33 Unique Nightstand Ideas For Small Spaces

Nightstand ideas for small spaces

Even the smallest of bedrooms deserve a bedside table, so find yours with these unique small nightstand ideas.

Furnishing a small bedroom can be one of the most challenging parts of living in a small apartment. With the square metreage of new-build apartments seeming to get smaller and smaller, fitting essentials like a bed and wardrobe into these petite spaces becomes an art in itself. And the mere thought of squeezing bedside tables into the mix can seem like a headache not worth inducing. 

But even when space is at a premium, bedside tables play a significant role in the bedroom, so they shouldn’t be overlooked. Not only do they contribute to the overall aesthetic of your bedroom, but they also provide valuable storage and a convenient surface for keeping essentials within easy reach of your bed.

In this post, I will share some of the best ways to incorporate a bedside table into a bedroom lacking space. From chic floating shelves to genius clip-on nightstands, I will help you find perfect unique nightstand ideas for your small bedroom.

Nightstand ideas for small spaces
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Unique Nightstand Ideas For Small Spaces

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A Floating Nightstand

When every inch of space matters, utilising your walls is a great way to free up floor space and create a more open and airy look.

A floating nightstand can do just this. With a sleek and minimalistic appearance, floating nightstands are a perfect choice for small bedrooms where a sense of openness is desired.

There are many different styles of floating nightstands, but I recommend opting for one with a drawer for a convenient spot to store your nighttime essentials. Hiding away bits and pieces that clutter your bedside table will keep your nightstand tidy and streamlined.

Nightstand ideas for small spaces
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Narrow Bedside Table Ideas

Don’t fret if there is no space next to your bed for a traditional-style nightstand. There are many stylish bedside tables super narrow in size and, therefore perfect for small bedrooms.

Around 20cm wide, these bedside table ideas are ideal for narrow spaces. Despite being extremely small, they still boast a handy little drawer and shelf for storing any nighttime reading books or journals.

Narrow Bedside Table Ideas
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Small Nightstands on legs

Nightstands on tall legs can be beneficial in a small bedroom because they are less visually bulky. They create a more open and airy atmosphere and help balance the appearance of a room by breaking up the visual weight of oversized furniture such as a bed.

Many still incorporate a drawer or two, meaning you still have storage space for smaller items you want close by.

Small Nightstands on legs
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Use A Stool As A Nightstand Alternative

When it comes to choosing a bedside table, there are no rules on what can and cannot be a nightstand. So, when looking for the best nightstand idea, challenge the norm.

A simple stool can make a great cheap alternative to the traditional nightstand. Many have a low profile, making it the ideal height for next to a bed, and many stools are small in diameter, so they can squeeze into a small space.

And when you no longer want it as a bedside table, it can be used as a stool in another room.

Look out for stools that have some hidden storage. That way, you still have a spot to hide those items you don’t want on display.

Stool As A Nightstand Alternative
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A Chair Will Make A Unique Nightstand Idea

Similar to a stool, a chair can be a creative and practical choice as a bedroom nightstand. Not only is it a clever way of utilising an unused piece of furniture, but it is a fun way of adding an unconventional, unique touch to your bedroom decor.

Just like many of these bedside table ideas, a chair used as a nightstand may provide you with the versatility your tiny home needs since it can double up as extra seating when needed.

Be mindful that a chair used as a nightstand won’t provide the same storage as a transitional bedside table. However, adding a small basket underneath the chair or suspending a hanging caddy to the chair may give you all the storage you need.

Unique nightstand ideas
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Looking For More Bedroom Nightstand Ideas

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Wall-mounted Bedside Table Lighting

Smaller bedside tables mean limited surface space. To help maximise the space on your bedside table, consider a wall-mounted light to eliminate the need for a traditional table lamp. This will free up space for books, a glass of water or other items you want in easy reach of your bed. 

Many wall-mounted lights offer the flexibility of adjusting the lighting to provide a more targeted light source, which is ideal for those who like to switch off with some reading before bed. Good lighting around your bed will help reduce any pesky eyestrain, which is essential if you want to wake up each morning feeling your best.

Bedside table lighting ideas
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Add A Touch Of Nature With A Bedside Table Tree Stump

If you are searching for more unique nightstand ideas, look no further than these stylish tree-stump side tables. These unconventional tables will help capture a feeling of nature within your bedroom whilst supplying a functional space for any bedtime essentials.

The table’s round shape strengthens its organic, rustic appearance and helps stop it from appearing bulky and intrusive. Although a little more pricey, this striking table is sure to last you a lifetime due to its timeless style and versatility, making it an investment piece worth the more significant price tag.

Unique Bedside Table Tree Stump
Photo by Lucija Ros on Unsplash

Opt For A step stool For A Functional Nightstand Idea

Maximising every inch of your wall for extra storage is often essential when you live in a small home. But quite often, all that high storage leaves you climbing on chairs in order to reach it.

Using a step stool as a bedside table alternative not only provides you with a safe and functional way of reaching high storage but also means there is no need to find a storage space for your step stool when it isn’t in use.

Multifunctional furniture is a cost-efficient way of making a small home more functional without overcrowding it with items. Looking for quick wins like this will help you feel more comfortable in your small space.

Bedside table ideas for small spaces
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Look beyond The bedside tables CatEgory

Living room side tables can make perfect nightstand ideas for small spaces because they come in a variety of sizes, allowing you to choose one that fits the space next to your bed perfectly. And with more flexibility in styles and finishes, finding a style that complements your bedroom decor can be much easier. 

Before using a living room side table as a nightstand, consider the height and storage capacity of the table. A properly sized bedside table allows you to use it comfortably without bending over or reaching too high. The ideal height will be similar to the height of your mattress.

Nightstand ideas for small spaces
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Round Bedside Table Ideas

When space is limited, round bedside tables can be a more functional option for a small space because they lack sharp corners. This can facilitate better flow around the room and help you avoid nasty bumps and knocks.

The soft curves and lack of abrupt lines in round nightstands can create a more harmonious bedroom aesthetic, ideal for small bedrooms where visual lightness is needed.

Round Bedside tables Ideas
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Consider A Plant Stand As A Bedside Table Alternative

A plant stand used as a bedside table may seem an unconventional choice, but it can make a great alternative to a nightstand due to its small size.

They will not provide you with any closed storage like a standard-style nightstand; however, they will fit into a tight space and give you adequate space for your bedtime necessities. Many are lightweight, meaning they can easily be moved around your room as a convenient side table.

A Plant Stand As A Bedside Table Alternative
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Clip-on Nightstand Ideas For Small Bedrooms

Clip-on bedside shelves and caddies are a game changer for tiny bedrooms that cannot fit a nightstand next to the bed. They provide a practical storage spot for important bedtime items whilst using virtually no space.

Some can be folded away during the day or taken off and stored away, freeing up the space in your bedroom when needed.

Unique nightstand ideas
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