15 Creative TV Stand Alternatives For Your Living Room

TV Stand Alternatives

Refresh your small living room with one of these creative ideas for a TV stand.

Your TV doesn’t have to be stuck on a bulky stand, especially if you’re like me and cherish some weekend screen time. There’s nothing quite like unwinding in front of your favourite show, but the chunky stand taking up precious space in my cosy apartment? Not a fan.

The good news? Times have changed. Gone are the days of needing a huge stand to support a massive television. Today’s TVs are sleek and feather-light, freeing us from the constraints of traditional stands.

So, whether you want your TV stand to do more than just house your television or are simply looking for a chic upgrade, this article has you covered. From clever corner units to multifunctional media centres, I share the best TV stand alternatives and explain why they’re perfect for small living spaces.

TV stand alternatives
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Unique TV Stand Alternatives

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Opt For A Sideboard

Sideboards, often associated with storing your fancy dinnerware in a dining room, are versatile pieces of furniture that get overlooked, especially in homes without a dedicated dining room. However, they can serve multiple functions, including housing your television. With ample storage space, sideboards make a great TV stand idea, especially for those needing extra storage.

Unique TV stand ideas

Before jumping into using a sideboard as your TV stand, it’s essential to consider the height. Sideboards typically stand around 75cm (29.5 inches) tall, which is notably taller than standard TV units. While this extra height can work well in larger rooms, it might not be ideal in smaller spaces where you’re seated closer to the screen, potentially resulting in uncomfortable viewing angles.

TV stand alternatives

Choose A Stylish Tripod TV stand

For a unique TV stand alternative consider a tripod stand. These distinctive stands are a stylish way of showcasing your TV, especially if you lack a wall to place your television in front of. Their sleek design will beautifully contribute to a modern, clean aesthetic in your home.

Many tripod TV stands boast the feature of being adjustable, providing the flexibility to angle the TV to your preferred position, ensuring everybody gets a good view.

TV stand alternatives

Maximise Your Walls With A TV Ladder

A TV ladder is an amazing alternative to a standard TV unit, particularly for those who prefer not to attach anything to their walls, like those renting. Unlike traditional TV benches, which can sometimes leave a large expanse of empty wall space above, this smart design fills the void without needing to drill any holes.

TV ladder idea

What’s more, the shelves on a TV ladder provide a practical space for storing items such as books or work well as a stylish display area for your favourite living room decor.

TV shelving unit ideas

Looking For More Small Living Room Ideas

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Save Space With A Console table

In small spaces, a console table can make a great TV stand alternative. Their narrower and more compact design makes them a perfect fit for smaller living spaces or rooms where floor space is at a premium. Plus, you’ll often find a wider choice of stylish console tables at budget-friendly prices compared to chic TV benches.

Unique TV stand alternatives

However, it’s essential to consider proportions when using a console table as a TV stand alternative. Since they’re typically narrower, placing a large TV on them can make them seem overwhelmed. Opt for a console table wider than your TV to strike the right balance. A good rule of thumb is to choose one that’s at least 30cm (12 inches) wider in size to ensure a balanced look.

Television stand ideas

Go Big With An All-In-One TV Stand

Gone are the days when all-in-one media centres were massive pieces of furniture that seemed to swallow up entire rooms. Thankfully, modern versions come in more compact sizes, no longer requiring a small army to move them around.

These updated media centres are not only easier to handle but many surprisingly affordable options can be found, offering ample storage space without breaking the bank. Plus, they often come with convenient features like cable management solutions, keeping your space tidy and clutter-free.

TV stand ideas

For those looking for a sleeker TV unit idea that doesn’t overpower the room, consider a unit with storage on just one side. This asymmetric design provides the perfect balance, giving you extra storage without overwhelming your space.

Unique ideas for TV stands with storage shelves

Conceal Your TV behind closed doors

Despite the design of televisions drastically improving over the past few decades, let’s face it, the television still isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing. That’s why I’m a big fan of concealing them behind closed doors when they’re not being used.

While opting for a TV unit with doors may come with a larger price tag, it’s undoubtedly an investment in style and functionality. There aren’t many affordable options available, but I hope more budget-friendly choices will become available soon because their design just makes sense.

Media unit ideas for TV

Use Floating Shelves

Floating shelving and TV benches are a savvy option for smaller rooms as they minimise visual clutter and contribute to a cleaner aesthetic while still offering some valuable storage space.

Floating TV stand ideas

To ensure the most visually pleasing appearance, opt for a wall-mounted unit wider than your TV. This creates a balanced look and prevents the TV from overpowering the space.

Floating TV stand

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Unique television stand ideas

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Television stand alternative

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Corner TV stand idea

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