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41 Creative Spring Decor Ideas For 2023

Spring Decor Ideas

Reawaken your home this season with these simple spring decorating ideas.

From brighter days to flowers blooming, the arrival of spring is undeniably one of the best times of the year. After months of cold, dreary days and a season of hibernation under mountains of blankets, our homes are often left crying out for a spring spruce up. So what better way to welcome the new season than a refresh of the home?

From simple spring foliage to seasonal wall colours these spring decor ideas will have you bouncing to breathe new life into your home and will show you exactly how to decorate for spring.

Spring Decor Ideas

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1. Bring Plants Indoors

Awaken your home by bringing the outside in with an abundance of potted plants. Plants can help improve our home’s air quality so incorporating them into your spring decor is a great way of creating a healthier home this season.

Spring decor ideas
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

2. Spring Wall Decor

For a budget-friendly spring decor idea try replacing your prints with something more seasonally relevant. Frames are an easy and cheap way of giving your home a new look but are often overlooked in favour of more drastic changes.

Spring prints in frames

3. Update your bedding

Revive your bedroom decor with some fresh, new bed linen. Spring is all about colour so it is the perfect time to incorporate bold, playful prints into your bedroom. Statement bedlinen is a great starting point for a bedroom refresh. Allow the vivid colours of the print to influence the rest of your room’s decor choices for a cohesive appearance.

Spring bedroom decor ideas

4. Pack away your winter duvet

With warmer temperatures appearing around April our high tog duvets are usually no longer needed. So pack away your winter bedding and embrace lighter linen and a lower tog duvet.

How to prepare for spring
Photo by SANDRA REI on Unsplash

5. Add A Spring Hue To Your Walls

Say goodbye to winter blues by updating your walls with a new paint colour. Spring is the perfect time for redecorating. Not only is it warm enough to air paint fumes out of the house it also isn’t too hot for the physical labour involved in redecorating.

Spring wall colours

6. wallpaper an accent wall

If you want spring home decor ideas that require a little less effort but still have tonnes of impact try wallpapering an accent wall. This jungle-inspired print will definitely wake you up from your winter hibernation.

Wallpaper accent wall

7. Add A Seasonal scent

It is time to say goodbye to those heavy, comforting winter aromas we often gravitate to during autumn and winter. New scents that capture the freshness of spring are a great budget-friendly way of lifting the mood of your home. Try a subtle floral scent like jasmine or something softer such as cotton.

Seasonal scents
Photo by Anastasia Anastasia on Unsplash

8. Fresh Spring foliage

If vases full of spring flowers aren’t your cup of tea you may prefer some simple spring foliage. A vase full of eucalyptus could be all you need to create a spring-inspired home. 

Spring table decor

9. Let Spring Inspire Your table setting

Tweaking the way you decorate your dining table is a spring decor idea that requires little effect. A palm leaf that accompanies a placemat adds a new dimension to this table and a little foliage tucked into the cutlery makes the fresh white plates stand out against their backdrop.

Spring table decor

10. Say yes to alfresco dining

Nothing says summer is almost here more than eating meals outside. Prepare your garden or balcony this spring so that you are always ready to head outside at mealtimes when the sun decides to shine. Stash a basket of blankets and seat cushions by your back door to ensure a little spring chill doesn’t keep you inside.

Spring table decor

11. change Your cushion covers

Switching cushion covers is one of the easiest and most affordable spring decor ideas. Perfect for a living room refresh, changing the covers of your cushions can make a huge difference to the visual impression of your space. Opt for lighter colours, pastels or floral patterns to capture the feeling of spring.

Living room spring home decor

12. switch out winter blankets

With the temperatures slowly rising the need for thick blankets becomes less and they can often become a dust-collecting pain when left lying around. Therefore switching your winter wool blankets in favour of something lighter is a great way to prepare your home for spring.

How to prepare for spring
Photo by Svitlana on Unsplash

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13. Add A Little easter charm

It’s hard not to think of Easter when thinking of springtime. Try adding in some easter inspired home decor for a fun and creative way of updating your home for the new season.  DIY eggs hung from foliage is a simple and classic way of adding some easter charm to your spring home decor.

Spring DIY decor
Photo by Kaja Reichardt on Unsplash

14. Create An easter display

If subtle isn’t your style go all out with an easter inspired display. This spring decor idea is great for anyone who loves to embrace holiday decor and isn’t afraid of getting creative.

Spring DIY decor
Photo by Monika Grabkowska on Unsplash

15. decorate with Spring pastels

Pastel hues are a springtime favourite and it is easy to see why. Their soft, light tones reflect the refreshing feel of the season and provoke a feeling of energy. They become a happy contrast compared to the darker tones we are used to seeing throughout winter. For a calming interior, pair a pastel shade like this soft pink with plenty of white furniture.

Spring decor ideas

16. Opt For full brights with a Bold Spring Decor palette

Bright colours are a firm favourite for spring and can carry your interior decor through to summertime. Bright yellows are a particularly great choice as they often evoke a feeling of optimism and energy, perfect for capturing that spring feeling. For a budget-friendly way of injecting some yellow into your interior, try painting some old furniture.

Spring home decor
Photo by Shahram Anhari on Unsplash

17. Choose lighter window dressing For Spring

Thick window dressing is ideal during the colder months because they help keep drafts at bay and create a cosy, homely feel. But they can often overwhelm a room during spring when you want to embrace the outdoors. For that reason, we love to change curtains during spring to something lighter in colour and material to allow as much light and air to pass into a room.

How to prepare for spring
Photo by Hutomo Abrianto on Unsplash

18. Embrace A Spring declutter

What better way to welcome a new season than to say goodbye to unwanted items? Spring cleaning has long-standing roots in history and it can be a hugely effective way of revitalising your home. Longer days often bring with them a boost of energy so what better time to give your home a thorough declutter? These bedroom organisation tips will help you tackle one of the most cluttered and stressful areas of the home.

How to prepare for spring

19. organise the kitchen

Our kitchens often take a beating over the festive season and can be left feeling disorganised after the influx of food and drink and lots of home-cooked meals. A deep cleaning and reorganisation is a great way of refreshing the kitchen and is an ideal place to start decluttering the home if you are feeling overwhelmed by the prospect.

How to prepare for spring
Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

20. Add Some Spring Decor To Your Coffee Table

With most coffee tables situated in the centre of the living room, what better place could there be to bring in a little spring home decor? Large surfaces such as coffee tables are perfect locations for adding decorative accessories to reflect the season. For some simple coffee table styling add a big bunch of spring flowers.

Spring decor ideas
Photo by karin boon on Unsplash

21. A hint of bamboo

Bring a handcrafted feel to your home decor with the natural texture of bamboo. The warm tones of this material add depth to this cosy bedroom giving it a relaxed beachy vibe.

Spring decor ideas
Photo by Julia Evans on Unsplash

22. Spring Decorating Ideas For The Office

With many of us still working from home bringing in some spring decorating ideas for the office is sure to help shake off the last of the winter blues. So ignite productivity with a warm hue on your walls and perk up your desk decor with some pretty art cards and a seasonal floral arrangement. Remember to keep it simple and clutter-free for maximum productivity.

Spring decorating ideas for the office

23. botanical prints

Embrace the prints of the season with delicate botanical wallpaper. The dusty blue panelling balances the complexity of this botanical wallpaper creating a more classic, calming feel to the space. The pink tones of the cushions can be found within the wallpaper creating a cohesive look.

Spring design ideas

24. Spring Decor Ideas For The bathroom

When sprinkling a little spring home decor into your home don’t forget about your bathroom. Create your own sanctuary with textiles in understated tones, a stylish storage stool and some cosy candles. Because the ritual of ‘cosy me time’ is just as important in spring as it is in winter.

Spring decorating ideas for the bathroom

25. brighten the kitchen with fruit & Herbs

Freshen up the look of your kitchen with some new worktop styling. Soft tones of wood sit beautifully next to the crisp white of these tiles and pops of green add a lively appearance to this spring decor idea.

Affordable spring decor

26. embrace Some Spring outdoor living

Although it may not be time to fully commit to outdoor living, refreshing your outdoor space with new furniture is a great way of embracing some impromptu spring sunshine. Opt for easy-to-clean, water-resistant plastics so that you are always prepared for those unexpected spring showers.

Spring home decor
Photo by Tessa Wilson on Unsplash

27. pack away winter clothes

Streamline your wardrobe and free up precious space by packing away winter clothes. Store your out-of-season clothing such as knitted jumpers and scarves in boxes and hide them away. Your wardrobe will be more organised and it will be much easier to see your spring attire.

How to prepare for spring

28. Spring Decor Ideas For The Front door

Give the outside of your home a seasonal makeover with a freshly painted front door. Opt for a beautiful spring hue such as this lilac shade or be bold with a mood-boosting shade of yellow. Frame your new spring front door with some potted plants and add a new doormat to complete the look.

Spring decor for front door
Photo by Bruno Martins on Unsplash

29. rethink Your bedside table dressing

Don’t let your bedside table decor become static and dull. Refresh it for the season with some spring-inspired decor so that you always have something beautiful to wake up to. This spring foliage picks up the plum tones of the wallpaper creating a well balanced appearance.

Bedroom spring decor ideas

30. start collecting Your shower water

With drier days on the way, spring is a great time to start collecting water to revive the garden as it begins to dry out. Embrace a new sustainable habit and place a bucket near your shower so that you are always ready to collect excess water whilst you run the shower.

How to prepare for spring

31. Create Your Own Spring door wreath

Welcome guests to your home with some spring decor for the front door. This cute DIY easter wreath is the perfect weekend project to release your inner creativity.

Spring decor for front door
Photo by Roger Bradshaw on Unsplash

32. Add Some Spring Home Decor To Your Dining Table

Turn your dining table into a floral oasis with a new spring centrepiece. A floral centrepiece is an ideal way of lifting your table decor even when your table is not being used for entertaining. For a relaxed appearance choose a bouquet with plenty of mixed green foliage.

Spring home decor
Photo by Kelsey Curtis on Unsplash

33. refresh Your rugs

Revamp your dining or living room decor for spring with a new rug in a joyful shade of yellow. This eye-catching rug adds a whole new dimension to this room. Opt for rugs that are thinner so that you can easily store them away when you fancy a new look.

Spring decorating ideas

34. spring bar cart

Rethink your bar cart by giving it a new purpose this season. Choose one activity for your trolley to amplify its appearance like this stylish coffee station bar cart.

Spring decorating ideas
Photo by Blake Carpenter on Unsplash

35. rearrange Your Living room furniture

Sometimes all it takes to revitalise your home is to give it a deep clean and rethink the layout of its furniture. Spring is the perfect time to rearrange your living room furniture to position seating towards the beautiful outdoors so that you have the best views of the blooming outside.

Affordable spring decor
Photo by Sarah khan on Unsplash

36. paint your own Spring Inspired Wall mural

Make over your bedroom with a DIY hand-painted wall mural. Wall murals are a fun way of injecting a unique design into your space without spending a fortune. Some sample pots of wall emulsion will be plenty of paint to create this bold, playful design.  Choose bedding with a similar motif for a cohesive appearance.

Affordable spring decor

37. Refresh Your mantel display

Boost your living room’s spring decor with some seasonal accents on your fireplace mantel. The mantel is a great spot for adding decorative accessories so take advantage of yours by adding in a spring bouquet, a seasonal garland or some easter inspired decor.

Spring decor ideas

38. display your Favourite Spring accessories

Instead of hiding your spring wardrobe staples behind closed doors, display them as key decorative pieces. A collection of hats can make a striking feature on your bedroom wall so don’t be afraid to display them. The more the better!

Budget-friendly spring decor

39. Choose Some New Art For Your Spring Decor Refresh

Switch wall canvas’ for something new to reinvent the appearance of your home this season. Large wall art such as canvas’ can create a big impact so it makes sense to change the design every now and then. For maximum impact keep it simple with one large canvas and leave plenty of breathing space around it to let it shine.

Spring decorating ideas

40. Update your furniture With Some Spring Prints

Avoid the need for any drastic design overhauls this spring by repurposing unused wallpaper and tired-looking furniture. Adding offcuts of wallpaper to old furniture is one of the most affordable spring decor ideas that requires little investment of money. Choose a seasonally relevant pattern and simply redo it when the next season rolls around.

Budget-friendly spring decor

41. Go All Out With natural textures

Find your inner zen with natural textures in calming neutral shades. This pared-back look is all about texture. Minimal colour and limited patterns give space for the textures to sing which has created a tranquil, light space with plenty of spring decor vibes.

Living room spring home decor
Photo by Kim Schouten on Unsplash

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