33 Best Makeup Storage Ideas For Small Spaces

Streamline your bedroom and organise your makeup hoard with these stylish makeup storage ideas for small spaces.

If like me, you’ve accumulated a significant makeup collection, you’ve likely faced the challenge of storing it efficiently. Despite their small size, cosmetics can quickly consume space, and when you live in a compact space with a small bedroom, this can be daunting.

So, if tossing everything into a box and hoping to find your favourite mascara at 6 a.m. isn’t working for you, you’ve come to the right place.

In this post, I’ll share some of the best makeup storage ideas for small spaces. From stylish acrylic organisers that simplify locating what you need to mini drawers that keep everything neatly concealed, this post will guide you in finding the best storage for maintaining the tidiness and accessibility of all your beauty essentials.

Makeup storage ideas for small spaces
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Makeup Storage Ideas For Small Spaces

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Countertop Makeup Storage Ideas

Using a countertop makeup organiser can make finding what you need quick and easy.

In small bedrooms, it’s crucial to assess whether a storage solution will genuinely enhance your small space or add unnecessary clutter.

Therefore, before purchasing a makeup organiser, consider what you want to store in it. Ensure there is enough space for everything, and if not, have a plan for where to store the rest of your makeup.

I spent months trying to fit my makeup into an organiser that didn’t quite work, and it was frustrating to say the least.

The best acrylic organisers for makeup storage

Some makeup products are like miniature works of art, with packaging so beautiful that it almost feels like a crime to hide them away. Acrylic organisers offer an ideal way to showcase your makeup collection and keep it neatly organised. Best of all, their transparency allows you to easily find what you need.

Maximise your space by customising your acrylic storage to fit your makeup collection. Stand large eyeshadow palettes, store makeup brushes and lipsticks in organisers designed specifically for them, and tuck away everything else in convenient little drawers.

Top tip: To maximise the space on a small dressing table choose acrylic organisers that are stackable.

Drawer units perfect for makeup organisation

In a small space, reducing visual clutter is a great way to maintain a tidy and streamlined appearance in your room. Drawer units are ideal for organising a large makeup collection in a small space as they keep everything hidden, reducing visual clutter in your bedroom.

For optimal makeup organisation, choose a drawer unit with shallower drawers. This gives a better overview of your cosmetics and prevents them from stacking up.

If you believe your small bedroom lacks space for a dressing table, think again! This tallboy from Laura James is a great way of integrating a vanity area into a small space. The top conveniently lifts to reveal a large mirror and storage space for everyday your beauty essentials.

Create organisational bliss with drawer dividers

Drawer dividers are essential for storing smaller items. Without them, drawers can become headache-inducing nightmares that are cluttered and frustrating to use. Save yourself the stress by using simple containers to categorise your collection.

To make the most of your drawers, choose dividers that fit perfectly. Shop around until you find containers that match the size of your drawers.

Top tip: When choosing organisers for your drawers choose a material that is easy to clean and not prone to staining.

Looking For Some Dressing Table Ideas

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Store your makeup in a handy little trolley

Is there anything a mini trolley can’t store? Bar carts are a clever way to add extra storage to your space without breaking the bank. With castors for mobility, they’re perfect for small bedrooms since they can easily be moved to free up more space.

Combine a trolley with acrylic organisers, countertop makeup storage, and mini boxes for the ultimate makeup storage solution in a small space.

Rotating Organisers for Smart Makeup Storage

Streamline your makeup routine with a rotating organiser. This smart makeup storage idea will make finding what you need quick and easy.

Many of them contain individual compartments, which will make organising your makeup a dream.

Vanity units that are designed for makeup storage

Multifunctional furniture is a game changer in small spaces. These smart dressing tables are not only compact in size but they also boast built-in mirrors and storage space for all your beauty essentials, meaning you can keep the surface space free from visual clutter.

The on-the-go beauty bags

Keep your makeup organised in a stylish makeup bag or box. Preparing for your next night away will be easy since all your makeup will be packed and ready to go.

These bags are an ideal choice for infrequent makeup wearers with a smaller collection. The individual compartments make neatly storing your products a breeze.

Maximise your small space with Tiered shelving

Mini shelving units are a lifesaver in small spaces, where utilising vertical space is a must. They allow you to display your cosmetics without cluttering your dressing table and also provide more storage space.

Look for small shelving units with added features such as divided sections or hooks to help you keep your beauty essentials in order.

How do you organise a lot of makeup in a small space?

The key to organising a large makeup collection in a small space is to find smart products that maximise the available space. Large, deep drawers or cupboards often won’t cut it.  Shallow drawer units can work wonders if you have the space, but smaller tabletop organisers can be just as effective.

As with any organisational project, begin by decluttering and editing your collection. You probably won’t use that out-of-date, now nasty-tasting lipstick again, so it is time to throw it away. This step is crucial in preventing your collection from overwhelming your bedroom.

Next, organise your makeup by category to make finding what you need in the mornings easier. Find makeup storage containers that suit your collection, with extra space for future additions.

For extra organisational bliss, consider labelling your storage. It makes finding what you need easier, and when everything has a dedicated spot, you’ll be more likely to keep things in the right place.

Just like clothing, seasonally rotating makeup can save space if you have a large collection. Store away seasonal palettes in less accessible storage and rotate them in and out as needed.

Makeup storage ideas for small spaces
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How to store makeup in a bathroom?

Storing makeup in a bathroom can be tricky due to limited storage space. But well-considered bathroom storage is essential to protect your makeup from moisture and heat. Store your makeup as far away from the shower as possible, and ensure the room is well-ventilated to prevent humidity.

Closed storage, such as drawers, is the best way to store makeup in a bathroom to protect it from moisture damage. However, in small bathrooms where drawers won’t fit, consider adding shelves to your walls. Bathroom shelves will provide a great spot for storing your makeup in closed organisers, like mini acrylic drawers.

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