17 Best Small Bedroom Mirror Ideas To Maximise Space

Small bedroom mirror ideas

Transform your small bedroom with one of these small bedroom mirror ideas.

Mirrors are indispensable in any home, especially in the bedroom. Whether you’re using them for outfit checks, to create the illusion of more space or as a decorative element on your wall, mirrors are magical multitaskers that offer both functionality and style.

However, fitting a mirror alongside other essentials in smaller bedrooms can be challenging. In this post, I explore the best small bedroom mirror ideas to help you find a creative way of adding a mirror to your small space.

The best Small Bedroom Mirror Ideas

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Add mirrored furniture to create the illusion of space

Introducing mirrored furniture into your small bedroom will help create the illusion of an open and airy space.

Items like mirrored dressers or nightstands add a touch of luxury while offering practical storage. The mirrored surfaces prevent them from appearing bulky and, by reflecting light, contribute to the perception of more space.

Mirrored bedroom furniture

Mirrored Wardrobe Doors

Opting for a wardrobe with mirrored doors or replacing your closet doors with mirrored ones is a practical way of incorporating a mirror into a small bedroom without requiring additional space.

Small bedroom mirror ideas
Photo by Helen Shi on Unsplash

Mirrored wardrobe doors are typically long, making them perfect for final outfit inspections.

Mirrored bedroom furniture

Stick-on Mirrors For Wardrobe doors

Mirrors with adhesive backing offer an easy, budget-friendly solution to transform an existing wardrobe door into a mirrored one. This option is particularly great for renters who cannot hang items on their walls.

Budget-friendly bedroom mirror ideas

Maximise space with a hook-on mirror

Utilising the back of your bedroom door by opting for a mirror that conveniently hooks over is a great solution for making the most of unused space.

This type of mirror requires no installation (yes, no pesky screws in the wall) and offers the flexibility to be easily picked up and moved, making it the perfect choice for nomadic renters or students.

Bedroom mirrors with storage

Combine mirror and storage on your bedroom door

Some hook-on door mirrors go the extra mile by incorporating hidden storage, a feature most small bedrooms can benefit from.

This hook-on mirror has ample storage for jewellery and cosmetics and even has a battery-powered light, making it perfect for flawless makeup application. It would be a practical and stylish addition to any compact bedroom.

Bedroom mirrors with storage

Elevate your bedroom decor with a mirror above your headboard

Enhance your bedroom’s visual appeal by placing a decorative mirror above the headboard. Not only does it make a bold statement, but it also redirects attention from limited space to the focal point—the bed. This can be particularly effective in balancing the room, especially if one side features large, bulkier furniture like wardrobes.

Decorative bedroom mirror ideas
Photo by Gus Tu Njana on Unsplash

Opt for a decorative mirror that demands attention like this beautiful gold starburst mirror from La Redoute.

Decorative bedroom mirror ideas

Looking For More Mirror Ideas

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Find a multifunctional mirror for your bedroom

Every bedroom could benefit from more storage, especially smaller ones. As an Interior Designer, I’ve learned that multifunctional furniture is indispensable in tiny homes and that every piece of furniture can be enhanced to do more.

Mirrors that boast storage are an ideal way of utilising space that may otherwise be overlooked.

Small bedroom mirror ideas

Utilise the versatility of a free-standing mirror

Even if wall space is limited in your bedroom, incorporating a large mirror is still possible with free-standing mirrors.

Their versatility allows you to add them anywhere and easily move them around to free up space when needed. They are a practical and adaptable choice for optimising space in a small bedroom.

Small bedroom mirror ideas
Photo by Kate Trifo on Unsplash

Small bedroom mirror ideas

Choose a free-standing mirror with storage

Free-standing mirrors often come equipped with practical storage solutions integrated around the mirror’s stand.

Some feature clothes rails, which are ideal for airing clothes between wears or as an extension of your wardrobe space. Other free-standing mirrors boast shelves, providing a convenient storage spot for toiletries and cosmetics.

Mirror ideas with storage
Mirror ideas with storage

For tiny bedrooms, opt for a slim full-length mirror

In spaces with limited wall availability, a super-slim full-length mirror offers all the advantages of a standard mirror without requiring extensive room.

Slim bedroom mirror ideas
Photo by Beazy on Unsplash

With a width of just 20cm, this slim mirror seamlessly fits into tight spaces and small gaps and still offers a full-length reflection.

Slim bedroom mirror ideas

Make A Statement With A Mirrored Wall

Transforming an entire wall with mirrors is a fun and distinctive way to incorporate mirrors into a small bedroom. Beyond making a bold statement, a mirrored wall can visually enlarge the room, creating a sense of spaciousness.

Opt for lightweight mirrors that can be easily stuck onto the wall for hassle-free application.

Decorative bedroom mirror ideas

Mount a mirror above your dressing table

Placing a mirror above your dressing table is a timeless and practical choice, given that it’s a common spot for getting ready.

Small bedroom mirror ideas

When selecting your bedroom mirror, opt for one that multitasks. Hidden storage, a convenient shelf, or hooks can all prove beneficial in a small bedroom in need of more storage.

Small bedroom mirror ideas with storage
Mirror ideas with storage

Place a free-standing mirror on your bedroom’s dressing table

If wall mounting isn’t feasible, fear not. There are plenty of small, free-standing mirrors designed for placement on top of a dressing table or dresser.

Many are compact, taking up minimal surface space, and some even come with additional features like built-in lights or storage.

Dressing table mirror ideas
Dressing table mirror ideas

Utilise unused walls by hanging mirrors above your bedside tables

In a small bedroom with limited space, reconsider how you utilise the wall space above your existing furniture.

While unconventional, placing mirrors above your bedside tables can be both functional and stylish. It provides a handy spot for checking your reflection and creates a focal point for your bed area.

Opt for identical mirrors above both nightstands to create symmetry and balance.

Small bedroom mirror ideas
Photo by Sidekix Media on Unsplash

Top tip for rooms with lower ceilings: Use long, narrow mirrors above your bedside tables to draw the eye upward and to create the illusion of more space.

Small bedroom mirror ideas

Create zones in your small bedroom with a mirrored room divider

Introduce a mirrored room divider to create distinct and separate areas within your bedroom.

In smaller living spaces, various activities often take place in a single room. A room divider can be effective in creating dedicated zones for these activities.

The mirrored surface not only prevents the divider from feeling imposing but also minimises its visual impact, helping maintain a sense of openness in your small bedroom.

Room divider mirrors

Lean a mirror against the wall

For a stylish addition to a small bedroom, consider leaning a full-length mirror against the wall. This creates a casual and laid-back aesthetic while delivering the functional benefits of a larger mirror.

Bedroom ideas with mirrors
Photo by Shashi Chaturvedula on Unsplash

Mirrors for small bedroom
Mirrors for small bedroom

Add personality with a mirrored wall collage

Inject personality into your small bedroom by crafting a unique mirrored wall collage using an assortment of smaller decorative mirrors. Arrange them to your liking or mix them with picture frames for a personalised wall display.

Decorative small bedroom mirror ideas
Photo by Milada Vigerova on Unsplash

This bedroom mirror idea works wonders above a headboard or on a blank wall in need of a decorative touch.

Small wall mirror ideas
Small wall mirror ideas

What are the benefits of using mirrors in a small space?

Using a mirror in a small space can offer many benefits, both practical and aesthetic. One of the most common advantages is a mirror’s ability to create the illusion of space. By reflecting the existing surroundings, mirrors can visually expand a room, making it feel more spacious.

Placing a mirror strategically near a window can help amplify natural light, brightening the room and making a small space more inviting. This can also reduce the need for extra lighting or harsh overhead lights.

A well-placed mirror can help shift attention away from less appealing features or awkward corners in a small bedroom, contributing to a better-balanced feel.

Where to put a mirror in a bedroom?

Where to put a mirror in a bedroom depends on the purpose of your mirror. Its placement can have a significant impact on the aesthetic and functionality of your space. If you intend to use your mirror to check your outfit, keep it close to your wardrobe. Similarly, if you plan to use your bedroom mirror for makeup application, keep it near your cosmetic storage or dresser.

For smaller bedrooms, strategically position a mirror directly opposite your window to harness and reflect natural light into the room. This not only enhances brightness but also creates an illusion of more space, making it an ideal solution for darker bedrooms with limited natural light.

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