27 Affordable Open Wardrobe Ideas For Small Bedrooms

Open wardrobe ideas

Say farewell to your bulky wardrobe and unlock the potential of your small space with these stylish open wardrobe ideas for small bedrooms.

With soaring house prices and urban living now the norm, it’s no surprise that many of us find ourselves living in tiny homes or contemplating a move into one. But while the trend of small-space living may look appealing from the outside, it comes with its fair share of challenges.

Among these challenges is storage, and whilst retail therapy continues to bring us joy, it will likely remain a struggle we face when living in a compact space.

The good news is there are numerous creative ways to maximise your tiny home, and one of the most promising places to start is with your bedroom wardrobe.

In this post, we’ll explore budget-friendly ways of transforming your wardrobe setup. From floor-to-ceiling wardrobes to sleek minimalist clothes racks, these 27 open wardrobe ideas have something for every style.

Small open wardrobe ideas
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The best affordable open wardrobe ideas for a small bedroom

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Is it a good idea to have an open wardrobe?

Opting for an open wardrobe can be a great choice. Open closets make it easy to access your clothing and encourage better organisation since everything is on display. However, it is important to be aware that without doors, clothing is exposed to dust and dirt, which can result in the need for more frequent cleaning.

Ultimately, the decision whether an open wardrobe is suitable for you depends on your lifestyle and preferences. Open wardrobes can offer an aesthetic way of storing and organising clothes, whereas traditional-style closets offer privacy and protection. A hybrid solution that combines both open and closed storage, can serve as an ideal compromise since it provides the aesthetic appeal of an open wardrobe and the privacy and protection for items you’d prefer to keep out of sight.

Open closet ideas
Photo by Amanda Vick on Unsplash

1. The sleek small-space wardrobe

This stylish clothes rack looks much more expensive than it is. It boasts a small closed cupboard, perfect for stowing away smaller items, while its shelves offer a convenient home for neatly folded clothing.

2. Customisable open closets

As part of a modular series consisting of five different wardrobes, this open wardrobe concept allows for endless customisation for different storage needs.

The top pelmet means blinds or curtains can be integrated within the solution, providing the option to hide away your wardrobe when you want to.

For added drama, consider positioning this open wardrobe against a wallpapered wall. The absence of a back panel means you’ll be able to see the wallpaper behind your clothes. 

3. The Industrial-style open wardrobe

A small bedroom doesn’t mean you need to compromise on storage space. The lack of a boxy frame makes this industrial-style open wardrobe ideal for small spaces since it requires minimal depth.

It also contains multiple rails making it perfect for couples or the dedicated shopaholic.

4. Understated Scandi-Style Clothes Storage

Thanks to its slender design, this minimalistic birch clothes rack is ideal for compact bedrooms. The handy shelf provides a perfect spot for stacking storage boxes, while the space beneath the shelf can be utilised for shoe storage.

Make use of the extra rail space that stylishly protrudes on either side for hanging bags and scarves.

5. The Best small space Open wardrobe for couples

This chic clothes rack from Amazon is an excellent open wardrobe idea for couples. It comes pre-divided into two separate halves, putting an end to disagreements over space allocation.

6. Simple Hanging clothes rails

For a budget-friendly open closet idea, keep things simple by mounting one or two of these industrial clothes rails on your bedroom walls. Enhance storage capacity by adding a chest of drawers below.

7. The moveable wardrobe

While castors might seem like an unnecessary feature for an open wardrobe, their flexibility becomes invaluable in small spaces. Easily move this open wardrobe aside to free up floor space (think extra room for workouts or yoga sessions), or roll it away for occasional deep cleaning.

8. The Chic and Airy open Closet

Larger than your standard clothes rail, this wardrobe provides ample hanging space for clothing. The subtle infusion of wood on its shelves adds a touch of warmth, elevating its visual appeal.

The s-shaped hooks on either side are a thoughtful addition, perfect for stowing bags, scarves and jackets.

9. A Shopping lover’s dream

This open closet idea boasts two rails, making it an ideal choice for those with an extensive clothing collection and limited bedroom space.

This clothes rail can look heavy when full, so carefully curate your clothing collection to ensure it looks stylish and organised. At the end of this article, I share some tips on how to keep an open wardrobe looking impeccably tidy.

The Best Open Wardrobe Ideas From IKEA

10. The super functional wardrobe

You’ve likely heard of IKEA’s Pax wardrobe, and if you haven’t, you’ve certainly seen it before. But did you know that Pax is entirely modular, allowing you to customise it to fit your specific storage needs and budget?

So, if you want an open wardrobe simply omit the purchase of any doors. This is a great way to save space in a small bedroom, especially if you don’t have room for hinged doors to swing open.

11. Add a touch of Japanese flair

The Nordkisa wardrobe epitomises chic Japanese style and gives the impression of being far more expensive than it is. Although not completely open, the gaps on the sliding door offer the same sense of an open wardrobe while providing a touch of privacy for items that may not be as visually appealing.

Its low profile makes it an ideal choice for smaller rooms, as it occupies less visual space, creating an open and airy ambience in the bedroom.

12. Divide Your room in style

One of the best things about IKEA is its extensive range of modular furniture. When you’re living in a small home, furniture that allows you to tailor it to fit your limited space becomes a game-changer.

The Elvarli range is modular and can be customised to meet your unique needs. Anchored to both the floor and ceiling, it can seamlessly integrate into various areas of your home and works wonders as a room divider.

13. The open wardrobe for small budgets

If you’re searching for a cheap open wardrobe idea from IKEA you will love the Joaxel range. Its modular design means you can tailor its configuration to suit your needs and it is super affordable so it won’t break the bank.

14. The open wardrobe for even smaller budgets

Who would have thought you could buy a clothes rail for less than the cost of a large coffee and a slice of cake?

This budget-friendly clothes rail offers surprisingly generous hanging space for clothing. Combine a couple of these rails for your own simple open wardrobe solution.

15. A wardrobe for Clutter-Busting

This open wardrobe idea offers a more hybrid style wardrobe, seamlessly blending open and closed storage. Its chest of drawers provides ample storage space for small items, while the rail attached to the top offers substantial hanging space. Expand your open closet by combining multiple units.

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16. The Space-Savvy Open Closet idea

When space is at a premium, maximising a bedroom corner is a savvy way of utilising every inch of space. This modern industrial-style open wardrobe transforms into either a corner piece or a straight rack.

The poles are securely clamped between the floor and ceiling, offering the flexibility to position it snugly against the wall.

17. Cosy up your bedroom with warm wood accents

The addition of warm wood accents elevates this budget-friendly open wardrobe idea, giving it a high-quality appearance. Despite its modest footprint, the presence of numerous shelves gives the wardrobe ample storage capacity.

You can further maximise its storage capacity by incorporating large storage boxes on the top shelf, effectively unitising the space between the wardrobe and the ceiling.

Why not use these boxes to store your out-of-season clothing so that you have extra hanging room?

18. Add some industrial charm

Locker-style wardrobes are an engaging way of injecting some quirky charm into your bedroom decor. This stylish design from La Redoute incorporates some practical open shelving, perfect for storing folded clothes.

19. Open Wardrobe Artistry

Upon first glance, this open wardrobe idea looks more like a piece of art rather than a storage solution. Its curvaceous silhouette and unique design make it an ideal choice for anyone seeking to make a bold design statement in their bedroom.

Whether used as a room divider or positioned flush against the wall, this piece shines. 

To ensure your clothing complements the aesthetic of this clothes rack rather than detracts from it. Make sure you check out the end of this post for valuable tips on how to keep an open wardrobe looking tidy and stylish.

20. The Small yet mighty Garment rack

This small open closet idea boasts a small footprint making it a perfect fit for cosy bedrooms. Its stylish black frame will add a modern touch to your bedroom without overshadowing the rest of the room’s decor.

21. The effortlessly chic open wardrobe

Exuding a modern, sleek design, this clothes rail effortlessly radiates style through its elegantly simple design. Use it to showcase your favourite black and white clothing for a chic and refined appearance.

22. Organise in style with this mini open wardrobe

The low profile of this open wardrobe idea makes it a great fit for compact bedrooms, enhancing the sense of spaciousness and airiness within the room.

Unlike bulkier traditional wardrobes that tend to visually dominate small spaces, opting for smaller pieces like this can work wonders for making your bedroom feel bigger than it is.

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23. The humble clothing rail

This minimalist clothes rail offers ample storage capacity without a hefty price tag. With its straightforward design, it offers no-frills storage that is humbly functional.

24. The Dreamy bamboo Clothing Rack

Enhance your bedroom’s ambience with this chic bamboo clothes rack, which will add a touch of warmth to your bedroom decor.

Measuring a mere 90cm in width, it proves perfect for small bedrooms and would serve as a great addition to a guest bedroom as well.

25. The Multi-level garment rail

The dynamic shape of this clothes rail makes it one of my favourite open wardrobe ideas. Its varying height rails offer an ideal solution for organising your wardrobe by garment length, helping you catalogue your collection.

26. The sleek space-saver

At a width of just 60cm, this petite open bedroom wardrobe is a great choice for those challenging, awkward corners.

Available in both sleek black and pristine white, you have the freedom to opt for the colour that best suits your bedroom decor.

27. Boutique-Style Organisation

Boasting a striking black frame, this clothing rack would make a bold and versatile addition to either your bedroom or hallway. Plus, the inclusion of a convenient bench space offers you a comfy spot to contemplate your outfit of the day.

How can you make an open wardrobe look better?

The key to making an open wardrobe look aesthetically pleasing is to carefully curate how you organise your clothes. Consistency is key, so consider investing in matching hangers.  For clothing that shouldn’t be hung, take the time to fold them neatly before stacking them. Use your wardrobe as an opportunity to showcase your favourite accessories. Display hats on pegs, hang belts and let your best shoes bask in the spotlight.

Arranging your clothes by colour can be an easy and effective way of enhancing the visual appeal of your open closet. Likewise, placing smaller items in storage boxes can help reduce visual clutter and refine the overall appearance of your open wardrobe.

Top tips for avoiding a messy open wardrobe

  • Declutter and organise your clothing and accessories. An overcrowded wardrobe can give the impression of being messy.
  • Allow your garments to breathe by spacing out your hangers. Creating some room between each one is easier when your wardrobe is well-organised.
  • Free up space by seasonally rotating your clothing.
  • Organise your clothes by colour to create a visually appealing display.
  • Use matching hangers for a uniform and tiny appearance.
  • Use boxes or baskets to store smaller items neatly, reducing visual clutter.
  • For items that shouldn’t be hung, such as jeans or jumpers, fold them neatly and stack them on a shelf. If you struggle to keep on top of folding your clothes, consider using clothes baskets for storage instead.

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