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17 Beautiful Summer Outdoor Table Decor Ideas

Summer Outdoor Table Decor Ideas

Create unforgettable outdoor dinner parties with these lovely summer table decoration ideas.

Whether it’s early morning sunshine or gloriously warm evenings, there is something truly magical about summer. And there is nothing quite like grabbing a glass of Pimms and heading outside for some alfresco dining.

But whether you are cooking for two or entertaining a small army, having a beautiful summer tablescape can completely change the ambience of your outdoor dining.

In this post, I deep dive into all the best ways to create a beautiful summer table setting. From budget-friendly ideas that utilise items you already have to stunning table decor ideas that don’t even require a table. There is something for everyone, so grab your favourite summer cocktail and let’s dive in.

Outdoor table decor ideas
Photo by Anita Austvika on Unsplash

Outdoor Table Decor Ideas For Summer

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Choose A Colour Palette

Whether you prefer soft hues of blue that mimic a summer sky or vivid sunflower yellows, choosing a colour is an easy way to create a summer tablescape that feels consistent and considered.

You do not need to fill your table with decorative pieces in your chosen accent colour. Instead, opt for some key decorative pieces to showcase your colour palette. This could be a tablecloth, napkins, floral centrepieces or even your plates.

Blue outdoor table decor ideas
Photo by Anita Austvika on Unsplash

Create Ambience With Candles

Lighting a few candles as the sun sets and the twilight hour begins creates the perfect ambience. An evening summer table wouldn’t be complete without them. Pillar candles are some of my favourites as they instantly add a sense of grandeur to a dinner table.

Candles on outdoor summer table
Photo by tabitha turner on Unsplash

Elevate With A Summer Centrepiece

One of the best ways to elevate your summer table decor is through a beautiful summer centrepiece. A vibrant bouquet can be striking and elevate an otherwise plain outdoor table.

For a colourful table display try mixing an array of vibrant bouquets in a range of brightly coloured vases.

If you’d prefer a more subtle summer centrepiece choose an understated floral arrangement and place it in a simple, elegant vase.

Summer floral centrepiece

Cosy Up Your Table Decor With Lanterns

When placing candles on a table they can sometimes get lost amongst many plates, glasses, napkins and everything else needed for alfresco dining. Lanterns can be a wonderful way of anchoring your candles, giving them more weight on your table.

They can also be a much safer option since the exposed flames are more protected from accidents. 

Lanterns on summer outdoor table
Photo by Hannah Busing on Unsplash

Make Space For More Guests

For a more relaxing summer dinner party consider moving your table to down a level. This is a great way of accommodating more guests without spending a small fortune on extra chairs.

Place plenty of blankets and cushions around your table for a cosy aesthetic and to keep your guests warm if an evening breeze blows in.

Large summer outdoor table with cushions and blankets
Photo by tabitha turner on Unsplash

Decorate Your Summer Table With Salvaged Bottles

You don’t need to spend tonnes of money on table decor to create a striking summer table. Try utilising items that you might have in your recycling bin such as old glass wine bottles or glass jars. These can make beautiful vases for flowers or cute candle holders.

Salvaged bottles for table decor
Photo by Nadia Valko on Unsplash

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Add Elegance With A Lace Tablecloth

For a summer tablescape that looks delicate and feminine consider using a lace tablecloth as the backdrop for your outdoor dinner party. This simple idea will provide a soft and elegant appearance to your table whilst enhancing a summer floral theme.

If you can’t find a lace table cloth don’t stress! A net curtain is just as effective and will often cost a fraction of the price.

Outdoor table decor ideas

Get Creative With Your Outdoor table

You don’t need a dining table to host a dinner party. When you are not blessed with an abundance of sunny days like we are in the UK, investing in outdoor dining sets isn’t always at the top of our priorities. But that doesn’t mean you cannot host a summer get-together.

This unique and creative outdoor table idea is simple but functional. Its rustic vibe feels perfectly appropriate for its natural surroundings. Place cushions around the perimeter for extra comfort for your guests.

Outdoor table made from wooden pallets
Photo by Mariah Hewines on Unsplash

Decorate With flowers from the garden

Summer is a great time to embrace nature and utilise what we have and what better way of decorating your summer table than to use freshly picked flowers?

Forage your garden and see what delicate displays you can create. This budget-friendly table decor idea is cost-effective and will make a great addition to your indoor decor when you are finished with outdoor dining.

Table decor idea made for garden flowers
Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Add Gold Accents For A Luxe Look

Gold accents on a dining table can instantly elevate the appearance of a table. Consider enhancing the appeal of your summer table with gold cutlery to add an elegant and opulent appearance to your outdoor table setting.

To create a table that feels gorgeously sophisticated complete the look with gold candle holders and delicate gold napkin rings. The best thing about gold accents like these is they can be used on your table all year round making them a worthy investment.

Outdoor table decor ideas with gold decor accessories
Photo by Eddy Lee on Unsplash

Make Your Dishes Stand Out With Natural Placemats

I love it when a table setting suits its surroundings, which is why I love choosing natural materials for my summer outdoor table decor. Pieces such as rattan placemats provide a striking backdrop to white dinnerware and are a fitting choice for an outdoor table.

Keep the theme of natural materials running across your dining table by choosing linen napkins and a centrepiece made from natural foliage.

Natural placemats on outdoor summer dining table
Photo by Shayna Douglas on Unsplash

Decorate above Your Outdoor table

If you are blessed with trees and high bushes in your garden consider extending your table decor above your table. This will create a striking visual impression drawing the eye away from the low level of the dining table. 

To capture the summer vibe and craft a cosy atmosphere for your outdoor dining try hanging decorative lanterns, string lights, colourful paper lanterns, or even a canopy of lightweight fabric for a breezy and festive ambience.

Summer table decorations
Photo by Katrien Sterckx on Unsplash

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Utilise dry foliage For Your Table Decor

Dried foliage is a great way of adding an organic touch to your outdoor tablescape without attracting an ambulance of insects. Its longevity surpasses that of fresh flowers, making it a practical choice as a decorative piece that lasts longer than one dinner party.

Dried foliage on summer table
Photo by Silvia Mara on Unsplash

use what you Already Have At Hand

You don’t need to head to the shops to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor table. We often have a home full of lovely items that can be utilised to make your table more appealing.

The key is to think outside the box and look at the form of the items floating around your house rather than their function.

A few carefully placed lemons lift the appearance of this otherwise plain table dressing. The overall look is simple but the pop of colour adds a hint of interest.

Summer table decorations
Photo by Guillaume de Germain on Unsplash

Embrace Pink For Your Outdoor Dining

While pink may not be the first colour that comes to mind for outdoor table decor, it can still create a striking visual impression. Rather than one pink floral arrangement this beautiful table decor combines multiple for a bold look.

Combining the floral arrangements with a sheer pink table runner styled in a relaxed way gives the whole table a more whimsical appearance which is enhanced by the delicate embellishments and detailing of the plates and glasses.

Pink summer table decorations
Photo by Alba Rebecca on Unsplash

Choose Natural Fibres For Your Outdoor Textiles

When it comes to outdoor dining natural textures frequently look best in outdoor environments and pair beautifully with wooden tables. Use tablecloths, table runners and napkins made from natural fibres such as linen for a relaxed summer vibe.

Natural outdoor table decoration for summer
Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

Showcase Summer Meals On Elegant plates

Delicate-looking dinnerware beautifully complements the light and airy atmosphere of summer dining. Their elegant appearance adds a touch of refinement to outdoor settings, enhancing the overall aesthetic.

Delicate plates can look particularly striking when vibrant summer dishes are served from them, so make a perfect choice for the summer months when you are more likely to tuck into rainbow-coloured salads.

Outdoor table decoration for summer
Photo by Anita Austvika on Unsplash

What can you put in the middle of an outdoor table?

You can place many items in the centre of your outdoor table to create a focal point and add a personal touch to your table decor. Some of the best items to use are:

  • A centrepiece made of fresh flowers either collected from your garden or brought from your local shop
  • Lanterns or a cluster of candles (these look particularly beautiful during twilight dining)
  • An assortment of succulents or potted plants
  • A collection of summer decorative items such as sea shells anchored in a decorative vase or bowl

How do you make an outdoor table setting look more expensive?

There are many ways to transform your outdoor table setting to make it look elegant and expensive-looking, here are some of my top tips:

  • Invest in elegant table linen. Use clean tablecloths and table runners in neutral colours. Ensure they are wrinkle-free for a crisp look.
  • Create a statement centrepiece to elevate the appearance of your table and create a focal point.
  • Don’t forget the small touches such as folded napkins, personalised place cards or individual menu cards. Add in details such as napkin rings and drink coasters for an elevated layered table decor.
  • When creating a sophisticated outdoor table setting that looks expensive, less is often more. Opt for the minimalistic approach by avoiding clutter and excessive decorations.

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