How to Organise your Desk like a Pro

Organised desk with Apple computer and notebook

The best tips & tricks for creating a budget-friendly, organised desk in minutes.

Is there anything better than sitting down at an organised desk and instantly being able to find that file you popped away the day before? Or having space to put your coffee down?

If it’s been a while since you’ve had that feeling don’t worry, you are not alone. My desk can get CRAZY messy and it can be hard to know how to stop it from happening again and again.

But there is a solution for every problem and here are my top tips for the biggest desk nightmares to help you organise like a pro.

Make use of ALL your desk space

A monitor stand is a great way of utilising all the space on your desk. One of my favourites is IKEA’s ELLOVEN. The handy space at the bottom is a great spot for hiding your keyboard to free up valuable space and the little drawer with built-in dividers is perfect for storing stationery.

Throw it away! Trust me, you don’t need it.

It is ridiculous the amount of paper and files I have held onto for years because I thought I might one day need it. Guess what… I never need it.

A beautiful waste paper bin like this stylish one from Amazon will help ensure you want to throw that rubbish away.

Get organised by utilising your walls

Maximise your space by adding storage to your walls. A wall shelf is a great way of freeing up space on your desk. Choose one that has different sections to help you sort your files and stay extra organised.

Manage those pesky cables

Cable management is one of my least favourite things to do. However, as an Interior Designer, I know that these small adjustments can make a big difference to a space. I swear by cable ties. I always have some in my pocket when I am implementing a solution and need to hide/organise cables.

A tray organiser that attaches to the bottom of your desk is also a great way of hiding ugly extension leads and charging banks. But, remember to choose one that is easy to access so you can unplug your laptop without hassle.

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