15 Creative Small Bedroom Office Ideas

Small bedroom office ideas

Make working from home a breeze with these smart home office ideas for a small bedroom.

Having an extra room dedicated to an Instagram-worthy home office is the dream. Unfortunately, for most of us, that dream isn’t likely to be a reality anytime soon. Instead, we’re often left trying to squeeze a workstation into an existing room.

The good news is that a lack of space doesn’t mean you have to compromise on having a stylish home office. There are many creative ways to add a functional work zone to your small home.

In this post, I’ll share smart ways of incorporating an office space into a small bedroom without compromising style or function. Whether it’s an awkward nook in your primary bedroom or a few free inches in a guest room, these small bedroom office ideas will help you create a chic home office in the space you have available.

Small bedroom office ideas
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Small Bedroom Office Ideas

Use Multifunctional Furniture

One of the best ways to maximise functionality in a small room is with multifunctional furniture. Replacing your bedside table with a desk is a great way to double your furniture’s purpose since it can serve as both a workspace and nightstand, reducing the need for additional pieces.

Multifunctional bedroom office ideas
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Size Down Your Small Bedroom Desk

Where space is limited, choose a smaller desk. Most desks are typically 100cm in width or wider, but some can be found as small as 80cm. These smaller desks are much better suited to tiny spaces or awkward nooks and still provide enough surface space for a laptop.

Top tip: When your bedroom is small and floor space is limited, opt for a desk chair that can tuck underneath the desk when not being used. This will maximise your available floor space. Avoid chairs with arms, as they can be tricky to tuck away.

Small desk ideas for bedroom
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Utilise Awkward Nooks

Small, unused nooks and corners can be found in most homes and are often underutilised. But when space is limited and you need a home office, these awkward corners can prove extremely useful.

In this bedroom, this small nook has been transformed with built-in furniture to create a convenient work area. They have even squeezed in some easy-access storage shelves under the window frame, making the most of the low-level space. Genius!

Built-in bedroom desk idea
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Maximise Space Under Your Bedroom Desk

A common request interior designers hear when designing small bedrooms is the need for more storage. That’s why my biggest tip for your small bedroom office is to consider a desk with built-in storage.

The type of storage you choose should depend on what you need to store. Drawers are great for organising smaller items such as stationery and notebooks, while cupboards or large filing drawers are best for folders and paperwork.

Bedroom office desk with storage
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Double Up Its Function

In a small bedroom, it’s not uncommon for a dressing table to double as a home office. This can work wonderfully if there is enough storage space to keep everything organised when it’s not in use.

Look for a dressing table or desk with adequate storage for both your cosmetics and your work essentials like a laptop and notebooks. This makes switching your desk from a dressing table to a workspace much easier.

Small bedroom layout with desk

Benefit From A Bedroom Office On Wheels

Furniture in your home doesn’t need to be static. When space is at a premium, furniture that can be easily moved around can be hugely beneficial.

Choosing a desk on castors offers many advantages. When not being used, you can roll the desk into a corner or against a wall, freeing up valuable floor space for other activities. A desk on wheels can also be relocated to a more productive spot, whether that’s nearer natural light, power sockets, or simply a more spacious area.

Bedroom office workstation on wheels
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Rethink Your Small Bedroom Layout

When it comes to small spaces, sometimes the only way to fit everything you need is to think outside the box. An unconventional bedroom layout could be the solution to your small bedroom office prayers.

In this tiny bedroom, a loft bed has been used to free up valuable space below, which has then been transformed into a mini home office. This clever bedroom office idea is a great way to squeeze a desk into the tiniest of bedrooms.

Small bedroom layout with desk
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Opt For A Narrower Desk

Instead of choosing a standard-size desk, consider a narrower design. A shallow desk takes up minimal floor space while still providing ample width, ensuring it doesn’t look disproportionate within your bedroom. This way, you have plenty of space to spread out your supplies while working (yes, including countless coffee mugs).

Narrow home bedroom office ideas
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Make Use Of Window Space

The space in front of our windows is often underutilised. But when your bedroom is small, making the most of every available space is essential.

If you’re struggling to fit an office desk into your bedroom, consider placing it in front of a window. This not only makes use of an otherwise forgotten space but also provides a well-lit area to work.

Top tip: Free up surface space on your desk by opting for a floor light instead of a desk lamp.

Bedroom desk in front of window
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Choose A Bedroom Desk That Adapts To Your Needs

Fitting furniture into small rooms can be tricky, which is why adaptable furniture is a great solution. Smaller tables that extend to increase the surface space are a genius way of adding larger pieces into smaller spaces. 

An extendable table provides the perfect solution when you need more workspace. When not in use, it can be tucked away, freeing up valuable space and helping the desk appear less bulky and intrusive.

Mini desk ideas for small room
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Maximise The Wall Behind Your Small Bedroom Desk

A small bedroom office doesn’t mean you have to compromise on storage. Make the most of the space behind your small desk with wall storage.

Cleverly designed pegboards provide amazing storage for essentials without taking up important desk space. This keeps your bedroom home office free from visual clutter, creating a much better environment for working from home.

Storage ideas for bedroom office
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The All-in-one Bedroom office

Create a seamless bedroom aesthetic by designing a bespoke setup that incorporates all the functions your bedroom needs into one streamlined piece of furniture.

In this modern bedroom, every inch of space has been put to work with built-in shelves and overhead storage. Painting the wall storage the same colour as the walls prevents it from feeling intrusive and bulky and is a genius way of making the furniture visually disappear.

Unique desk ideas for bedroom
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Stylish Ladder Desks

Ladder desks are a small space winner. Their slimline design makes use of vertical space, providing convenient shelves for extra storage or decorative items to liven up your workday.

Small bedroom with desk ideas
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Choose A Material That Matches Its Surroundings

In small bedrooms, visual weight matters. Selecting a desk in a similar colour or material to its surroundings is a smart way to create a visually balanced space. This prevents your workstation from dominating the room and keeps the space feeling open and spacious.

Modern ideas for small bedroom office
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Introduce Curve Appeal with a Corner Desk

Choose a corner desk with a soft, curved shape to maximise space in an unused corner. A corner desk helps establish a dedicated work zone within your bedroom while making the most of available space.

Top tip: When multiple activities take place in one room, zoning is an effective way to create dedicated areas. Consider using rugs to define these zones within your bedroom.

Spare bedroom office ideas
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