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13 Irresistible White Christmas Decor Ideas

White Christmas Decor Ideas

Say hello to your new favourite colour for all your Christmas home décor.

Whites and silvers are a classic palette for Christmas and for a good reason. Who doesn’t love a white Christmas? But most of us won’t see idyllic, snow-covered landscapes this December, only grey dreary skies. So why not bring a hint of snowy bliss indoors with these white Christmas décor ideas?

From blissfully white Christmas trees to delicate silver baubles, these white Christmas décor ideas have everything you need for magical and elegant holiday décor.

White Christmas Decor Ideas

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1. white Christmas trees

No Christmas décor would be complete without a statement Christmas tree. So why not spruce (pun very much intended) your festive décor up this season with a fresh white tree? 

A white tree provides a great canvas for decorating, but it can be tricky to get a cohesive look. The key to success is to keep your decorations within a colour palette. Choose baubles and other decorations that are similar in tone and decorate your tree with as many or as few decorations as you please.

White Christmas Decor Ideas
Photo by Julia Ivanina on Unsplash

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2. Snow-Flocked tree

If a traditional-style tree is more your cup of tea then create a winter wonderland with a snow-flocked tree. The white dusting gives the illusion of snowfall and will provide a stunning backdrop for all your favourite decorations.

White Christmas Decor Ideas
Photo by Taisiia Shestopal on Unsplash

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3. white Christmas Tree skirts

Don’t let an ugly Christmas tree base ruin your festive aesthetic. A tree skirt is a great way of seamlessly hiding stands and bases and can elevate the décor of your tree. For a soft, snow-covered appearance opt for a classic white skirt. Or to add a little rustic texture to your décor choose a wicker skirt in a shade of white or grey.

White Christmas Tree skirts
Photo by Julia Ivanina on Unsplash

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4. tree decorations

Add some festive sparkle to your white Christmas décor with some classic decorations for your tree. Mix and match baubles in similar tones of colour for an effortlessly stylish appearance.

White Christmas Decor Ideas
Photo by Євгенія Височина on Unsplash

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5. White string lights

Brighten dark winter days and create a welcoming interior with some Christmas-inspired lighting. Opt for simple designs to keep your white Christmas décor feeling elegant and sophisticated.

White Christmas string lights
Photo by Alisa Anton on Unsplash

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6. Christmas tree toppers

When it comes to decorating a Christmas tree the topper is the cherry on the cake and should never be forgotten. So create a focal point that demands attention by adding a bold topper in your favourite shade of white. And for an extra festive appearance choose a piece that incorporates a little sparkle and glitter.

Christmas tree toppers
Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

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7. White present wrapping Ideas

There is nothing quite like having your gifts wrapped early in the festive season and beautifully styled under your tree.

When choosing your gift wrapping opt for designs that suit your white Christmas décor. This will ensure your gifts complement your tree rather than draw attention away from it.

White present wrapping Ideas
Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

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8. Christmas Garland Ideas

Garlands are a Christmas staple that can transform your festive décor with minimal effort (and money). These versatile pieces can be used practically anywhere in the home. Try adding them to your staircase, mantelpiece and even on your dining table for a simple seasonal centrepiece.

White Christmas Garland Ideas
Photo by Georgia de Lotz on Unsplash

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9. Christmas wreaths

When we think of Christmas wreaths we often only envision them on an exterior door but they look great styled throughout the interior. Try hanging one in front of your windows, on your wall or as a centrepiece on your dining or coffee table.

And when buying one for your front door don’t forget your wreath door hanger to save you the hassle of any pesky nail holes after Christmas.

Christmas wreaths for your white Christmas decor
Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

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10. White Christmas decorations

Great Christmas decorating is so much more than just a Christmas tree, so add some festive sparkle to other areas of your home with some stylish white Christmas decorations. 

For some seasonal style that lasts beyond December try incorporating some decorations that do not scream ‘You’ve forgotten to take down your Christmas decks’. Simple pieces like this starlight will elevate your white Christmas décor whilst still looking great for the rest of the winter season.

White Christmas decorations
Photo by Olesia Hnatkevych on Unsplash

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11. Christmas stocking Ideas

Complete your wish list of white Christmas décor ideas with some Christmas stockings for your mantelpiece. Opt for opulence with faux fur, keep it classic with a simple knit design or add a little twinkle to your living room with some silver embellishments.

White Christmas stocking Ideas
Photo by Genevieve Rusnac on Unsplash

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12. White Christmas table decor

Amplify your Christmas table décor with some accent decorative pieces in white. Subtle candle holders are an ideal choice as they have a festive feel but will also look great throughout the year on your table. Candles and candle holders are perfect accessories for a Christmas table as they bring plenty of magic and sparkle without being showy.

White Christmas table decor ideas
Photo by Todd Trapani on Unsplash

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13. blankets & throws

When decorating for Christmas, don’t forget to layer plenty of blankets, throws and cushions to keep you warm and cosy during the cold holiday season. And when you are finished with your blankets, store them close by so they are handy whenever you feel a chill.

White Christmas Decor Ideas
Photo by Maite Oñate on Unsplash

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How to decorate a white Christmas tree

The beauty of a white Christmas tree is that they look great dressed both minimally or heavily. The key to success is to choose a pared-back colour palette. Opt for decorations in the same tones of colour such as whites, silvers and greys and for a bolder look try mixing in one accent colour. Blush pink or gold both work well as an accent colour on a white Christmas tree.

How to decorate a Christmas table

Gathering the family together for a Christmas feast is an integral part of most holiday celebrations. These simple tips will show you how to decorate a Christmas table to create the perfect backdrop for your Christmas dinner.

1. Functionality should always be your focus – plan everything around the key components needed for a successful dinner such as plates and glasses.

2. Work with layers – the easiest way to create a beautiful Christmas table décor is to layer items with different textures. Layer a tablecloth, table runners, placemats and then your dinnerware for an engaging, tactile appearance.

3. You can then enhance your table with some all-important decorations. For a refined look keep decorations to a minimum. A simple foliage centre piece with some candles along the length of the table works well.

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