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65 Irresistible Living Room Accent Chair Ideas

Living Room Accent Chair Ideas

Transform your living room with one of these stylish accent chair ideas.

Accent chairs can work wonders when it comes to elevating a living room’s appearance. With sofas tending to be traditional in shape and style, an accent chair bursting with style and personality can be a great way of introducing a surprising element into your interior design whilst providing valuable extra seating.

But choosing an accent chair for your living room can be daunting, especially since they are often accompanied by a larger price tag. In this guide, I share some of my favourite living room accent chair ideas. From budget-friendly armchairs to chairs suitable for tiny spaces, this post will give you all the info you need to choose the best accent chair for your living room.

Living Room Accent Chair Ideas

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Living room accent chair ideas

What Is An Accent Chair

An accent chair is designed to stand out and make a strong visual impression. Usually used within a living room or bedroom, they are frequently chosen to add a touch of style to the space. They can make a great focal point within a room whilst also providing a comfy spot to unwind or extra seating for guests.

Living room accent chair ideas
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Different Styles Of Accent Chairs

Unless you are an Interior Designer, you likely have never considered the different styles of armchairs available. But understanding the type of chairs you like (and most importantly, the ones you dislike) could drastically help you choose the best accent chair for your living room.

These 5 different accent chair styles are the most common types, and all boast unique features and characteristics.

The Wingback Chair

The classic wingback chair is a chair most people are familiar with. It consists of a high backrest that extends out to the sides just like wings, hence the name.

Its elegant appearance makes it an ideal choice for a more formal and traditional style interior. However, if you favour a more contemporary look, there are plenty of modern styles available like the ones below.

Barrel Chairs

The barrel chair has become increasingly popular in recent years, and with its rounded, curvaceous shape it’s not hard to see why. The back and arms form one continuous curve, which provides a comfy seating area that truly engulfs you.

Lounge Chairs

Designed for maximum relaxation, lounge chairs have a reclined backrest and are often accompanied by a footrest.

Recliner Chairs

Not to be confused with lounge chairs, recliner chairs give the user the ability to control the level of reclining on the backrest. Often consisting of a built-in footrest, they are the ultimate chair for relaxation and afternoon snoozes.

The Slipper Chair

A slipper chair is an armless upholstered chair that has a low profile, meaning it sits close to the ground.

During the Victorian era, this style of chair was often found within the bedroom and was used as a place to sit whilst putting shoes on (often called slippers, hence the name).

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Blue Accent Chairs

Accent chairs are a popular piece of furniture because they are an easy and convenient way of injecting colour into a living room. It can feel overwhelming to choose a sofa in a bright colour because of its large, dominant size. Opting for an accent chair in a bold hue is often a more palatable way of introducing colour and is a more manageable piece of furniture to update if you change your mind.

When it comes to interior design, blue is a popular colour. Not only is it associated with calmness and tranquillity, but it is also a versatile colour with timeless appeal. So if you are still feeling hesitant about what colour to choose for an accent living room chair, blue is a great, safe choice.

Here are some of the best blue accent chairs for a living room.

Best blue accent chairs
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Patterned Accent Chairs

An accent chair in a vibrant colour isn’t the only way to make a statement within your living room. Patterns are a great way of infusing your personality into your living room decor, and an accent chair can be an ideal location for a pop of pattern.   

Whether you are searching for an attention-grabbing pattern or a more understated design, these are my favourite patterned accent chair ideas for a living room.

The best patterned accent chairs
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The Best Accent Chairs For Small Spaces

Even small living rooms can benefit from an accent chair. The right accent chair can enhance your small room’s functionality whilst adding visual interest to the space.

The key to choosing the right chair for a small living room is to be mindful of scale. Avoid oversized chairs that may make the room feel cramped and smaller than it is.

Opting for an armless chair can work wonders in a small living room because they take up less visual space and help keep the room open and spacious. Similarly, choosing a chair with high legs can help keep the space feeling open due to being able to see the floor below. 

Below are a selection of some of my favourite accent chairs for a small living room.

The best accent chairs for small spaces
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Affordable Accent Chairs

Many of the best accent chairs can come with a hefty price tag. That being said, there are still plenty of cheap accent chairs available. Some even look just as good as their expensive counterparts. Here are some of my favourite affordable accent chairs for a living room.

The best affordable accent chairs for a living room
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Unique Accent Chairs

Colour, texture and shape are all important elements to consider when choosing your living room’s accent chair. However, colour may draw your eye to a chair, but it is often the shape that leaves a lasting impression.

So, for an accent chair that is sure to get a conversation started, opt for an unconventional design that demands attention and makes a statement in your living room.

Here are some of my favourite unique accent chairs that are aesthetically pleasing and bang on trend for this season.

The best unique accent chairs for a living room
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How To Choose An Accent Chair

When choosing the perfect accent chair for your living room, several factors should be considered. Firstly, decide the purpose of your accent chair. Is it purely decoration, or do you intend to sit on it for long reading marathons? This will help you determine how comfy your accent chair should be.

Choose where you’d like to position your accent chair in your living room. This may impact how big your chair can be. Measure the available space, remembering to leave some free space around the chair. This extra free space will help ensure the room does not feel overwhelmed when your accent chair is positioned.

Decide if you’d like your chair to harmonise with your existing decor or contrast for a more striking look. This decision will help guide your choice of colour and pattern.

Consider materials and textures that suit your accent chair’s purpose. Wipeable materials such as leather or wood may be a good choice for bustling households full of pets, small children or messy adults.

Living room accent chair ideas

How To Place An Accent Chair In A Living Room

When deciding where to place an accent chair in a living room, begin by looking at your layout. Take note of your doorways and windows and consider the route you walk through the space. Avoid placing your chair within this route so as not to block the pathway through the room.

Consider positioning your chair in a way that encourages conversation. Position your accent chair facing your sofa to create a social living room that looks inviting.

For a more harmonious and balanced appearance use a pair of accent chairs on either side of your coffee table.

Living room accent chair ideas
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Do Accent Chairs Have To Match A Living Room

While accent chairs do not need to match your living room, there should be a sense of cohesion in the overall decor of your space. Introducing a contrasting accent chair can be a playful way to make your living room appear more exciting. However, the key to choosing a successful chair is to find one in a colour, pattern or shape that complements the other elements within the space.

Often the best way to see if a piece of furniture works well in a room is to try it out. This doesn’t mean you need to purchase the chair and hope for the best. Take a picture of your room, pop it on your PC and add an image of the chair. Then evaluate whether the chair looks like it complements its surroundings or whether it looks out of place. Try different accent chairs until you find one that looks just right.

Living room accent chair ideas
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Should You Put Pillows On An Accent Chair

Whether you should pair your accent chair with a decorative cushion will depend on the style of your chair. Some accent chairs are design statements that shouldn’t be hidden behind a cushion, whereas a more understated accent chair could benefit from a decorative pillow to enhance its appearance.

Add a cushion to your chair and step back. Does it hide the chair’s beauty, or has it drawn your eye towards it making it more visually striking? This simple observation will help you decide whether to add a cushion to your accent chair.

Living room accent chair ideas

How To Style A Living Room Accent Chair

If you plan on using your accent chair in a cosy little book nook, consider adding a reading light to support functionality and add a footrest for extra comfort. If your accent chair will be primarily sat upon by guests, ditch the footrest in favour of a small side table to place drinks on.

Pairing an accent chair with soft furnishings and small furniture like rugs and side tables can help anchor the chair. This will help make it appear like it belongs within its surroundings rather than looking like a floating piece of furniture with no purpose. These added furnishings also help enhance the functionality of the space resulting in the area being much more enjoyable to use.

Living room accent chair ideas

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