularly handy for deep drawers. With individual compartments, everything will be visible giving you a better overview of what you have.

2. Small bedroom wardrobe organisation

It can feel hopeless fitting everything into a small wardrobe that contains one lonely clothes rail. But inexpensive products like this 5-in-1 hanger can help maximise the storage capacity of a tiny wardrobe to fit more into the space. These are great for categorising your wardrobe to keep it super organised and tidy.

3. Maximise space with matching clothes hangers

Bulky clothes hangers are not ideal for maximising the space in your wardrobe. So switch out your old wardrobe hangers for some sleek velvet hangers that take up minimal space. These slim hangers will help streamline your wardrobe making it look stylish and super organised.

4. The Best Jewellery Organiser

With each piece often in individual boxes, jewellery can take up a surprising amount of space in a small bedroom. That is why a stylish jewellery box like this one is a great idea for compiling and organising your collection.

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5. Super Cheap wardrobe organiser

If you are looking for a super budget-friendly way of storing more in your wardrobe you will love these clothes hanger hooks. They easily free up valuable space on a clothes rail whilst utilising the vertical space within the wardrobe. These are ideal for storing similar pieces of clothing together or organising key pieces into outfits.

6. Bedroom door organiser

The key to organising a small bedroom with too much stuff is to make use of all the available space. The space behind your bedroom or closet door is often underutilised but it is a great spot for adding more storage into a room. This hanging organiser provides an ample amount of extra storage space for smaller items that you want easy access to. Use it for bags, scarves, lotions, your hair dryer or even as a wardrobe overflow space.

7. Smart wardrobe organisers

Heavy items like knitted jumpers last much longer if they are folded rather than hung on a hanger where the fabric gets stretched from its own weight. But this can be hard if your small bedroom doesn’t have space for a chest of drawers. These closet organisers are perfect for hanging in a wardrobe to provide all the benefits of a chest of drawers. The individual sections allow you to easily organise your clothes into categories whilst still allowing a good overview of everything you have.

8. The best organiser for small items

Organising small pieces such as medication, makeup and charging cables can be tricky in a small bedroom if you don’t have lots of storage furniture. These small drawer organisers are great for adding extra storage to your bedroom. Place it on a dressing table, on a chest of drawers or within a cupboard or closet. 

9. small bedroom Baskets

Baskets are a great addition to a bedroom because they are perfect for storing a multitude of things. From spare blankets to dirty clothes, baskets are an ideal way of keeping your bedroom floor organised and free of clutter.

10. Bedroom cupboard organisers

This hair accessories holder is a game-changer for keeping hair straighteners, curler and dryers (and their pesky cables) organised. Attach it to your wall, the side of a dressing table or inside a cupboard for a little bit of organisational bliss.

11. Bedroom Underbed Storage

To maximise and organise a small bedroom utilising the space under a bed is essential. Large storage boxes like these ones are great for storing spare bedding, seasonal clothing and towels. The handles make accessing the boxes super easy, whilst the lids keep items free of dust.

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