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11 Of The Best New IKEA Products You’ll Want In Your Bedroom

New IKEA Products You'll Want In Your Bedroom

With thousands of products to choose from it’s no wonder IKEA can be a little overwhelming to shop. Finding the best new IKEA products can be even harder.

After 6 years working for the home furnishing giant I have become somewhat of an expert in all things IKEA and can easily spot a hidden gem when it hits the shelves. With tonnes of great new products to choose from, this summer’s launch didn’t disappoint.

This season saw IKEA doing what it does best, creating simple yet beautiful Scandinavian-style products. The playful patterns and calming hues make this launch a dream destine for any bedroom. So explore this handpicked selection of the best new IKEA products for Summer 2022 to find your new IKEA favourite.

The best new IKEA products

New IKEA products

1. gurli cushion cover

If you’re a regular shopper in IKEA you’ll probably recognise the GURLI name. Each season usually sees a new colour added to the product family and this summer saw the addition of gorgeous light green, definitely my new favourite. This cushion cover looks great on its own or paired with some bold patterns.

2. oddny cushion cover

This playful cushion cover designed by textile designer Hannah Wilcox would be a great addition to any space. Pair it with the GURLI light green cushion (see above) to really make the lively pattern come to life.

IKEA new cushion cover
ODDNY cushion cover


When it comes to quickly refreshing your bedroom decor a new, fresh rug is a must-have. The fun design of VEJSTRUP will add character to your space whilst the neutral colour will create a calming feel. Long, narrow rugs like this are ideal for the side of a bed as a big rug is often wasted when hidden under a bedframe.

4. FEJKA Artificial plant

When it comes to plants I’d usually choose the real deal, but if I was to choose an artificial plant this Golden Pothos would definitely be the one.

Artificial plants are an instant winner if you are looking for no-maintenance greenery. They are often inexpensive and can completely transform the appearance of your space by adding an extra layer to your styling.

5. VRIGSTAD Mirror

The VRIGSTAD mirror is one of my favourite new IKEA products and a great addition to the range. If you want to inject a feeling of calm into your bedroom this mirror is for you. Introducing the powerful influence of nature through natural fibres will help create a tranquil bedroom you’ll never want to leave.

6. TREDANSEN blind

Smart gadgets are quickly becoming an essential for every home so it is no surprise to see more smart products in IKEA’s new range. The TREDANSEN blind comes with a handy little remote or can be controlled through a dedicated app, or your Amazon Alexa or Google. A smart blind in your bedroom will make waking up in the morning a whole lot easier.

7. PLOGA Vertical hooks

I love the playful design of the new PLOGA wall rack. The moveable bars make the rail super versatile and the vertical design is ideal for awkward little spaces in your bedroom.

8. OLDERDALEN Bedside table

Despite being traditional in style the OLDERDALEN bedside table would be a winner in both a modern and traditional style bedroom. The mixture of both open and closed storage is ideal for an organised bedroom and with two levels of open storage, you’ll have an ample amount of surface space for a well-styled bedside table.

9. STUK clothes Storage

IKEA are great for creating smart storage products to organise your wardrobe. The STUK family has been in the range for a few years now but the introduction of this light green colour has really amplified its style. The calming shade of green will add a beautiful pop of colour to any wardrobe.

If you are looking for clever ways to organise your wardrobe definitely check out these bedroom organisation ideas.

10. KLYNNETÅG Duvet cover

I’m not usually a fan of bold pattern duvet covers but the KLYNNETAG cover is beautifully bold without being garish. This is one of the best duvet covers in the IKEA range right now and looks stunning when it is paired with birch wood. If you want to create a bedroom that is a Scandinavian dream this bedding is for you.

11. MOLNSKOG Wall Decoration

I’ve saved the best until last with this beautiful wall decoration. The MOLNSKOG decoration is handmade from palm leaf and would look great in any space. Hang it on its own or incorporate it into a photo collage to break up the harsh lines of rectangular frames.

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